Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on April 7, 2011
East C&D Monthly UMM

 CPC: J. Mullet, G. Ramlochan, A. Chakaroun, D. Carso, S. Ballantine, J. Dimeo, K. Taylor  
 CUPW: M. Duquette, L. Charles, K. Davison, E. Deschene, C. Beth, G. Tomaszewki, J. Hartanu, G. Pratt, G. Fillier, S. Vango  
 RMO Business   
 Issue # CommentsAction by:
1Don Mills/Toronto 'O'/Toronto 'R' - 05-2010 CPC: A grievance has been received with respect to this restructure, and has been replied to as per 47.11. CUPW: There were problems with bidding at Don Mills, where an employee was allowed to deselect their bid, by the Superintendent. That person should get their first selection. Toronto 'O' has a PT DRS position, but it is FT hours. In and around 2000, there was a FT and PT DRS. CPC: This is in the process of being corrected. This was an Article 54 walk. J. Dimeo to follow up on issue with position number for PT employee. CUPW: The bidding should have not been completed so close to implementation. J. Dimeo
2Depot 11 - Edit Book - 11-2010 CPC: G. Ramlochan conducted verifications that Edit Book is being completed. This is being reinforced with the Team Leaders to ensure Edit Book is updated each week. This will be ongoing. We will be focusing on this over the next couple of months. New RMOs were at the Station last week for training. G. Ramlochan
3Hinnegan Decision, Clause 47.06 - 03-2011 CPC: A consultation was held on this on March 29, 2011. At this consultation it was agreed that a response would be provided to CUPW within 10 days. This response will be provided within the stated timelines.  
4Depot 11, Second Runs - 03-2011 CPC: This issue has been addressed with employee and Team Leader. Clarification has been provided, as it was incentive OT that was offered. This will be ongoing as absences are high. S. Ballantine will review the issue with the RPO not accepting registers at the end of the route for those on bus routes. We have been advised that this is not a call-for site. The YDC tours are structured to pick up the mail and transfer it to the proper location. E. Pezzot will contact T.C. Chung. G. Ramlochan to review with T.C. Chung. D. Carso to review all routes stopping at this RPO. CUPW: If the carrier is going by taxi to the alternate RPO, or travelling to the other RPO he is entitled to be compensated for his additional time. The observers brought this up at the time of restructuring. S. Ballantine, G. Ramlochan, D. Carso
 New RMO Business   
5Depot 11 - Case Strips - 04-2011 CPC: If employees are having issues with their case strips, these issues need to be raised to their Team Leader. G. Ramlochan to ensure case strip issues are resolved G. Ramlochan
 C&D Unfinished Business   
64 Hour Health and Safety Module (DD) - 11-2010 CUPW: Retail should be included in this training as well. No one has been trained. Do any retail employees move monos? Anyone who works with monos, ergo lifts or pallet jacks are required to wear safety shoes. We would like a list of those who have been trained. CPC: There is a possibility that some may have to move monos. S. Ballantine will review each store requirement. CPC will request update from the LDI. S. Ballantine, LDI
7Temps Working/Not Working/Stouffville - 05-2010 CPC: LR to R&R.L. Aitchison
8Staffing, Insufficient Relief - 02-2010 CPC: Recommendations have been sent up for approval on positions in Group 1. J. Dimeo to R&R. CUPW: If relief positions aren't staffed, we should be grieving this and bringing this back in front of an Arbitrator. Most of the vacancies from the 13.26 bid are relief which are not filled. If the positions are deleted, CUPW will be grieving this as we do not believe there is sufficient relief. The Toronto 'R' bid is ongoing and any problems with the relief for sick and other should be resolved. CPC: The temp lists are being staffed but there are many promotions right now and we are losing temps as fast as we are hiring new temps. J. Dimeo
9West Hill Over Assessments - 06-2010 CUPW: All issues have been reviewed that have been brought to management's attentions. Discussions with K. Davidson will continue, as required. K. Davidson
10Unionville OT - 03-2010 CUPW: Time limits have been held on this issue. K. Davidson to meet with A. Chakaroun. K. Davidson
11Regional Safety Committee - 08-2010 CPC: J. Caswell to R&R. J. Caswell
12Departure Time, Scarborough D, 48.02 - 08-2010 CUPW: The walk times should be changed by half an hour, this is what the survey revealed. CPC: No concerns have been raised by carriers. A. Chakaroun would like to meet with CUPW to discuss this issue since no concerns have been raised. CUPW: K. Davidson is not aware of any issues. A. Chakaroun
13Departure Time, Depot 11, 48.02 - 08-2010 CPC: G. Ramlochan has received and reviewed the survey results. No departure times were being enforced. CPC would like to conduct another departure time study. CUPW: Was the study accurate? CPC: Changes have been put in place since this time study was completed. CUPW: M. Duquette would like to see the survey data first, before determining how to move forward. E. Deschene was never asked to sign the departure information. G. Ramlochan
