Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on July 28, 2011
East C&D Monthly UMM

CPC: J. Mullet, G. Ramlochan, A. Chakaroun, L. Aitchison  
CUPW: M. Duquette, L. Charles, K. Davison, C. Beth, G. Tomaszewki, G. Pratt, S. Vango, G. Fillier, J. Hartanu  
RMO Business  
Issue #CommentsAction by:
Don Mills/Toronto 'O'/Toronto 'R' - 05-2010CUPW: There is still an issue of the PT DRS. CPC: It was a PT position. CUPW: Since 2010, January, whoever was holding the position left. The position has never been filled despite requests to have it filled. This showed in the bid as 36 hours per week. CPC: The position was deleted prior to moving to Don Mills. CUPW: It was our understanding that there was a PT position in Toronto 'O' and a PT in Toronto 'R' and a FT in Don Mills. If there are two PT positions, CPC should be combining this to one FT position. You are currently accommodating a FT employee in this position. CPC: A. Chakaroun will provide a response by Wednesday on the status of the position.A. Chakaroun
Depot 11 - Edit Book - 11-2010CPC: Edit book is up to date. During the labour disruption everything was caught up. We are encouraging employees now to bring issues forward to have the routes updated. There is one walk which wasn't updated. D. Myrvold and employee will correct this together when employee RTW. CUPW: If employees come forward to CUPW, please provide details to G. Ramlochan.G. Ramlochan
Depot 11, Second Runs - 03-2011CPC: The RPO is too small to accept items and is looking at relocating. There is a lot of pushback from the dealer due to space issues. The contract may be up in the near future. If there is extra time beyond the end time, the LC will be compensated. G. Ramlochan to look at how often the LC must go to the alternate RPO and volumes etc. CUPW: You will look at having to re-assess any routes that end at the RPO not accepting items.G. Ramlochan, D. Carso
Depot 11 - Case Strips - 04-2011CPC: If employees are having issues with their case strips, these issues need to be raised to their Team Leader. G. Ramlochan to ensure case strip issues are resolved. CUPW: Review at next UMMCUPW
New RMO Business:  
Departure Study - Don Mills/O/R - 07-2011CUPW: We require the departure time study for these depots under 48.02. CPC: We will commence this study the week of September 11, 2011. CUPW: You must ensure start times are enforced during this time.A. Chakaroun
Timing on Load, Sort, Rack Values (Don Mills/O/R) - 07-2011CUPW: We require a timing study done at these stations for the loading of the vehicles. We were only using an estimated time. Now that the restructure is in place, we need to look at the actual timing. CPC: A. Chakaroun to review with D. Carso for a study commencing the week of September 11, 2011 for a period of 2 weeks. A. Chakaroun to advise if any changes in the date.A. Chakaroun
C&D Unfinished Business  
4 Hour Health and Safety Module (DD) - 11-2010CPC: L. Budhoo to provide updated list to CUPW by next Friday. We have not scheduled any DD training year-to-date. M. Walwyn has attempted communication with the REO (Regional Education Officer for CUPW) and will be speaking with the individual CUPW Facilitators next week and setting up the schedule for training the remaining CUPW members. We will be doing a similar setup as we did last year - a 1 day session at three locations (1075 Queen, 280 Progress and WBC; and 4 hours of Appendix DD and 4 hours of Appendix HH). CUPW: This was supposed to be done within 3 years of the signing of the collective agreement. Ensure employees transferring in from outside delivery area also receive DD training. (Group 1 v. Group 2 training). The 8 hour training for H&S a 4 hour training from HR has been taken out of onboarding for new employees.LDI
Temps Working/Not Working/Stouffville - 05-2010CUPW: Mike to find retail and C&D prior list or file grievance.M. Duquette
Staffing, Insufficient Relief - 02-2010CPC: Recommendations have been sent up for approval on positions in Group 1. J. Dimeo to R&R. CUPW: If relief positions aren't staffed, we should be grieving this and bringing this back in front of an Arbitrator. Most of the vacancies from the 13.26 bid are relief which are not filled. If the positions are deleted, CUPW will be grieving this as we do not believe there is sufficient relief. The Toronto 'R' bid is ongoing and any problems with the relief for sick and other should be resolved. CPC: The temp lists are being staffed but there are many promotions right now and we are losing temps as fast as we are hiring new temps. CUPW: Hold over.J. Dimeo
Unionville OT - 03-2010CUPW: Time limits have been held on this issue. K. Davidson to meet with A. Chakaroun.K. Davidson
Regional Safety Committee - 08-2010"CPC: Any items that are not closed locally up to the Director level will be going to a Regional Escalation Process for resolution by the RGM and Union participation within 90 days of the issue being raised. CPC Management will be discussing with CUPW to arrange dates / times and other details on this process in the near future.
