Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on January 18, 2011 at 280 Progress
East C&D Monthly UMM

Ali Chakaroun Learie Charles
Glenn Ramlochan G. Tomaszewki
J. Wineck K. Davidson
Keray Taylor G. Filier
D. Carso C. Beth
Warren Lee G. Pratt
S. Eng J. Hartanu
E. Deschene

RMO Business:

Don Mills/Toronto O/R Restructure

CPC: the PDSL file merge is now completed. It took longer than we anticipated. The data is manually entered. Observers are present during data inputting. Every route is being revisited in the presence of observer. Nothing is implemented until it is reviewed by observers and rmo. CUPW: What were the dates for the start and completion of the restructure phase??

CPC: every package is not a done deal until the rmo and observer have checked them off.

CUPW: the Corporation has introduced Rovers to Don Mills. We disagree of the conversion of full time to part time work and there was no there was not discussion of this introduction.

There Parties agreed to have a separate consultation regarding Don Mills.

CUPW: are there any Article 54 routes included?

CPC: we do not build Art. 54 routes because there were no rehab routes in Don Mills and there are support documents related to Article 54 employees.

CUPW: these routes must be maintained as the same as the original number prior to restructure.

Depot 11 Edit Book

CUPW: Nothing has been done. The Edit Books are not up to date. There are problems on the cases. Walk # 64 is instructed to take items to substation when it is not structured to.

CPC: G. Ramlochan will work the union to resolve this. At this point, we have asked for specifics and bring it to us. We will start with walk # 36.

Willowdale Depot 3

The Edit Book is verified and up to date.

Receptacles, 2.6 FT Value

CPC: the attribute rate assigned to receptacle has been removed, not the wheeling rate. CUPW: asked a bulletin be issued to clarify this matter above.

Station drivers are performing RPO clearances for YDC in the AM.

CPC: the time values are given for this clearance and they have to clear it.

Unfinished C&D Business:

4 hour Health & Safety Module (DD)

CUPW: Retail po4s are supposed to be completed by the expiring of this C/A

The classes started late.

LJOSH Committee Training


5 Day Delivery Span for H/H

CUPW: Status Quo

Temps working/not working / Stouffville

CPC: L. Aitchison to review at pre-arb meeting. Relating to a temp employee from C&D placed n Retail in Stouffville.

Staffing, Insufficient Relief.

CUPW: Almost all Sick and Other Reliefs are covering long term absence We don’t have sufficient to cover day to day operation. Also, Reliefs are forced to take long term assignments

CPC is not abiding to Article 17.06

We need to increase the number of Relief.

Willowdale D3 RLCs


Edit Book – Willowdale 2, 3


West Hill over assessments.

CPC: incomplete. However, everything that has brought forward has been done.

Unionville O/T

CUPW: it is improving but completed.

Overtime Training

CPC: D. Gayle has almost completed the presentation. Will meet with K. Davidson to discuss and set dates for presentation.

Willowdale OT

CPC: overtime offering by ½ portion has been rectified to by 1/3 portion.

Regional Safety Commmittee

CPC: Meeting has stopped.

Normal Departure Time, Scarborough D, 48.02


Normal Departure Time, Scarborough Dep 11, 48.02

CPC: Time study has been completed and the results will be summed up and sent to M. Duquette.

Health & Safety Training

CUPW: Status Quo.

13.26 Group 1 Annual Bid

CUPW: The Parties agreed to be separated and yet still not separated in Don Mills.

Ajax Start Times

CUPW: M. Duquette will R&R.

Scarborough Depot 11

CPC: D. Gayle to review with J. Ball-relating to registered mail, PC and expresspost that are not properly secured when employees return them to the station.

CUPW: suggests having a red lockup box installed.

Scarb D Customer Contact Card

CUPW: wants a template from Scarb D and all other areas.

Walk Splits – 1/3’s, Depot 4

CUPW: This has been on the minutes for 4 months.

Status Quo

West Hill

CUPW: This is working out.

LCA discussion.

