Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal (CUPW)
Held at 280 Progress on September 14, 2010
Scarborough Local Monthly East Delivery Consultation

J. Wineck M. Duquette
J. Parent L. Charles
D. Carso K. Davidson
P. Zimmerman E. Deschene
M. Walker G. Tomaszewski
E. Herera G. Pratt
E. Nellis
L. Aitchison

Stouffville, Richmond Hill – RPO Clearances – National Issue

CUPW: Richmond Hill will be ad hoc’d to Unionville but will not make a permanent route out of it. Stouffville is still with Route Measurement and is not being included with Richmond Hill.

Maple SS4 Staffing

CPC: Review and Respond

Annual Inspections

CUPW: Maple is behind in the inspection.

CPC: Stouffville is a little behind, but it is in progress.

Unionville Optimization

CUPW: We have a meeting tomorrow morning to discuss this.

Insufficient Relief

CUPW: Still short in Richmond Hill, Ajax and Pickering. Unionville will be increasing by 4 routes, and employees are entitled to 3 days training by the old route holder or by management. How will CPC handle this? A meeting will be held on this tomorrow.

CPC: J. Parent is working on this. Effective January 1, 2011 operations will be responsible for the hiring process for RSMCs.

Ergo Helpers

CPC: J. Parent to provide document showing that pay has been adjusted.

Staffing – Ajax, Stouffville, Pickering

CPC: The on call relief are being used to cover assignments in Stouffville but are being offered extra hours, ad hoc. J. Parent will review Ajax.

Returning Scanner

CUPW: Will there be a drop box for scanners? Willowdale D had a drop box at the back. This is for stations that are closed.

CPC: S. Edwards to review with Security & Investigations to understand security standards.

Vehicle Changes

CUPW: Would employee’s who currently have vehicles be forced to purchase a new vehicle when optimized?

CPC: We have not received a response on this issue.

Grievance Hearings

CUPW: J. Wineck to attend grievance hearings at 7am, J. Parent to attend grievance hearings at 8am, S. Edwards to attend grievance hearings at 9am. CUPW cannot continue to wait for Maple and Retail management representatives to hear grievances, as they continually fail to attend.

Outstanding Health and Safety Minutes

CUPW: G. Pratt received rough draft of minutes. We were advised that H&S tours should only take 15 minutes and that no meeting is required before or after.

New Issues


CUPW: L. Waine asked to resolve a grievance regarding management providing Health and Safety minutes. We have not agreed to resolve this as we have never received minutes for Maple. The other grievance we were asked to resolve dealt with insufficient releief when using OCR. At consultation we agreed that OCRs would be done across the local to ensure you could pull from other areas. The grievance responses state that there is no requirement to go outside the installation for relief. We believe we should consider utilizing on-call relief as agreed to at consultation.

Other Issues – Round Table

Station Management

CUPW: We are not being advised of who is responsible for which stations.

CPC: R. Carroll to respond.


CUPW: B. White, asked for pay audit to be conducted.

CPC: AccessHR will not release information to J. Parent. Have discussed with employee and will review when she receives information from AccessHR.

Gormley RSMC Move to Stouffville

CUPW: Will this move be taking place?

CPC: We are not aware of any discussions regarding a move of Gormley to Stouffville.


CPC: J. Parent to ensure gloves ordered.

Gas Cards

CPC: An email was sent. Employees are supposed to contact AccessHR to request the gas cards.


CUPW: The Postmaster advised RSMCs they are to conduct their own inspections and that he will check them.

Human Rights

CUPW: There is an issue in Maple with Human Rights, but does not fall under the Complaints and Compliance area; we have been advised the issue is a personality conflict. The Postmaster has advised his friends within the station what the complainants human rights complaint is and she is being singled out and feels threatened at work. We are seeking a placement for her until this complaint is resolved.


CUPW: There is no requirement in the collective agreement to assign Ergo-Helpers.

Next UMM scheduled for Tuesday October 19, 2010 at 10am.