"J. Caswell
Departure Time, Scarborough D, 48.02 - 08-2010CPC: New departure time study will be conducted and will commence on October 16, 2011.A. Chakaroun
Departure Time, Depot 11, 48.02 - 08-2010CPC: CPC will be redoing the departure time study commencing the week of September 25, 2011.G. Ramlochan
Ajax Start Times - 09-2010CPC: G. Ramlochan to get date from PCR for implemenation (for SAP changes) and will meet with staff to communicate change. As soon as PCR can accommodate request, hours will be changed.G. Ramlochan
Walk Splits - 1/3's, Depot 4 - 09-2010CPC: We will be making these adjustments. CUPW: K. Davidson will review to ensure correct.K. Davidson
Ford Transit Connects - 10-2010CUPW: Were the training packages shared with LJOSH? Was the LJOSH involved in the implementation of the training? Who has been trained (list to be provided). All locations must be trained.Zone Managers
  J. Mahar
Order Backs - 11-2010 - ClosedCPC: Volunteers and employees being ordered back all pick together by seniority.  
Article 54 Issue - 12-2010CUPW: ee trying to transfer back to group 2 from group 1. PCR allowing this due to no PPDs, but ops saying no. No grievance in place. CPC: LR to respond to M. DuquetteL. Aitchison
Early Starts - West Hill - 12-2010CPC: This has been communicated to Team Leaders. Team Leaders will communicate this with employees.Team Leaders
Willowdale 3 - 01-2011CUPW: Through the 54 process we have freed up the position so it is no longer being used as a 54 position and not posted in the monthly bid. CPC: Jim to advise if position is going up for monthly bid.J. Wineck
Scarborough Depot 11 Keys -01-2011CPC: Audit was completed and ongoing audits will take place.G. Ramlochan
Manulife Payments for AMIs -01-2011CPC: L. Sanderson to R&R payment process for AMIs.L. Sanderson
Training for New Hires - 01-2011CUPW: Who is training the new hires? We would like the LDI to provide a list of train the trainers to the stations. CPC: We are currently reviewing our list of peer trainers. We will have an updated list by August 15th, which M. Walwyn will share. We will be conducting refresher sessions for all peer trainers - especially with the Postal Transformation changes in mind. CUPW: We may be able to help you if you have insufficient trainers in a certain depotLDI
Annual Leave - 03-2011CUPW: The new annual leave schedule will be implemented soon. You will need to review the annual leave relief and will have to conduct bidding within the station of the relief to determine who will want to become an annual relief. If there are no volunteers, you would go to the junior relief. This will be dependent on your columns for annual leave. CPC: Training is required in many areas and we will be working on a lot of these issues in the near future. Stations are to be canvassed to see if relief has been adjusted up/down. CUPW: Training may be required for new relief coming into the stationP. Zimmerman
Safety Shoes - 03-2011CUPW: National CPC has agreed that any employees who work on or around ergo lifts or pallet jacks are to be provided with safety footwear. There is a National agreement on this. They must be blue patch, not green patch. CPC: We will keep the shoe caps on hand in case of emergency. J. Caswell to R&R and check if National Policy has been developed.J. Caswell
Ajax Handing out Mail - 03-2011CUPW: An issue arose at pre-arb (grievance #602-07-04046) regarding mail being handed out after hours. There is no afternoon Group 1 staff. This was being handed out by APOC and Group 2 when customers come after hours. We believe this is CUPW work and want this position staffed. There is also a grievance in the system that the PT LCA should be changed to FT. If this happened, we would not be opposed to having the LCA hand out the mail. CPC: Status QuoL. Aitchison
Ajax Health & Safety Issue - 03-2011CUPW: Need a punch code lock on back door. This door is continuously left open by the driver. Someone was in last week to deal with the flashing repairs. CPC: We will be going swipe card access at this facility, we have decided to not use a punch code lock. Glen will advise Mike on implementation date. Will address driver leaving door open.G. Ramlochan
Vehicle Mechanic - 03-2011CUPW: The vehicle mechanic retired. Has this employee been replaced?D. Paterson
15.14 Overtime List - 03-2011CUPW: We would like to see copies of the 15.14 lists for all stations. CPC: Send to Mike by Aug. 5Zone Managers
Accident Investigations - 03-2011CUPW: Currently reviewing the past 6 months of IODs. A report will be sent in the next couple weeks reviewing the numbers. CPC is at a 65% failure rate. Will submit 200-300 grievances. CUPW received direction from HRSDC. CPC: It is important to CPC to follow all practices.Zone Managers
WSIB Form 6 - 03-2011CUPW: No employee is required to fill this out and hand it in as a form for claim for WSIB. CPC: Clarification has been provided by N. Sommers. Zone Manager's to re-communicate this.  
