Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on January 18, 2011 at 280 Progress
RSMC East C&D Monthly UMM

Ali Chakaroun Learie Charles
G. Tomaszewki
J. Wineck K. Davidson
Keray Taylor G. Filier
D. Carso C. Beth
Warren Lee G. Pratt
S. Eng J. Hartanu
E. Deschene

Unfinished Business

Stouffville, Richmond Hill –RPO clearances – with National

CPC: Status Quo

Maple SS4 Staffing

CPC: Status Quo.

Some employees are LMR, these employees were not informed of a restructure in the station. Sometime, the route may affect the rate. Employee is Cindy Bordeau

Similar issue in Unionville, employees are Elisa Wardell, Melisa Pittman and B. White.


CPC: Clearing the snow and returning the rental vehicle will create more parking space.

The Corporation will review as to what happens when our corporate vehicle comes and there is no parking

Annual Inspections

Hold over until next month

Insufficient Relief

CPC: We are trying to hire on call relief, the process for this is being verified. WBC, attempting to add 3 OCR. Routes are covered . CUPW: contractors are being used over 6 months.

Staffing, Ajax, Stouffville, Pickering

CUPW: There is a CUPW temp who is being given OT to deliver an RSMC route in Stouffville to delivery priority parcels.

CPC: On-Call Relief were hired. Two have quit. We are currently trying to staff these again. Grievances are scheduled to be heard. J. Parent to review.


CPC: We go through the RSMCs, Contractors, OCREs and then if no one else, CPAA delivers these routes if there is no one else to cover.

CUPW: CUPW temps used their own private vehicle on overtime to delivery should be offered at po4 overtime rate.

Vehicle changes

CPC: LR to respond on position with CPC vehicles, Hold over next month.

Grievance Hearings

CPC: it is scheduled for Jan 19, 2011 at 1pm.


CPC: employee has not received $460. Keray will follow up.

Gas Cards

CPC: This has been grieved and heard at 1st level.

CUPW: This is Stouffville, West Beaver Creek, and Unionville.


CUPW: CPC has admitted that there were problems with the implementation of the Unionville restructure.

CPC: RSMCs in Unionville were provided with problem reporting sheets which they could fill out and submit to the RMOs on site.

YDC temps not paid for work in Unionville

CPC: MSCs have now been paid for the week of training. The will receive payment for time worked on the next pay period.

P04’s Delivering RSMC Routes in Private Vehicles in Stouffville

CUPW: You cannot put an urban employee out delivering mail without appropriate coverage.

CPC: J. Parent to review.

Split unstaffed routes in Unionville add to existing routes.

CPC: Currently in staffing process and bidding the assignments.

CUPW: We propose that you split the unstaffed routes, freeze the staffing, and then give half of the routes to those who had their routes cut.

CPC: Will review and respond.

Consultations on West Beaver Creek & Richmond Hill

CUPW: Under Article 8, we are requesting consultation for restructures.

CPC: Please send something in writing. J. Wineck will R&R.

Elimination of the transition committee

CUPW: Have been advised that the Transition Committee will be disbursed and this will be left up to the local parties to resolve any issues.

LR will respond.

IKEA Payments

No RSMCs at West Beaver Creek have received payments for IKEA, since September.

CPC will follow up.

Parking at Unionville

CUPW: There is a shortage of parking spots with the new restructure. Parking tickets are being handed out.

CPC: Canada Post will arrange to pay the parking tickets, without prejudice or precedent. Ali Chakaroun will follow up.

New Business

Ajax, SS14, employee was paid at 645 point of calls. But when I checked, it was like 1200 points of call.

This employee worked over 6 months and a contractor worked about 1 moth.

Therefore, they should be paid for 1200 points of call.

An employee was successful in his or her transfer from Stouffville to WBC in January. However, the employee was held back due to short staff in Stouffville for a month.

She lost about $400 in the end result.

CPC stated that she just received reporting instruction for January 24, 2011 reporting date.

The Union wants to know who is paying for RSMC ID photos.

Is it coming from the Financial Cap or CPC pays for it?

CPC will follow up.

The Union asked clarification about the availability of modified duties to RSMC because they received inconsistent responses. They want to know what is classified as modified duties for RSMC.

LR will respond.

Consultation Adjourned. Next Meeting scheduled for February 18, 2011 @ 10am.