14Health and Safety Training CUPW: WHPP is being undertaken at the YDC. Communication between management and CUPW is not taking place, and this process is failing apart. CPC: LDI or M. Walwyn contact G. Tomaszewki. LDI
15Ajax Start Times - 09-2010 CPC: The issue was pushing the start times back to 05:30 hours, from 05:00 hours. G. Ramlochan to review with Ajax Superintendent and J. Leblanc and determine a date for changes to take effect. CUPW: PCR will also need to be advised of the new start times to make the appropriate changes. G. Ramlochan
16Scarborough Depot 11 - 09-2010 CPC: G. Ramlochan has received the red box. This will be installed next week. A meeting was held with Team Leaders and clerks regarding customers entering the facility. There was a subsequent issue with a clerk letting a customer into the building. We will continue to monitor this. If CUPW notices this taking place, this should be raised to T.C. Chung or G. Ramlochan. CUPW: Customers may be stamping their own householders. G. Ramlochan, CUPW
17Walk Splits - 1/3's, Depot 4 - 09-2010 CPC: We will be making these adjustments after Easter. CUPW: K. Davidson will review to ensure correct. K. Davidson
18Ford Transit Connects - 10-2010 CUPW: The LJOSH committee in Ajax and other facilities have not received information on this. CUPW would like to see the lists of employees trained. CPC: G. Ramlochan to ensure that the Ford Transit training and the LFT training has been completed in Ajax. The training was completed through the training department. J. Mahar to provide list of who has been trained at which stations. CUPW: M. Duquette would like copies of all LJOSH meetings and would like to ensure that these issues are in the minutes. G. Ramlochan, J. Mahar, Zone Managers
19Order Backs - 11-2010 CUPW: K. Davidson reviewed call backs at Willowdale. Senior employees are being allowed to take all of their picks at once. K. Davidson is waiting for a response from J. Caswell. CPC: If employees refuse indefinitely, they will be referred to Manulife. If it is a one-off situation management will look at action for their refusal on a case by case basis. If CUPW has any specific issues, bring them to the attention of G. Ramlochan. J. Caswell, G. Ramlochan
20Article 54 Issue - 12-2010 CPC: This is in regards to an FIE employee. LR and Ops to send CPC's position to M. Duquette on grievance, and whether the employee will be moved back to previous position. L. Aitchison, Zone Manager
21Movement of Toronto R - 12-2010 CUPW: On April 18, 2011 you will have 18 step vans full of mail returning to the station and no staffing has been put in place to deal with this. The LCA is part time and finished at 6pm. They do not have to accept extended hours. If they do not work extended, you have no one to offload the trucks and get the mail ready to send to the plant. This part-time LCA covers all 3 Stations. The sortation staff have not changed on the #1 shift. Yesterday there were 760 parcels to process for 1 loop alone. You may be getting an additional 1000 parcels a day. CPC: A. Chakaroun to R&R. A. Chakaroun
22Article 6.05 Change, Toronto R - 12-2010 CUPW: Lists are being handed out by PCR regarding the Installations/Post Offices/MAPP which employees are using as a guide to bid. These have incorrect information. PCR
23Early Starts - West Hill - 12-2010 CPC: When this is brought to the Team Leader's attention, it will be addressed. Team Leaders
24Willowdale 3 - 01-2011 CUPW: LCs are given OT to perform LCA work. This is due to flyers. Some employees have been moved around since this was last raised. CPC: J. Wineck to R&R. J. Wineck
25Depot 11 Health and Safety Meeting - 01-2011 CPC: A meeting was held on March 22, 2011. G. Ramlochan to review minutes from meeting in January, 2011. We may have to look at having 2 per month going forward to resolve outstanding issues. G. Ramlochan
26Scarborough Depot 11 Keys -01-2011 CPC: G. Ramlochan has a meeting with S&I next Wednesday to conduct a meeting with employees and conduct a key audit. G. Ramlochan
27Manulife Payments for AMIs -01-2011 CPC: L. Sanderson to R&R payment process for AMIs. L. Sanderson
28Hazard Reports - 01-2011 CUPW: Hazard reports are not being distributed. CPC: This is an important issue for management. Will ensure that the appropriate action is taken with regards to the reported hazards. These should be addressed through LJOSH, if not completed by Team Leaders. Zone Managers
29Training for New Hires - 01-2011 CUPW: Who is training the new hires? We would like the LDI to provide a list of train the trainers to the stations. LDI
30Annual Leave - 03-2011 CUPW: The new annual leave schedule will be implemented soon. You will need to review the annual leave relief and will have to conduct bidding within the station of the relief to determine who will want to become an annual relief. If there are no volunteers, you would go to the junior relief. This will be dependent on your columns for annual leave. CPC: Training is required in many areas and we will be working on a lot of these issues in the near future. Stations are to be canvassed to see if relief has been adjusted up/down. Zone Managers, PCR