Extra Hours/Crossing Sections/Relief - 04-2011CUPW: When a relief crosses sections in the same installations, which overtime opportunities are they entitled to? The one where they have moved to for the assignment, or their substantive? What is the current practice? This is group 1 relief.L. Aitchison
Relay Bags, Polyflutes and New LFT - 04-2011CPC: There was a shortage of equipment, but there is still a requirement for relay bags. J. Mullet
Violence in the Workplace Investigations - 04-2011CUPW: Feb. 10, 2011 letter from CPC to CUPW re: VIWP (The letter was from National CUPW responding to section 120 of the labour code). CMS has been revised to include that CPC will share VIWP issues with LJOSH. CUPW wants a copy of the CMS. CPC: CPC to advise how this information is transferred to the LJOSH. Ensure letter is sent to all committees. Hold over to next UMM to ensure VIWP issues are communicated.Zone Managers
Email from D. Gayle - 04-2011CUPW: Don't believe that the employee in the DRS position can perform the LCA duties. By changing the hours, you may potentially have no position that this employee can move to to perform work. Add someone who is 54 to add LCA duties to Malvern DRS. CPC: A. Chakaroun to R&RA. Chakaroun
Training Records -04-2011CUPW: J. Mahar cannot pull off lists of training records for employees for LFT training. M. Walwyn to respond. CPC: These reports must be requested through LDI Manager.M. Walwyn
CPC Policies - 04-2011CUPW: Is there a policy on Supervisors texting employees to see if they want OT. CPC: Will commincate procedure to Team LeadersZone Managers
Ajax Site Plans - 04-2011CUPW: Site plans are being drawn up. Is a move taking place/when? LJOSH requires 24 hours notice for project notification consultations. This is pertaining to the site plans. CPC: Ajax will be expanded. Timelines are being reviewed. No plans are finalized. CUPW: Was advised construction is starting in September. CPC: Likely not until next summer.  
P04 Training - ergo lift/pallet truck/mono - 04-2011CUPW: Do they receive training on this? CPC: No formal training is delivered from the LDI. Usually it is a combination of management and union or H&S officer. A. Chakaroun will reviewA. Chakaroun
Back doors at Ajax - 04-2011 CUPW: Flyers are dropped off from 10am to 3pm when no one is there CPC: G. Ramlochan to R&RG. Ramlochan
Depot 11 Splits - 04-2011CUPW: D. Myrvold set up the splits by tie outs. They wont all be in the same place. Want someone to sit down and review this. CPC: G. Ramlochan and K. Davidson to review and identify issuesG. Ramlochan, K. Davidson
New hires - 04-2011CUPW: New hires are not receiving DD and HH training.  
C&D New Business:  
Working in Lunch Rooms - 05-2011CUPW: There was an HRSDC directive that work should not be taking place in lunch rooms. This is happening at Willowdale stations and Don Mills. CPC: Zone Managers will ensure no work being performed in lunch rooms.  
Priority Position Designation - 05-2011CUPW: The DRS does not have to be covered? (ee on a/l) It is not happeneing at 280 Progress. Employees have been bumped from other positions. This started on July 18, 2011.A. Chakaroun
Back Pay - 07-2011CUPW: Legislation is in place for the raise. When will back pay be received. LR
Overtime Policy - 07-2011CUPW: Since we have been back to work, LCs have been instructed to bring back mail to the station. CPC: Mail is being delivered and 15.08 is being reviewed on a case by case basis. This is not a policy, it is our Corporate position.  
Sick Pay - 07-2011LR to R&R with Mike. (strike, lockout and now)  
Bar Charts - 07-2011CUPW: Received bar charts since RTW. Willowdale seemed to work a couple of days longer than the local (14th and 15th) and Agincourt didn't. There are anomolies in the bar charts. Days on lockout or strike were not staffed, but working days in the year were not adjusted to account for this. Will the working days in the year be adjusted for bar chart purposes? Bar charts in unionville haven't been done in several months. CPC: Has been discussed with Superintendent and will be corrected.LR to R&R
Monthly Bids - 07-2011LR to R&R with National 
IDC Testing with LJOSH - 07-2011CUPW: As per national notice, some stations in the local will receive IDC carts, as well as the YDC in November 2011. This must be brought on site and LJOSH will have to discuss. Employees will all have to be trained. CPC: The training is JIT training. CUPW: If pickering is receiving IDCs in November, then the docks won't be able to receive them. Have floor plans been redone for facilities to accept the IDCs.  
Maternity Leave Top Up - 07-2011CUPW: Will provide names and stations of those with top up removed  
Scanning Errors - 07-2011CUPW: Advised there is zero tolerance on scanning errors. What does this mean? CPC: If there was a scanning exception an informal or formal discussion may take place to determine the root cause. After, any subsequent errors will be monitored for non-compliance. G. Ramlochan to look at schedule for receiving new PDTs  
Bereavement LeaveCPC: Is this paid or not and is it grieved or not  
Contractors at Ajax CUPW: Someone came to do bug termination during the night. No notice was given prior to them show up. CPC: Will review with BLJCG. Ramlochan
Volume CountCUPW: When is the volume count conducted at Ajax - we heard April 16, 2011  
H&S Mini-MeetingsCUPW: Want signature copies of mini-meetings for H&S mini-meetings. CPC: We will not be providing copies of the signed sheets.