Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
East C&D Monthly UMM Meeting
Held on October 19, 2010 at 280 Progress

S. Edwards M. Duquette
J. Wineck L. Charles
D. Gayle E. Deschene
D. Carso G. Pratt
J. Parent C. Beth
L. Aitchison G. Tomaszewski
K. Davidson
J. Hartanu

RMO Business

A-62 Payments – B3

CPC: L. Aitchison will send payment to L. Charles for review.

Restructure of Don Mills/Toronto ‘O’/Toronto ‘R’

CPC: Date is still being reviewed.

CUPW: Case in front of Hinnegan on November 6, which will define “6 months” for a restructure. Although this issue is being dealt with in a separate forum (separate Union Management meeting), it will remain open until resolved in that forum.


CPC: We believe the rollout would commence March/April 2011. The process for devices that are not portal to portal needed to be formalized.

• New Process: CMS procedure – 1202.53 – Portable Data terminal (PDT) Control Process

• The employee will bring the PDT home after completing the delivery day and must ensure that it is kept in a safe and secure place (similar to their keys)

• Upon returning to the depot the next day, the employee is to replace the battery. Ensure that the “end of day upload and clear” has been completed (either via wi-fi or via cradle) before exchanging the battery

• Employee will perform “end of day upload & clear” for the previous day

• Employee will then perform his start of day for the current day

• If there is a known absence then the employee must return at end of day to complete “end of day” process and return the PDT

• If there is an illness or the employee is unable to come to work, the employee must advise the supervisor of the expected date of return. At that time a decision will be made by the depot whether or not to pick up the PDT at the employee’s home.

• The CMS procedure has been approved and target date for issue is expected to be October 2010 – minor wording to be added/or modified.

• National Consultation with CUPW completed.

• National consultation with RSMC group completed on September 16th

CUPW: Will provide notice to CPC including the implementation schedule for 2011.

Ajax Header Boards

CPC: Should be completed.

Don Mills – Issue Closed

CPC: This was a sort-plan problem with Gateway. This problem has been corrected and the LC is not receiving these parcels anymore.

New Issues:

Weights – Issue Closed

CPC: In the past if there were heavy volumes, we made it direct. AM obligatory says it must be 50lbs of mail daily.

CUPW: The weight is not the only factor in creating the direct.

Start Times

CUPW: The one month survey must start soon. The survey for Scarborough Depot 11 will need to commence soon.

CPC: The survey commenced today at Scarborough D.

C&D Unfinished Business

4 Hour Health and Safety Module (DD)

CPC: Training is ongoing. It is being held at 280 Progress, West Beaver Creek and SCLPP.

CUPW: Did the information get sent to B. Laslow?

CPC: B. Laslow has been advised on ongoing training, by the Training department.

LJOSH Committee Training

CUPW: M. Duquette has not received a list.

CPC: There are 6 individuals who have not yet been trained, but all have been scheduled on more than one occasion and failed to show up for the training.

OT Lists at 280 Progress

CUPW: Employees are requesting to see the overtime list and are advised that they will not be shown the list.

CPC: We have asked Supervisors to indicate “A” for accepted when blanket overtime is offered. A glass case has now been ordered so that we can keep the list posted in the work floor. Each time a list is posted; it is taken down and goes missing.

CUPW: There are grievances in the system which allege bypass. The onus will be on CPC to prove no bypass.

5 Day Delivery Span for HH

CPC: The LC must start at the beginning of their route and record the information on the 7P label; 20% of the HH would be delivered per day over 5 days. The only exception to this is that you cannot split a building.

There will be a Supervisor reviewing this in Scarborough D, with the new routes.

Will find process in CMS and provide to CUPW.

CUPW: This has come up in arbitration resulting in discipline. M. Duquette will respond with position.

Temps Working/Not Working/Stouffville

CPC: LR to review.

Staffing – Insufficient Relief

CUPW: We met on the 13.26 bid to discuss staffing. M. Duquette will review.

CPC: Will review strategy to assign relief across stations/zones.

