Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
East C&D Monthly Union Management Meeting
Held at 280 Progress on November 16, 2010

J. Wineck M. Duquette
S. Ballantine K. Davidson
D. Carso C. Beth
S. Eng E. Deschene
S. Edwards G. Pratt
A. Chakaroun G. Fillier
D. Gayle L. Charles
M. Walker J. Hartanu
L. Aitchison

A-62 Payments

CPC: Paid out on PP 24, November 25, 2010

Restructure Don Mills/Toronto ‘O’/Toronto ‘R’

CPC: Will have a date shortly.

CUPW: We are concerned with CPC meeting timelines as there is currently only 1 RMO working on this restructure.

At Don Mills, the 10 day count is not reflective of the MVI when the station says it was. The problem is that we are using these numbers to adjust the actual numbers. We are out 550 000 pieces of mail.

CPC: It is throughput, which is all the mail that is run through the machines which is bound for that code.

We are currently waiting for additional clarification from Ottawa.

Start Times and Departure Times

CPC: This started this week for departure times at Scarborough Depot 11, all employees were advised last week.

Identify any issues with walks to D. Gayle.

New Issues:

Edit Book – Depot 11

CUPW: Updates are not being completed because the program hasn’t been working for 4 weeks. The problem is Walk 36.

CPC: We are unaware of any issues with Edit Book. D. Gayle to check if updates have been made.

Mini Meetings have been held with all employees requesting that if there are any outstanding issues with routes, that employees should speak to D. Myrvold to have this corrected.


CPC: There was a change done to the way that the 038 identifies doors. The old 038 showed a door minus 5 feet. This has been changed to show the door value now, but no calculation at the bottom of the page now.

CUPW: We require something to show us these calculations. G. Fillier and the station were provided with a set of new walk packages.

Depot 3

CPC: J. Wineck and D. Carso to review.


CUPW: Management is not taking responsibility for how employees are trained. Employees are being trained by employees.

CPC: The best person to give the training is someone who works on the equipment.

Unfinished C&D Business

4 Hour Health and Safety Module (DD)


LJOSH Committee Training


OT Lists at 280 Progress

CPC: Will provide OT lists to K. Davidson.

5 Day Delivery Span for HH

CPC: It is 20% per day that must be delivered.

CUPW: M. Duquette will respond with position.

Temps Working/Not Working Stouffville

CPC: LR to review.

Staffing – Insufficient Relief

CUPW: Only received the results for the 13.26 bid from one station.

CPC: This is not due until December 17, 2010.

Willowdale D3 RLCs

CPC: Would like to meet to discuss LCA hours.

Edit Book

CPC: Meeting on this next week.

West Hill Overassessments

CPC: Meeting will be held Thursday morning at 9am.

Fire Alarm Testing

CPC: Blow horns have been ordered and are now at stations.

Unionville OT

CUPW: Would like a copy of how many employees have been trained since October 18, 2010. S. Edwards to provide.


CPC: D. Gayle and K. Davidson to meet to discuss training.

CUPW: There is an illegal term in Ajax.

Security at Markham

CPC: Ongoing. Have approval for lighting issues and the asphalt at the dock.

Regional Safety Committee

CUPW: No contact has been made with CUPW since last UMM.

Health and Safety Training

CUPW: Unsure if resolved. Will review.

Ajax Start Times

CUPW: M. Duquette will respond to D. Gayle.

Scarborough Depot 11

CPC: This is being reviewed with B. Slinger.

Scarborough D Customer Contact Card

CPC: D. Gayle to order business cards with station phone number.

Walk Splits 1/3s – Scarborough Depot 4

CUPW: CPC does not have 1/3s in Depot 4.

CPC: D. Gayle to review and determine if splits have been adjusted.

West Hill

CPC: M. Galea to facilitate meeting with LCAs.

DD Training

CUPW: Review with George.

1st Aid

L. Aitchison to attach copy of letter to minutes.

New Trucks

CUPW: Review with George.

WSIB Grievance

CPC: LR to provide a response.

New Issues:

Ajax Santa Clause Parade

CUPW: Employees met at Ajax facility, took corporate vehicles and people rode in the back of the truck. There is liability.

CPC: The Supervisor raised objection to this. There was a member of the LJOSH present, who raised no concerns. Management has addressed the national policies with the front-line supervisory team.

Pickering Santa Clause Parade

CUPW: This was on November 13, 2010. This was a right hand drive vehicle, there were doors open, no seatbelts and employees riding in the back.

CPC: D. Gayle will follow up.

New Issues:

Record of Employment

CUPW: Employee asked for ROE, and still has not received it.

CPC: Employee’s can call AccessHR or go online through Employee Self Serve. If the employee is having issues, they are to contact their Supervisor or Manager. ROE is now sent directly to EI.

Order Backs

CUPW: Employees who are at work and have health problems are being contacted by Manulife regarding their ability to perform order backs.

CPC: This has to be validated through the Manulife, medical management process.


CPC: Working out a few issues with positions.