31Safety Shoes - 03-2011 CUPW: National CPC has agreed that any employees who work on or around ergo lifts or pallet jacks are to be provided with safety footwear. There is a National agreement on this. They must be blue patch, not green patch. CPC: We will keep the shoe caps on hand in case of emergency. J. Caswell to R&R and check if National Policy has been developed. J. Caswell
32Ajax Handing out Mail - 03-2011 CUPW: An issue arose at pre-arb (grievance #602-07-04046) regarding mail being handed out after hours. There is no afternoon Group 1 staff. This was being handed out by APOC and Group 2 when customers come after hours. We believe this is CUPW work and want this position staffed. There is also a grievance in the system that the PT LCA should be changed to FT. If this happened, we would not be opposed to having the LCA hand out the mail. L. Aitchison
33Ajax Health & Safety Issue - 03-2011 CUPW: Need a punch code lock on back door. This door is continuously left open by the driver. Someone was in last week to deal with the flashing repairs. G. Ramlochan
34Vehicle Mechanic - 03-2011 CUPW: The vehicle mechanic retired. Has this employee been replaced? J. Best
35Scarborough Station C - 03-2011 CUPW: The Part time LCA is being used to sort up a walk before they are finished performing their work, ongoing. They are only being given the delivery portion for the OT. This should go through the E/O process. This also happened in Scarborough Station F. Please remind Team Leaders that priority assignments must go out. CPC: Upon review, it was found that their work had been completed. Zone Managers
3615.14 Overtime List - 03-2011 CUPW: We would like to see copies of the 15.14 lists for all stations. Zone Managers
37UMM Minutes - 03-2011 CUPW: UMM minutes are not being posted. Is there a central book at 280 Progress? The station books all differ between stations. A. Chakaroun, J. Wineck
38Accident Investigations - 03-2011 CUPW: CUPW is not being included in accident investigations. CPC: Will ensure the proper process is followed. Zone Managers
39WSIB Form 6 - 03-2011 CUPW: No employee is required to fill this out and hand it in as a form for claim for WSIB. CPC: Clarification has been provided by N. Sommers.  
 New C&D Business:   
40Depot 11 Article 54 Placements - 04-2011 CPC: G. Ramlochan will be working with L. Sanderson on any Article 54 issues to determine employee progress and backfill requirements. We will be looking to PCR to help us in accommodating employees. The process being followed for managing cases is the same process that has been followed for the past couple of years. CUPW: If you are meeting with employees, you must provide them with 24 hour notices. G. Ramlochan
41Annual Leave -04-2011 CUPW: It was agreed at the annual leave consultation that an announcement would be made if blocks become available. Zone Managers
42April 9-17, 2011 -04-2011 CUPW: No CUPW FT Officers will be available during this time.  
43Comp Time - Depot 11 w. Available Relief - 04-2011 CUPW: There is available relief at Depot 11 and comp time has been denied. CPC: Some comp time has been granted.  
44Extra Hours/Crossing Sections/Relief - 04-2011 CUPW: When a relief crosses sections in the same installations, which overtime opportunities are they entitled to? The one where they have moved to for the assignment, or their substantive? What is the current practice? This is group 1 relief. L. Aitchison
45Relay Bags, Polyflutes and New LFT - 04-2011 CPC: Instructions have been given to Team Leaders to not send out the old equipment. We are looking at getting equipment.  
46Surplus MSCs in the Group 2 East P.O - 04-2011 CUPW: We will be in an Article 53 situation as of April 19, 2011. CPC: We do not agree with CUPW's position.  
47Violence in the Workplace Investigations - 04-2011 CUPW: Feb. 10, 2011 letter from CPC to CUPW re: VIWP. CMS has been revised to include that CPC will share VIWP issues with LJOSH. CPC: CPC to advise how this information is transferred to the LJOSH. Attach letter and ensure it is sent to all committees. Zone Managers
48Depot 11 Bar Charts - 04-2011 CUPW: Bar Charts are not done. E. Deschene to be provided with computer. G. Ramlochan
49Email from D. Gayle - 04-2011 CUPW: Don't believe that the employee in the DRS position can perform the LCA duties. By changing the hours, you may potentially have no position that this employee can move to to perform work. D. Gayle
50Training Records -04-2011 CUPW: J. Mahar cannot pull off lists of training records for employees for LFT training. M. Walwyn to respond. M. Walwyn, LDI
51CPC Policies - 04-2011 CUPW: Is there a policy on Supervisors texting employees to see if they want OT. This is happening at 280. Zone Managers
52Ajax Site Plans - 04-2011 CUPW: Site plans are being drawn up. Is a move taking place/when? LJOSH requires 24 hours notice for project notification consultations. This is pertaining to the site plans.  
53P04 Training - ergo lift/pallet truck/mono - 04-2011 CUPW: Do they receive training on this? LDI
54Back doors at Ajax - 04-2011 CUPW: Flyers are dropped off from 10am to 3pm when no one is there, to sign for their flyers. G. Ramlochan
55Depot 11 Splits - 04-2011 CUPW: D. Myrvold set up the splits by tie outs. They wont all be in the same place. Want someone to sit down and review this. G. Ramlochan
56New hires - 04-2011 CUPW: New hires are not receiving DD and HH training. LDI