Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on March 2, 2011
East C&D Monthly UMM

J. Parent M. Duquette
G. Ramlochan L. Charles
A. Chakaroun C. Beth
D. Carso G. Tomaszewki
L. Aitchison E. Deschene
S. Sue J. Hartanu
J. Caswell G. Pratt
J. Wineck

RMO Business

Don Mills/Toronto ‘O’/Toronto ‘R’ – 05-2010

CPC: SCALA started, but there are some technical issues with the program.

A Consultation has been scheduled with this for March 21, 2011 10am at 280 Progress. **Please note this has been amended to March 22, 2011 at 12pm at 280 Progress**

CUPW: Are there any Article 54 routes? The last minutes do not reflect that there are. It is believed that the previous Article 54 routes were split between Toronto ‘O’ and Don Mills, unsure if there were any Toronto ‘R’.

CPC: Eight routes have been identified as routes for Article 54.

L. Sanderson to review routes and Article 54 employees. D. Carso to cross-reference L. Sanderson’s list with rehab routes identified on grid. This information will be made available for the March 22, 2011 consultation.

CUPW: Generally all employees will bid by seniority and usually employees can self accommodate. This will be determined at the consultation on March 22, 2011.

Depot 11 – Edit Book – 11-2010

CPC: G. Ramlochan met with K. Davidson at Scarborough Depot 11. Employees were educated on how to read the Edit Book and recognize the changes. Our understanding is that the changes/updates have been made on the Edit Book. CPC will review again and ensure it is updated. However, if you notice changes are delayed, please ask your Team Leader or G. Ramlochan. An audit was performed on the Edit Book updates, and changes are being made. We will continue to monitor this.

CUPW: The unit numbers do not correspond to what is on the box.

New RMO Business:

Restructure – 03-2011

CPC: A response will be provided to M. Duquette regarding the Arbitrator Hinnegan 47.06 Arbitration decision.

D. Carso to send Scarborough Depot 11 start times to D. Myrvold.

Depot 11 – 03-2011

CUPW: There are second runs required at Depot 11, they are to be paid OT. You cannot force a PT employee to take out the second run.

Walk #64 is instructed to take items to sub-station, but the sub is not accepting registers and parcels and the LC must take it to a different sub, which he is not paid to do.

CPC: G. Ramlochan to review. The sub is not allowed to refuse the registers and parcels.

C&D Unfinished Business

4 Hour Health and Safety Module (DD) – 11-2010

CUPW: No one has been trained.

CPC: Will request update from the LDI.

Temps Working/Not Working/Stouffville – 05-2010

CPC: LR to R&R.

Staffing, Insufficient Relief – 02-2010

CUPW: Some corrections have been made which have reduced the amount of forced overtime in Group 2. The Group 1 relief is still an issue. In most cases, the resulting vacancies from the 13.26 bid are the relief and they have not been approved for staffing. There is also insufficient annual leave relief in Toronto ‘R’ and temp employees are being sent in to cover the annual relief. The relief LCs are not being offered those assignments to cover.

CPC: The temp lists are being staffed and there are LC training classes being held. The success rate of the training is not great.

West Hill Over Assessments – 06-2010

CPC: A. Chakaroun to review with K. Davidson.

Unionville OT – 03-2010

CUPW: There have been improvements in the methods of the way the overtime is being called/offered. K. Davidson has been working with the station. Most employees have been trained, this is part of the improvement.

CPC: A. Chakaroun to review with Ken on grievances to be paid.

Regional Safety Committee – 08-2010

CPC: J. Caswell to R&R.

Normal Departure Time, Scarborough D, 48.02 – 08-2010

CUPW: We have been provided with the results of the time study. I have entered the data and found the average departure time is 9:30am. There are only two walks in the station that leave on time, in most cases. Where the fields are yellow is where no information has been recorded. Based on this data, you should be changing the start times on all the walks in the station. Light green – departure before 9am.

CPC: Will R&R.

Normal Departure Time, Scarborough Depot 11, 48.02 – 08-2010

CPC: G. Ramlochan to review status of survey results.

