Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on March 2, 2011
East C&D RSMC Monthly UMM

J. Parent M. Duquette
G. Ramlochan L. Charles
A. Chakaroun C. Beth
D. Carso G. Tomaszewki
L. Aitchison E. Deschene
S. Sue J. Hartanu
J. Caswell G. Pratt
J. Wineck

Stouffville, Richmond Hill – RPO Clearances – With National – 00-2010

CUPW: The next place the RMS team is Richmond Hill. They should look at Richmond Hill and Stouffville; we want the RPO clearance to be RSMC work. The employee is currently doing this as contract work.

CPC: J. Wineck to send email to R. Rahal to include in Richmond Hill A restructure.

Maple SS4 Staffing – 00-2010

CPC: LR to R&R.

Insufficient Relief – 00-2010

CUPW: At West Beaver Creek, all 6 OCRs are performing work for long term absences.

CPC: We cannot add additional positions at this time as the request was put on hold due to negotiations.

Staffing, Ajax, Stouffville, Pickering – 00-2010

CPC: Staffing is in process and there are employees against those positions.

Vehicle Changes – 00-2010

CPC: The new vehicle types do not apply to current RSMCs. The new vehicle types apply to new routes or vacant routes in the external staffing process (12.08). To bid on that route or to compete for that route, an employee must be ‘qualified’ (as per 12.05) and must be able to provide the vehicle specified.

Ajax – 00-2010

CPC: G. Ramlochan or A. Chakaroun to review and pay employee taxed amount.

Unionville – 10-2010

CPC: Meeting to be held with R. Rahal.

Split Unstaffed Routes in Unionville – 12-2010

CPC: Meeting to be held with R. Rahal.

Consultations on West Beaver Creek and Richmond Hill – 12-2010

CUPW: Date to be set for Richmond Hill meeting in a couple of weeks.

Ajax SS14 – 01-2011

CPC: This route is splitting. G. Ramlochan to R&R

Stouffville to WBC Transfer – 01-2011

CUPW: Employee was held back on transfer and should be compensated approximately $400.

CPC: J. Parent to R&R.

RSMC Photo ID – 01-2011

CPC: The photo ID cards can be done online. LR to R&R.

RSMC Modified Duties – 01-2011

CPC: L. Sanderson to review on a case by case basis. If an employee cannot attend work, sort their mail and be productive then we are at the point of undue hardship.

New Issues:

Ajax SS14 – 03-2011

CUPW: There is a contractor in this position who hasn’t been paid for at least 3 days (December 3, 6, 7, 2010). We would like CPC to conduct a payroll audit to determine which dates the employee was not paid on.

CPC: G. Ramlochan to R&R.

WBC Restructure – 03-2011

CUPW: One hour was lost off of each route. RSMCs are now being asked to manually track their parcels and time. There should be a system where we do not have to wait for 6 months to be paid.

CPC: If there are pay issues, please direct to A. Chakaroun. Employees will be required to document their PCIs and time for the 6 months. A meeting will be scheduled with J. Mullet, Zone Managers and G. Pratt.

Consultation Adjourned. Next meeting scheduled for April 7, 2011.