Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on December 14, 2010 at 280 Progress
East C&D Monthly UMM

J. Mullet M. Duquette
S. Edwards L. Charles
J. Wineck K. Davidson
D. Gayle G. Filier
D. Carso C. Beth
L. Aitchison G. Pratt
J. Hartanu
E. Deschene

RMO Business:

Don Mills/Toronto O/R Restructure

CPC: We will be implementing by April 18, 2010. The cut off will be March 9, 2011.

CUPW: The end of the volume count for Toronto ‘R’ was October 1, 2010. What values are they using for the parcels, the same as what the driver received?

CPC: Will review dates, our records indicated that the volume count ended on October 8, 2010. We understand it is 6 months to the day after the volume count is completed. Values would be in line with PDSL, but not sure what the value will be for the O/S item.

CUPW: CUPW wrote to K. Vanderploeg regarding the Hinnegan regular arbitration decision. Our position is Scarborough F and Depot 11 have to been thrown out and you need to go back to the original structure.

CUPW raised an issue with the MVI at National Consultation, and whether the MVI is artificially inflated due to being run through the new MLOCRs and then the BCSs and the number of passes. K. Burtt is looking into this.

Depot 11 Edit Book

CPC: We have received confirmation that the Edit Books are up to date at Depot 11.

CUPW: This is not correct. The Edit Books are not up to date and back at the cases.

CPC: G. Ramlochan will review to determine if a resource is available to review the LC walk and the Edit Book complaints. At this point, we have asked for specifics. Two were provided and dealt with, no additional specific information has been provided.

Willowdale Depot 3

CPC: Codes provided by CUPW were verified and were appropriately on routes.

CUPW: You are not paying these employees.

CPC: The issue that was brought to our attention was the comparable code, and not with payment made to employees.

D. Carso to meet with Supervisors and ensure Team Leaders understand the process. J. Wineck to follow up on this.


CPC: Employees who require training will be trained.

CUPW: Has the issues of the PDTs freezing up been addressed at all? This has happened to MSCs and MMCs.

CPC: We have to deal with these issues as they happen and then phone the problem into the IT help line. With the roll out of the new PDTs in March, these issues should be resolved.

If Supervisors do not answer their phone, it needs to be escalated.

Receptacles, 2.6 FT Value

CPC: Have sent emails requesting clarification on the calculations. We cannot move forward until we have clarification on the calculations. When an answer is received, D. Carso will advise M. Duquette and L. Charles.

Unfinished C&D Business:

4 hour Health & Safety Module (DD)

CUPW: Status Quo

LJOSH Committee Training

CUPW: Status Quo.

5 Day Delivery Span for H/H

CUPW: Status Quo.

Temps working/not working / Stouffville

CPC: L. Aitchison to review at pre-arb meeting.

Staffing, Insufficient Relief.

CUPW: Will be advising CPC at the next UMM where they have insufficient relief. This is determined now that the bar chart and annual leave UMMs have taken place.

Willowdale D3 RLCs

CUPW: LCA position has been staffed through Article 54. The other PT LCA position has been eliminated.

CPC: J. Wineck to review. If Annual relief is still on the LCA position, they will be removed.

Edit Book – Willowdale 2, 3

CUPW: Because the Edit Books have not been updated, routes are overassessed.

CPC: J. Wineck to review.

West Hill over assessments.

CPC: Meeting was held with K. Davison and K. Taylor.

Unionville O/T

CUPW: This will remain on the minutes until all employees are trained.

Overtime Training

CPC: D. Gayle has almost completed the presentation. Will meet with K. Davidson to discuss and set dates for presentation.

Willowdale OT

CPC: J. Wineck will allow time of the floor for K. Davidson to meet with shop steward to discuss overtime issues.

Security in Markham

CPC: Security issues have been addressed.

Regional Safety Commmittee

CPC: Will R&R.

Normal Departure Time, Scarborough D, 48.02

CPC: Time study is completed. Results to be sent to M. Duquette.