Health and Safety Training

CUPW: The peer to peer training has not been taking place. Injuries are increasing. This training is in reference to certain equipment such as monos, etc. WSIB would like to see this taking place for returning injured workers.

CPC: This could be referred to the LJOSH to look within the facility for training opportunities or to look for outside training. Managers and Directors around this table will support this and influence the training to take place.

G. Tomaszewki to pilot this. This will be reviewed at the next UMM.

Ajax Start Times – 09-2010

CUPW: M. Duquette agreed to the start time changes and the parties had agreed to wait until after the Christmas period to make the changes.

CPC: The issue was pushing the start times back to 05:30 hours, from 05:00 hours. G. Ramlochan to review with Ajax Superintendent and J. Leblanc and determine a date for changes to take effect.

Scarborough Depot 11 – 09-2010

CPC: G. Ramlochan to review the security of the mail that sits on the registration desk overnight and provide a red box. Will also review the issue of customers entering and walking through the station looking for mail, unattended.

Scarborough D Customer Contact Card – 09-2010

CPC: A. Chakaroun to review with D. Gayle to ensure this is completed.

Walk Splits – 1/3’s, Depot 4 – 09-2010

CPC: A. Chakaroun to review and ensure splits have been adjusted since the last UMM.

1st Aid Letter – 10-2010

CPC: Zone Managers to speak to all employees and ensure information communicated.

Ford Transit Connects – 10-2010

CUPW: Employees should be advised of changes between new/old vehicles. National CUPW has been made aware of concerns. We would like employees who are being provided with the new vehicles to be given the 20 minute training package.

CPC: The process is that this is to go through the LJOSH. Team Leaders are being given training and training will be disseminated at the local level. Training for the LFTs has taken place.

Order Backs – 11-2010

CUPW: Manulife’s letters are referencing employees being required to return to full duties, but this is not the issue. L. Charles to review Willowdale forceback with J. Wineck.

CPC: These instances of incorrect information must be brought to management’s attention in order to correct the misinformation being shared.

Article 54 Issue – 12-2010

CUPW: An employee was unilaterally moved into a group one position and has no PPDs, just high rate of IODs. Employee should be moved back. CUPW is waiting for a separate meeting to be scheduled. A grievance has been filed on this.

CPC: LR, J. Mullet, J Caswell and J. Wineck will R&R.

HH, Willowdale D – 12-2010

CPC: An employee can perform 100% of a section.

The process:

Deliver items designated for residential and business points of calls and on the day their respective portion of the route is scheduled – pink, orange and blue portions.

Option #1 – Delivery 100% of the mailing to the designated route portion (1 of 3 portions) even if there is no addressed mail for some of the customers.

Option #2 – Deliver 100% of the points of calls of your route.

Option #3 – Deliver 100% of the designated route portion (1 of 3 portions) and to points of call with addressed mail in the 2 other portions. (Write the address on one piece of Unaddressed Admail for each address where there will be no delivery).

Options #2 and #3 are conditional to completing the Letter Carrier tour of duty within the prescribed route daily work schedule. Letter Carriers must indicate on the back of the mailing DCS or by leaving a note at their case the additional split (pink/orange/blue) that was delivered.

Movement of Toronto R – 12-2010

CUPW: This was with regards to the filling of Group 1 positions. Some Group 1 positions have not been placed on the monthly bids. There are 3 FT Group 1 positions in Toronto R that should be on the next postings. At the last Article 54 meeting, 3 LCs were placed into Group 1 positions.

CPC: A. Chakaroun to R&R.

Early Starts – West Hill – 12-2010

CPC: A. Chakaroun to ensure that this is addressed when it comes to management’s attention.

PT P04 #81551531 – 01-2011

CUPW: If there is an incumbent in the position then this would trigger a bid. If there is no incumbent, then you can move this position. When this is confirmed, you can proceed with moving this position.

Willowdale 3 – 01-2011

CUPW: LCs are given OT to perform LCA work.

CPC: We require an employee with no PPDs to perform this position.

CUPW: M. Duquette will R&R if this is an Article 54 position.

Scarborough Depot 11 Health and Safety Meeting – 01-2011

CUPW: There has not been a health and safety meeting so far this year.

