Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
East C&D Monthly UMM Meeting
Held on October 19, 2010 at 280 Progress

S. Edwards M. Duquette
J. Wineck L. Charles
D. Gayle E. Deschene
D. Carso G. Pratt
J. Parent C. Beth
L. Aitchison K. Davidson
J. Hartanu

Stouffville, Richmond Hill – RPO Clearances - National

Status Quo

Maple SS4 Staffing

CUPW: Has this route been staffed yet?

Work Hardening Plan

CUPW: See August Minutes.

CPC: J. Wineck to review with L. Comrie and provide response to G. Pratt.

Annual Inspections

CPC: Aiming to have Stouffville completed within the next 3 weeks. J. Parent monitoring this.

Insufficient Relief

CUPW: Unionville – all employees are entitled to 3 days training. Likely 30 routes and 10 new ones.

CPC: All employees whose routes change by greater than 50%.

We are having difficulty finding/staffing on-call RSMCs. J. Parent to review.

Ergo Helpers

CPC: J. Parent to send email confirming payment made to J. Hartanu.

Staffing – Ajax, Stouffville, Pickering

CPC: This is part of the above issue of insufficient relief. J. Parent to review.


CUPW: Clerks are continually sorting mail at Maple. This is ongoing and is a problem.

Returning Scanner

CPC: It looks like employees will be taking the scanners home. No additional details have been provided to us at this point. This is an issue which is at the National level.

CUPW: Corporate property should not be taken home.

Vehicle Changes

CPC: LR to review with National.

CUPW: Vehicle list is also outdated. Implementation for Unionville is November 15, 2010 and these employees have not been advised of the vehicle requirements of their routes.

Grievance Hearings

CUPW: Grievances outstanding: 602-08-R00041, -R00043, -R00044, -R00045, R00057, R00081. There are many grievances, including these that were supposed to be heard today but no one showed up.

H&S Minutes

CUPW: Minutes still not received. 15 Minutes is not enough time for an inspection.

Pickering held H&S mini-meetings without involving the LJOSH. Boxes are being moved up to 2km. Management is not taking into account the suggestions being provided. This is not good for public relations. Will the same thing be happening in Unionville?

CPC: D. Gayle to review


CUPW: Article 6.05 – CPC is required to advise of management.

CPC: We will send an up to date phone/address list.


CUPW: Pay Audit to be performed.


CPC: Gloves were ordered.

Gas Cards

CUPW: L. Charles will provide specific information to J. Parent

Maple Inspections

CUPW: Do RSMCs conduct their own inspections?

Human Rights

CUPW: Ongoing Human Rights issue. The employee is unhappy with the amount of time the investigation is taking.

Ergo Helpers

CUPW: Unionville employees are advised that if they currently have ergo helpers after their routes are optimized they will no longer have ergo helpers. This is a health and safety issue and they will be filing Health and Safety complaints.

CPC: Employees have been spoken to regarding this.

Round Table, Other Issues:

1. Unionville – Implementation is in 3 weeks. Employees have not been advised what their routes and salary will be. CPC: We have to wait for this information from the transition committee at the end of the month. The routes should be approximately 850 points of call each. CUPW: We would like 2 observers for the new routes. We will pay for 1 observer and would like CPC to pay for 1 observer. CPC: Will advise if we will pay for 1 observer. CUPW: We are willing to take some new RSMCs at West Beaver Creek for training.

2. Annual Leave 2011 – when will this be consulted on? CPC: Will review and send dates to M. Duquette.

Next Date is scheduled for November 16, 2010 at 10am.