Willowdale D3 RLCs

CPC: RLC covering vacant position. Position went up for bid, no one bid on it. Still waiting for an answer from Ottawa on when position can be filled. J. Wineck to verify that another LC wants this position.

Reduction in Bar Chart Relief – Issue Closed

Edit Book

CPC: The 075 should be a direct reflection of what is updated at the station.

CUPW: Issue with routes being over-assessed at Willowdale 2 and 3.

CPC: Information must be provided to D. Carso regarding specific issues. J. Wineck will review any Willowdale issues.

Edit Book has been updated at Scarborough Depot 11. D. Gayle to ensure Edit Book has been updated.

No updated 075s have been received. When they have been received, they will be posted.

West Hill Overassessments

CPC: Meeting will be held Thursday morning at 9am.

Fire Alarm Testing

CUPW: Will look at ordering a blow horn.

MMHE Training

CPC: Ajax training is nearly complete. This is ongoing to ensure all employees trained.

Unionville OT

CPC: Discussions held with K. Davidson to train Rovers. This should have commenced October 18, 2010.

CUPW: K. Davidson would like to know how many employees were trained on October 18, 2010.

17.04 Bulletin – Issue Closed

CPC: Emergency overtime should be posted. If the LC is interested they would express interest to their Supervisor. It eligible then it would be offered by seniority. The bulletin has been distributed to the stations.


CPC: Will provide a training session to all APOC with CUPW to ensure that all Team Leaders understand the process.

CUPW: L. Waine distributed application of 17.05 last year.

Security at Markham

CPC: Ongoing.

Willowdale – Issue Closed

CPC: Zone 6 is now aware that granting pre-retirement leave not in 1 week blocks is unacceptable.

Clause 33.31 and Labour Code Changes

CPC: Sent to Regional B. Laslow. These are our requirements under the CLC.

Green Envelopes

CPC: It is very rare that the envelopes are being received late. We have been monitoring this. Supervisors are reporting any deviations from the regular process to ensure that this problem can be corrected.

Regional Safety Committee

CUPW: No contact has been made with CUPW since last UMM.

Building Security – Issue Closed

CPC: Have requested that drivers be provided keys for 280 Progress.

Health and Safety Training

CPC: LJOSH was involved to make the decision of what “ergo” would be trained. LJOSH will be involved in the upcoming Slips, Trips and Falls campaigns.

A12 – Don Mills – Issue Closed

CPC: There are 2 or 3 A-12 cases left.

Ajax Start Times

CUPW: M. Duquette will contact D. Gayle.

Scarborough D – Issue Closed

CPC: S. Edwards to review OT issue.

Scarborough Depot 11

CPC: All employees requiring training will be trained. Issue with key pad will be reviewed for weekend lockout.

Scarborough D Customer Contact Card

CPC: Will review to determine if feasible.

Walk Splits 1/3s – Scarborough Depot 4

CPC: Routes are being re-organized after restructure. Will Review Depot 4, D, and 11.

Employees Names in Minutes

CUPW: Try to avoid putting employee’s names in minutes for sensitive issues. Will reference names in agenda to remind what item is which.

Other Issues, Round Table:

1. West Hill – Employee was pulled off assignment to operate MMHE. Because of this, he cannot finish all of his work. CPC will arrange meeting to discuss.

2. DD Training – The attendance at DD training is sporadic. CPC: Everyone has now been scheduled and attendance should be at regular levels.

3. 1st Aid – Letters sent to employees from C. Ludlow (attached). This includes changes in the roles and responsibilities. Why has this changed?

4. New Trucks – Employees should be advised of differences in new vehicles. CUPW has sent their concerns to National CUPW H&S rep to raise nationally.

5. Election – Election flyers were delivered to wrong ward. Called candidates and advised them of this and advised that they should call customer service to ask for a refund.

6. Web Based Security Cameras – These cameras are being installed at 17 facilities in the GTA.

7. WSIB Grievance – Employee had an injury at another work location (not CPC). Employee then had re-occurrence at CPC. CPC took the position that they do not have to fill out the paper work because the initial injury was not with CPC.