CPC: G. Ramlochan will arrange with staffing. A meeting must be held this month.

Scarborough Depot 11 Keys -01-2011

CPC: We will be putting an SLB at the depot to safely drop off keys. Keys will be reassigned and updated in the Key Management System (KMS). This will be done within the next two weeks.

Manulife Payments for AMIs -01-2011

CPC: A. Chakaroun to review process for having AMIs paid for. L. Sanderson to advise scenarios where Manulife doesn’t pay.

Hazard Reports – 01-2011

CUPW: Hazard reports are not being distributed. We would like OHS&E Officer to provide training at the next champion meeting.

CPC: A. Chakaroun to R&R.

Training for New Hires – 01-2011

CUPW: Who is training the new hires? We would like the LDI to provide a list of train the trainers to the stations.

CPC: Zone Managers to R&R.

Riding and Ward Maps, Depot 11 – 01-2011

CUPW: There is a provincial election coming in October. The lists should be aligned prior to this to avoid any issues. A mini-meeting should be held when an election is called, in all stations.

C&D New Issues:

LFT Training -03-2011

CPC: Will ensure the LFT training is sent through the LJOSH committees.

Toronto ‘R’ Relief – 03-2011

CUPW: In Toronto ‘R’ there is no split in Relief between sick and other and annual, as there are in the rest of the Scarborough stations.

CPC: Can make Toronto ‘R’ consistent with the rest of the Scarborough Stations.

CUPW: Have requested National CUPW’s interpretation of the collective agreement to determine how to perform the staffing at Toronto ‘R’. The collective agreement does not state that staffing freezes during the volume count.

CPC: LR to review with PCR on staffing.

Elections in Scarborough Local – 03-2011

CUPW: There are elections for three different positions. These employees will be canvassing at the stations and have been advised to report to the Team Leaders at those stations.

Annual Leave – 03-2011

CUPW: The new annual leave schedule will be implemented soon. You will need to review the annual leave relief and will have to conduct bidding within the station of the relief to determine who will want to become an annual relief. If there are no volunteers, you would go to the junior relief. This will be dependent on your columns for annual leave.

Safety Shoes – 03-2011

CUPW: National CPC has agreed that any employees who work on or around ergo lifts or pallet jacks are to be provided with safety footwear. There is a National agreement on this. They must be blue patch, not green patch.

CPC: We will keep the shoe caps on hand in case of emergency.

Ajax Handing out Mail – 03-2011

CUPW: An issue arose at pre-arb regarding mail being handed out after hours. There is no afternoon Group 1 staff. This was being handed out by APOC and Group 2. We believe this is CUPW work and want this position staffed. #602-07-4046

CPC: LR to R&R.

Don Mills/Toronto ‘O’/Toronto ‘R’ and YDC – 03-2011

CUPW: What are your plans for the afternoon Group 1 staffing as of April 18, 2011? Someone must be there to unload mail and have mail ready to be sent to SCLPP.

Ajax Health & Safety Issue – 03-2011

CUPW: Need a punch code lock on back door. This door is continuously left open by the driver. Also have issues with birds in buildings due to flashing missing on the side of the building.

CPC: G. Ramlochan to R&R.

Vehicle Mechanic – 03-2011

CUPW: The vehicle mechanic retired. Has this employee been replaced?

Malvern – Cold Air – 03-2011

CUPW: There is a mass amount of cold air coming in at the door at the Malvern Station even with the air curtain.

CPC: A. Chakaroun was advised problem was being corrected, but will review.

Scarborough Station C – 03-2011

CUPW: The Part time LCA is being used to sort up a walk before they are finished performing their work.

CPC: Have reviewed this and was advised that their work had been completed. A. Chakaroun to R&R.

15.14 Overtime List – 03-2011

CUPW: We would like to see copies of the 15.14 lists for all stations.

CPC: Zone Managers to provide for their stations.

Scarborough Depot 11 Bids – 03-2011

CUPW: Walks #37 and #91 are in the book incorrectly.

