Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on July 28, 2011
Aast C&D Monthly UMM

CPC: J. Mullet, G. Ramlochan, A. Chakaroun, S. Eng, L. Aitchison 
CUPW: M. Duquette, L. Charles, K. Davison, C. Beth, G. Tomaszewki, G. Pratt, S. Vango, G. Fillier, J. Hartanu  
RMO Business   
Issue #Comments Action by:
Stouffville, Richmond Hill/RPO Clearances - 00-2010 LR to schedule the Richmond Hill RSMC Consultation for restructure  
Maple SS4 Staffing - 00-2010 CPC: Status Quo. 
Ajax - 00-2010CPC: G. Ramlochan or A. Chakaroun to review and pay employee taxed amount. CUPW: $251.32 is the payment to be made for the employee to break even. Can this be paid on an ad hoc? G. Ramlochan
Unionville - 10-2010CPC: Meeting to be held with R. Rahal. Subsequent meeting needs to be held to review 6 months after restructure. Meeting to be set up. A. Chakaroun
RSMC Modified Duties - 01-2011 CPC: L. Sanderson to review on a case by case basis. If an employee cannot attend work, sort their mail and be productive then we are at the point of undue hardship. CUPW: RSMC injured in WBC, was told RSMCs are not covered under computer training. (WBC and Maple)  
WBC Restructure - 03-2011 CUPW: One hour was lost off of each route. RSMCs are now being asked to manually track their parcels and time. There should be a system where we do not have to wait for 6 months to be paid. CPC: If there are pay issues, please direct to A. Chakaroun. Employees will be required to document their PCIs and time for the 6 months. CUPW: The restructure is bad. G. Pratt will request time studies from each RSMC. The problem is volume. CUPW
Maple - 04-2011CUPW: 3 OCRs unavailable and using contractors. You should not be doing this. Please keep G. Pratt updated. CPC: S. Eng to send letters  
Seniority Lists - 04-2011 CUPW: No seniority lists posted in Ajax, Pickering, 280, Richmond Hill. Ensure RSMC seniority list posted. Zone Managers
Gas Cards Ajax - 04-2011 CUPW: 3 employees still haven't received gas cards for Ajax. G. Ramlochan
Missing LJOSH Minutes for Maple - 04-2011 CUPW: Only have 8 sets of minutes for last year. Minutes need to be specific to when identified issues have been completed. G. Tomaszewski to advise if minutes received Zone Managers
Stouffville -04-2011CUPW: Mail didn't go out for 2 days. The employee wants $100 to compensate for time. Others helped sort. Mail was in a big mess. J. Parent
New Business   
Maple - 07-2011CUPW: Post Mistress and RSMC was brought in without union representation. Was advised she would receive an apology.CPC: will ensure employees offered union representation. S. Eng to review with B. Pricop as to whether a lock can be placed on the door.  
Ajax SS14 and SS15CUPW: SS14 and SS15 have had problems since January. This problem has not been fixed. An RSMC is still sorting mail for a phantom route. CPC: Have to review the LDUs at SCLPP. G. Ramlochan to meet with J. Hendrickson to go over specific addresses. CUPW: This is 404 points of call. This route also needs to be put up for bid. RSMC has not been paid for sorting the mail for the past 7 months. Has a new case been set up for SS15? CPC: A case was sent up from Depot 11. 3 Cases were ordered.  
RSMC Security Screening CUPW: There is a new screening procedure for RSMCs. Do existing contractors have to go through the process and receive a new contractor number? What about employees who come in and assist RSMCs/Contractors?  
Exclusion of RSMCs from Investigations CUPW: RSMCs are part of the LJOSH committee but are always excluded from investigations