August 05, 2011
Minutes of Consultation Between:
Canada Post Corporation
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Greg Dutkiewicz Mike Duquette
John Sullivan Learie Charles
Sotiri Vango
Kathy Beth
Glenn Filier

Old Business

Security-ID Badges

CPC advised CUPW that the ID badges are currently being handed out to employees and that mini meetings are currently taking place to ensure that the employees know what is expected of them.

CPC also stated that in response to CUPW’s inquiry as to weather CPC will be granting access to their fulltime union officers at YDC without the usual sign in procedure, that the union will not be given access cards and that they were to use the current practice for entering the facility.

CUPW responded that it is not reasonable for them to be restricted access to the facility because they are entitled under the collective agreement to access to the facility and in the Toronto Local they have full access to both SCLPP, and Gateway.

Greg will follow up with cooperate security to ensure consistent application of the rules.

2011 Full Restructure

CUPW stated that they have a concern that there is an incorrect calculation of relief employees that calculates into a shortage of 2 relief positions. They also stated that they have already had the conversation with the RMOs and it was confirmed.

CUPW also stated that the report also stated that there is currently 1 PM Part time relief on the list but they know that there is currently no body in this type of position.

Greg to follow up with staffing and the RMOs.

Arbitrator Von Veh Article 13 Award- J. Painter

CUPW is of the opinion that this employee should be made into full time and then undergo a medical assessment. They also inquired as to if he has already been given a full time position.

CPC responded that upon return from his annual leave he will be given additional afternoon flex tours in addition to the part time tour he is currently performing to see if the employee is capable medically of performing a full time tour.

CPC also responded to the request from the union for top up of the employee’s wages in a grievance reply.

Rotation of Duties

CUPW raised the concern for the rotation of duties for the employees that are currently working on BT section and the rotation of duties within that job. They stated that if a rotation occurs every 16 weeks and it is a CPC requirement for employees to receive retraining after not performing a job function for a period of 6 months than all it would take is an employee to be on annual leave during the week of the rotation and it would result in that employee having to be retrained. They thought this a ridiculous practice and that we would spend more time retraining employees that actually having them perform their actual job. They also asked the question concerning coverage for that position.

CPC responded in the event that the assigned employee is unable to perform their job that we have part time employees that could cover it off and if we do not have any available we would then resort to using temps to cover off that work.

New Business

Introduction of IDC Carts to YDC

CUPW on the 26th of July received notice that YDC was receiving 375 IDC carts for the purpose of transporting parcels to the stations.

CPC stated that prior to the implementation of the IDC carts they plan to hold training sessions and mini meetings with the employees to give them a better understanding of the operation of the carts.

CUPW stated that they believe that it is not stated in the order books that the introduction would even be taking place. CUPW stated that when the drivers become Letter Carriers who will deliver the packages? They also stated that since Monos can be broken down to conserve space on the dock the IDCs cannot. They then stated that they believe that we do not have enough floor space for all of the IDC carts that we intend to deploy.

Greg will follow up with John Christenson, and Kimti to inquire for training, floor space.

Route Measurement Issues

CUPW stated that they currently have a large stack of route measurement issues that need to be responded to.

CPC stated that the RMOs have already begun ride alongs and we shall respond.

Annual Leave Consultation

CUPW stated that at the annual leave consultation last week there were 16 people who would be affected by the strike/lockout. They further stated that they believe that it will require CPC to formulate 2-3 new columns for future bidding.

Greg to follow up with PC&R

Asbestos Concerns

CUPW stated that on July 26, 2011 a notice indicating that painting will occur throughout the facility the issue of Asbestos and water contaminates arose.

CPC responded that because we were unable to locate previous surveys that have been logged we will be conducting a new one in the very near future and will convey the results to CUPW.

CUPW Writing the Director Concerning LJOHS Investigations

CUPW stated that they would be writing a letter to the Director of Transportation concerning their lack of involvement in LJOHS investigations.

CPC will follow up o the process to be followed.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 09:00