Revised Bids – 03-2011

CUPW: Do employees have to re-bid in the bids that have been revised? Normally the prior bid will be honoured and PCR takes care of this.

CPC: No re-bid required.

UMM Minutes – 03-2011

CUPW: UMM minutes are not being posted.

CPC: Zone Managers to ensure minutes are posted in stations.

Accident Investigations – 03-2011

CUPW: CUPW is not being included in accident investigations.

CPC: Will ensure the proper process is followed.

Ajax Employee – 03-2011

CUPW: Employee is not getting copies of bids.

CPC: G. Ramlochan to R&R.

WSIB Form 6 – 03-2011

CUPW: No employee is required to fill this out and hand it in as a form for claim for WSIB.

CPC: Clarification has been provided by N. Sommers.

Process for Booking Vehicles – 03-2011

CUPW: Vehicles are being taken away right before the vehicle is getting ready to be loaded. CPC should look at the process for booking these vehicles.

Consultation Minutes


Canada Post Corporation (CPC)


Canadian Union Postal Workers (CUPW)

Held on March 2, 2011

East C&D RSMC Monthly UMM


J. Parent M. Duquette

G. Ramlochan L. Charles

A. Chakaroun C. Beth

D. Carso G. Tomaszewki

L. Aitchison E. Deschene

S. Sue J. Hartanu

J. Caswell G. Pratt

J. Wineck

Stouffville, Richmond Hill – RPO Clearances – With National – 00-2010

CUPW: The next place the RMS team is Richmond Hill. They should look at Richmond Hill and Stouffville; we want the RPO clearance to be RSMC work. The employee is currently doing this as contract work.

CPC: J. Wineck to send email to R. Rahal to include in Richmond Hill A restructure.

Maple SS4 Staffing – 00-2010

CPC: LR to R&R.

Insufficient Relief – 00-2010

CUPW: At West Beaver Creek, all 6 OCRs are performing work for long term absences.

CPC: We cannot add additional positions at this time as the request was put on hold due to negotiations.

Staffing, Ajax, Stouffville, Pickering – 00-2010

CPC: Staffing is in process and there are employees against those positions.

Vehicle Changes – 00-2010

CPC: The new vehicle types do not apply to current RSMCs. The new vehicle types apply to new routes or vacant routes in the external staffing process (12.08). To bid on that route or to compete for that route, an employee must be ‘qualified’ (as per 12.05) and must be able to provide the vehicle specified.

Ajax – 00-2010

CPC: G. Ramlochan or A. Chakaroun to review and pay employee taxed amount.

Unionville – 10-2010

CPC: Meeting to be held with R. Rahal.

Split Unstaffed Routes in Unionville – 12-2010

CPC: Meeting to be held with R. Rahal.

Consultations on West Beaver Creek and Richmond Hill – 12-2010

CUPW: Date to be set for Richmond Hill meeting in a couple of weeks.

Ajax SS14 – 01-2011

CPC: This route is splitting. G. Ramlochan to R&R

Stouffville to WBC Transfer – 01-2011

CUPW: Employee was held back on transfer and should be compensated approximately $400.

CPC: J. Parent to R&R.

RSMC Photo ID – 01-2011

CPC: The photo ID cards can be done online. LR to R&R.

RSMC Modified Duties – 01-2011

CPC: L. Sanderson to review on a case by case basis. If an employee cannot attend work, sort their mail and be productive then we are at the point of undue hardship.

New Issues:

Ajax SS14 – 03-2011

CUPW: There is a contractor in this position who hasn’t been paid for at least 3 days (December 3, 6, 7, 2010). We would like CPC to conduct a payroll audit to determine which dates the employee was not paid on.

CPC: G. Ramlochan to R&R.

WBC Restructure – 03-2011

CUPW: One hour was lost off of each route. RSMCs are now being asked to manually track their parcels and time. There should be a system where we do not have to wait for 6 months to be paid.

CPC: If there are pay issues, please direct to A. Chakaroun. Employees will be required to document their PCIs and time for the 6 months. A meeting will be scheduled with J. Mullet, Zone Managers and G. Pratt.

Consultation Adjourned. Next meeting scheduled for April 7, 2011.