Normal Departure Time, Scarborough Dep 11, 48.02

CPC: Time study has been completed and the results will be summed up and sent to M. Duquette.

Health & Safety Training

CUPW: Status Quo.

13.26 Group 1 Annual Bid

CUPW: Results due by December 17, 2010. Only 2 locations have submitted these to M. Duquette.

Ajax Start Times

CUPW: M. Duquette will R&R.

Scarborough Depot 11

CPC: D. Gayle to review with J. Ball

Scarb D Customer Contact Card

CPC: Nationally CPC is putting together a business contact card. This should be rolled out in the new year.

Walk Splits – 1/3’s, Depot 4

CUPW: This has been on the minutes for 4 months.

West Hill

CUPW: This is working out.

1st Aid Letter

L. Aitchison to attach to these minutes.

Ford Transit Connects

CUPW: Status Quo.

Santa Clause Parade

CPC: This will be clearly communicated next year from National.

Order Backs

CUPW: Manulife is sending out incorrect information to the employee’s doctor. Your position is that there is no limit to the amount of times an employee is ordered back.

CPC: Any reasons for not completing order backs due to medical is managed through the Manulife process.

L. Sanderson will review these issues as they arise, for order backs and frequency.


CUPW: Never received any updated information. This is a requirement of the collective agreement. CUPW will not be providing any shop steward election results until communications are received from CPC on management changes.

New Issues:

54 issue

CPC: No PPDs established, but frequently injured. CPC has an obligation to provide a safe work environment. IOD rate is now higher since being placed in a new position.

A separate meeting to be set up to discuss this.

Willowdale Depot 2, H&S Meetings

CPC: There have been 9 H&S meetings this year. The Team Leaders have been made aware that these should be held monthly.

H/H, Willowdale D

CPC: 100% of mailing to designated route, 100% POC to route, 100% of the designated route section or second portion.

It must be 100% of every portion.

CUPW: You cannot discipline an employee for this until the employee has been educated on the new process.

Movement of Toronto R

CUPW: This is a National issue. This now becomes National consultation.

Will need to be provided with January bid to determine who will remain at Toronto ‘R’.

CPC: There are positions in Don Mills and Toronto ‘O’ which haven’t been backfilled. We will be backfilling these in January. Training will be provided during the week of January 10, 2011. We can do this if we remove and do not replace.

CUPW: You will have bypasses in Toronto ‘R’ unless you use relief.

CPC: Relief will be used first, and then we can remove and not replace.

Article 6.05 change, Toronto R

CUPW: The move is implemented January 17, 2011. You cannot post the Toronto ‘R’ positions in January.

Other Issues – round table.

1. Incentive OT – CPC: Employees will be paid for OT work.

2. Training in Accordion Effect – CPC: You must also factor in annual leave. Classes must be filled and this may mean not always training by seniority. Management will R&R and determine if being trained in “Accordion” fashion.

3. Early Starts – Still happening at West Hill.

4. Depot 11 – Walk #2 and another walk need adjustable cases. Adjustable legs will be ordered.

5. Fire Drills – This was scheduled in LJOSH and did take place.

6. Force Backs at Depot 11 – There are too many Force Backs. CPC: We are looking at backfilling positions.

7. Complaint Stage – Employees are being interviewed and receiving suspensions without being advised and given a chance first on what they have done wrong.

8. Lanyards – There is a problem with the lanyard being attached to your belt loop as it doesn’t sit well under your coat and looped into your bag. It ends up falling in between your legs when you walk. Can a piece be added to the winter jacket for the lanyard to connect to, instead of underneath the jacket? A. Yam to review.

9. Phones – Is there any specific times that someone is supposed to be available to answer the phone? CPC: Try the station, if urgent, contact the APC.

10. SLBs – How do you get extra SLBs on route? CPC: Provide specific information that can be forwarded on to inventory control.

11. Absences – Employees have provided Manulife with documentation and they are being placed on LWOP. This is not fair. CPC: Additional coding has been added to SAP. If you have specific issues you need to bring those specifics to management.