Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on April 7, 2011
East Retail Monthly UMM

  Consultation Minutes 
 CPC: J. Mullet, G. Ramlochan, A. Chakaroun, D. Carso, S. Ballantine, J. Dimeo, K. Taylor  
 CUPW: M. Duquette, L. Charles, K. Davison, E. Deschene, C. Beth, G. Tomaszewki, J. Hartanu, G. Pratt, G. Fillier, S. Vango  
 RMO Business   
 Issue # CommentsAction by:
57Temps in Retail 01-2011 CPC: A response was to be provided. S. Ballantine to review and ensure spreadsheet is sent to M. Duquette. S.Ballantine
58Article 54 - 04-2011 CPC: Training has been scheduled for April, 2011. There is also an Article 54 meeting which is being held in April.  
59½ Hour Paid Lunch - 04-2011 CPC: If an employee is working on their own, they are being paid for their lunch. Discussions have been held with all staff affected by this. Staffing has been made aware of this for the time and leave input. If there are multiple employees working, then they are not paid for their lunch.  
60LJOSH Retail - 04-2011 CUPW: The minutes for LJOSH meetings must be distributed to S. Ballantine. G. Pratt to review and ensure S. Ballantine copied and H&S issues brought to her attention. G. Pratt