1st Aid Letter

L. Aitchison has attached to these minutes. Any 1st aid activity is required login in the 1st Aid Book.

Ford Transit Connects

CUPW: Status Quo.

Order Backs

CUPW: Manulife is sending out incorrect information to the employee’s doctor. Your position is that there is no limit to the amount of times an employee is ordered back.

CPC: Any reasons for not completing order backs due to medical is managed through the Manulife process. L. Sanderson will review these issues as they arise, for order backs and frequency.

54 issue

CUPW: an employee has no PPD restriction but has a high IOD rate has a transfer in declined. The employee did not request to be placed in Art. 54

CPC: No PPDs established, but frequently injured. CPC has an obligation to provide a safe work environment. IOD rate is now higher since being placed in a new position. A separate meeting to be set up to discuss this.

Willowdale Depot 2, H&S Meetings

CUPW: CPC unilaterally imposed an agenda and date of the meeting but non of the union participants were available to attend Health and Safety meetings are joint responsibility. The Parties make up the agenda and mutually agreed time and date.

H/H, Willowdale D

CPC: 100% of mailing to designated route, 100% POC to route, 100% of the designated route section or second portion. It must be 100% of every portion.

CUPW: You cannot discipline an employee for this until the employee has been educated on the new process.

Status Quo

Movement of Toronto R

CUPW: This is a National issue. This now becomes National consultation. Will need to be provided with January bid to determine who will remain at Toronto ‘R’.

CPC: There are positions in Don Mills and Toronto ‘O’ which haven’t been backfilled. We will be backfilling these in January. Training will be provided during the week of January 10, 2011. We can do this if we remove and do not replace.

CUPW: You will have bypasses in Toronto ‘R’ unless you use relief.

CPC: Relief will be used first, and then we can remove and not replace.

Article 6.05 change, Toronto R

CUPW: The move is implemented January 17, 2011. You cannot post the Toronto ‘R’ positions in January. Training in Accordion Effect

CPC: You must also factor in annual leave. Classes must be filled and this may mean not always training by seniority. Management will R&R and determine if being trained in “Accordion” fashion.

Early Starts-West Hill

CPC: action plan has been put in place such as formal interviews.

Depot 11 – Walk #2

A walk need adjustable cases. Adjustable legs will be ordered


Depot 11, forcebacks

Previous discussed.


There is a problem with the lanyard being attached to your belt loop as it doesn’t sit well under your coat and looped into your bag. It ends up falling in between your legs when you walk. Can a piece be added to the winter jacket for the lanyard to connect to, instead of underneath the jacket?

It was suggested to use two (2) lanyard.


Employees have provided Manulife with documentation and they are being placed on LWOP. This is not fair. CPC: Additional coding has been added to SAP. If you have specific issues you need to bring those specifics to management.

Round Table

1. A part time po4 position # 81551531 current in the Docks will be converted to part time LCA. It came from Retail and was placed in Depot 4. CUPW has agreed of this change.

2. Staffing station R is in progress. It can’t force and post Group 1 work until Feb, 2011.  Temporary workers are being used until the bid is completed. No “R” can bid.

3. Despite full staffing, CPC is using 3 to 5 LC working 2 hours of overtime. The schedules 2-10 and 4-12am are not working In Richmond Hills, the changes from sick to unauthorized without pay.

Depot 11, there is not H&S meeting. If there is one, there is no coverage for the route and the incumbent will have to do all his or her mail after the meeting. In some cases, the mail is not being delivered.

There is no proper procedure to store keys. It appears no one knows where the keys were placed.

4.  Manulife, employee doctor is refusing to submit AMI report to the Corporation because they are not getting paid on time for service rendered. If the Manulife does not receive the report on time, the employee is listed as non compliance.

CPC to follow up.

5. Hazzard reports need some work.

Supervisors need to learn how to deal with the report. Some trainers are not certified, meaning trainers are not properly trained.

Riding and Ward maps at Depot 11 are not up to date.

End of CUPW consultation