Bar Charts

CPC: Bar charts have to be done every day. You have to see the supervisor on a daily basis to get this done. There will be an arranged time to vet the bar charts on a daily basis.

Consultation Minutes


Canada Post Corporation (CPC)


Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)

Retail Monthly Union Management Meeting

Held at 280 Progress on November 16, 2010


J. Wineck M. Duquette

S. Ballantine K. Davidson

D. Carso C. Beth

S. Eng E. Deschene

S. Edwards G. Pratt

A. Chakaroun G. Fillier

D. Gayle L. Charles

M. Walker

L. Aitchison

CPC: Information will be sent to you on an employee by the end of the week. This employee is supposed to be backfilling another employee while on training.

CUPW: You can only have this employee backfilled for known absences for 10 days or greater. M. Duquette will review the info, when provided.

Consultation Minutes


Canada Post Corporation (CPC)


Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)

Retail Monthly Union Management Meeting

Held at 280 Progress on November 16, 2010


J. Wineck M. Duquette

S. Ballantine K. Davidson

D. Carso C. Beth

S. Eng E. Deschene

S. Edwards G. Pratt

A. Chakaroun G. Fillier

D. Gayle L. Charles

M. Walker

L. Aitchison

Stouffville, Richmond Hill – RPO Clearances – National

CUPW: On-call from Unionville doing the RPO clearance out of Richmond Hill. How is this employee being paid? G. Pratt to provide specifics to J. Wineck.

CPC: This issue is at the National level. We must wait for a respond from National.

Maple SS4

CPC: LR to R&R


CUPW: Employee who was injured 2 years ago was asked by the Superintendent to resign or they will be released.

CPC: S. Edwards to review.

Work Hardening Plan

CPC: This has been paid.

Annual Inspections

CPC: J. Parent to confirm if completed.

Insufficient Relief

CUPW: The MSC temps assisting in Unionville should be paid as MSCs. They have not yet been told what they are being paid.

All employees should be trained.

CPC: Training is required if RSMCs routes change more than 50%.

CUPW: Old SS8, now SS113 has changed.

CPC: S. Edwards and G. Pratt to meet to discuss which routes require training. It was agreed that the MSCs assisting at Unionville for the week of November 15, 2010 will not be paid out of the financial cap.

CUPW: Contractors are not covered by WSIB. All MSCs covering RSMC routes must be provided with Corporate vehicles.

Staffing – Ajax, Soutffville, Pickering

CPC: This is part of the issue of insufficient relief. J. Parent to review.

CUPW: There is a CUPW temp who is being given OT to deliver an RSMC route. S. Edwards to review. Will CPC be renting a vehicle to allow to deliver mail? This may also be an issue with CPAA.


CUPW: CPAA clerks are sorting RSMC routes at Maple, when routes are not covered.

CPC: S. Eng to review.

Returning Scanner

CUPW: Is the PDT process the same for RSMCs as CUPW?

CPC: LR to review.

Vehicle Changes

CUPW: Are employees going to be asked to purchase the new vehicles? This wasn’t included in the new route packages. If employees are bidding on the new routes, they would have to know this ahead of time.

CPC: LR to review with National.

Grievance Hearings

CUPW: There are 6 outstanding grievances to be heard at 1st Level. Grievances hearings are scheduled for every Thursday at 280 Progress.

CPC: S. Eng to review with B. Pricop to establish a date.

Health and Safety Minutes

CUPW: Maple Health and Safety Minutes have not been received.

CPC: S. Eng to have a/Postmaster to send minutes.

CUPW: Shop Steward advised that he only has 15 minutes to perform an inspection.

CPC: There is no time restriction on the inspection.

CUPW: Pickering H&S mini-meetings – Review with George.

CPC: Provide D. Gayle with specific issues, for follow up. There is a grievance in on this matter which has been responded to.

An update list of delivery contacts to be attached to the minutes.


CPC: Sent information to AccessHR. D. Gayle is still waiting for their response.

Gas Cards

CPC: Gas cards have been ordered.

Maple Inspections

CPC: These have been completed by management.

New Issues:


CUPW: Stouffville cannot implement because of an issue with the FSAs. Please ensure that what happened in Unionville does not happen in Stouffville or West Beaver Creek.

CPC: We have raised our concerns to the appropriate people. If we have not received the required information on time from the Transition Committee, then we should have the opportunity to hold the implementation for 6 weeks.

CUPW: We were lied to. The information provided was not accurate. We would like greater than 10 days notice, for receiving the information.

CPC: We do not believe that anyone had ill intentions, but there are many different roles that employees play in this process.


CPC: Vacation clarification will be provided to CUPW.

S. Edwards to receive clarification from the Transition Committee on time lines.

CUPW: Employees were advised in March that only routes greater than 8 hours would be looked at. This was not the case. They have lied to us again.

The householder values given are not accurate. RSMCs have been asked to keep logs.

We will be grieving the implementation of the restructure and the difficulties that it has caused for employees, and the lack of information provided.

Next Meeting scheduled for December 14, 2010 at 10am.