Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal (CUPW)
Held at 280 Progress on September 14, 2010
Scarborough Local Monthly East Delivery Consultation

J. Wineck M. Duquette
J. Parent L. Charles
D. Carso K. Davidson
P. Zimmerman E. Deschene
M. Walker G. Tomaszewski
E. Herera G. Pratt
E. Nellis
L. Aitchison

RMO Business

A62 Payments – B3

CPC: LR is working with AccessHR to ensure payment is made.

Pre-50 Don Mills

CUPW: Meeting to be scheduled with L. Waine to review.


CPC: Will meet with CUPW Wednesday or Friday next week, or October 1 at 10am.


CPC: J. Parent will monitor stations to ensure LCAs are following protocol.

Restructure of Don Mills/Toronto ‘O’/Toronto ‘R’

CUPW: Received another notice moving implementation to May 2011. Will Toronto ‘R’ be changing? What will the impact be to YDC?

CPC: This move is scheduled for January, which will be a conveyance. The restructure will take place with Wynford as the home office. Implementation will be April 2011. D. Carso will confirm with M. Duquette. We will need to review the impact to YDC.

CUPW: M. Duquette is still awaiting a response to his letter dated August 4, 2010. A response will be provided by LR before the next monthly UMM.

Start Times – Scarborough D

CUPW: Have not received a copy of the start times. There is an LDU in Scarborough D where the LC is receiving high volumes.

CPC: D. Carso to resend start time information. J. Parent to confirm that header board matches new start times. J. Salter is reviewing the LDU issue.


CUPW: Foot routes will be receiving PDTs next year in Scarborough. What will be the process? Carriers are being told in mini-meetings that they will be taking the PDT home with them at the end of the day.

M. Duquette to provide a copy of the implementation schedule, National notice and National consultation minutes.

CPC: Managers and D. Carso will review to determine if this will be the plan next year.

Ajax Header Boards

CPC: J. Parent will review to determine if a meeting was held with the Superintendent.

New RMO Issues

Scarborough 11 - A-62 Cases

CUPW: An employee was given an A-62 case at his request. Now others want the same case to work with but are told no.

CPC: The extra A-62 case(s) will be taken away. Only those structured for A-62 cases will be provided A-62 cases.

Scarborough Depot 11 – Householders

CUPW: Advised all householders will be compressed.

CPC: They will be compressed up until Friday. This is standard procedure.

Don Mills

CUPW: A LC has been given 25 parcels and 3 drops for another LC and is only being given time values for 1 drop.

CPC: D. Carso to review.

C&D Unfinished Business

4 Hour Health and Safety Module (DD)

CPC: There are approximately 200 people who require this training, which will be coordinated through J. Mahar. The LDI has committed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays commencing September 27, 2010 for this training. There will be 1-2 people from each station per session and training will be held at YDC. We have calculated 18 stations that require this training.

CUPW: Please contact our Regional Education Officer B. Laslo. We recommend you take into account the timing of the training based on the parking available at YDC. You should look at holding the training at 280 Progress.

CPC: We will review if any other locations are available.

LJOSH Committee Training

CUPW: Partial list provided to S. Edwards. We requested P. Layland send a list to CUPW of those outstanding to be trained.

CPC: S. Edwards and J. Parent to follow up with P. Layland and J. Mahar. There is a course coming up, but we need to confirm dates.

Unionville OT Lists

CUPW: M. Duquette has not been contacted to discuss the OT lists which are inaccurate. This was supposed to have been arranged 2 months ago.

CPC: S. Edwards to contact Mike.

Group 1 OT lists at 280 Progress

CUPW: K. Davidson would like a copy of Group 1 OT list at Scarborough D. Lists were to be provided to M. Duquette for 280 Progress facility. When provided, they were blank.

CPC: S. Edwards to review lists.

Bar Charts

CPC: Training has been scheduled for the September 28 and 30th. There is an issue with Don Mills and a Toronto ‘O’ employee. J. Buttee will be trained, as per CUPW’s request.

CUPW: If we have someone that is trained that refuses to vette it is the Local’s problem. We will have to set up consultation in October for Bar Charts.

5 Day Delivery Span for HH

CPC: Will follow up with R. Carroll.

Temps Working/Not Working – Stouffville

CPC: Received information from M. Duquette. Will review with L. Waine and respond prior to next UMM.

CUPW: You unilaterally moved this employee from the C&D list to the retail list. We cannot agree to move someone, they have to apply. We would need to see a copy of the transfer filed by this employee.

Staffing – Insufficient Relief

CUPW: M. Duquette is still waiting for letters deleting positions, as these deletions impact the rotation of duties.

CPC: J. Wineck to review staffing with E. Herrera and E. Nellis prior to 13.26 bid.

J. Wineck to consult with M. Duquette at a date to be determined, prior to bid.

CUPW: There are no full-time positions on the monthly bid, but we have employees temporarily assigned. You cannot delete these positions because you have employees filling them. The positions should be left vacant if you wish to delete them.

CPC: P. Zimmerman to review with C. Licorish.

We have received approval from the Director to staff some positions, but it must first be reviewed by Ottawa. Given the transitions lately with PCR, we need to review all positions which are seeking approval for staffing and what will or will not be filled. Zone Managers will review to ensure accuracy for bid.

CUPW: Your opportunity to make adjustments to relief will be with the 13.26 bid.

Reduction in Bar Chart Relief

CPC: This would be done through attrition and not when an incumbent is in the position.

P. Zimmerman to review with C. Licorish.

Edit Book

CPC: Scarborough Depot 11 should be up to date next week.

CUPW: The delay at Scarborough Depot 11 due to the restructure should have been communicated with employees. Don Mills was also supposed to be reviewed. The old 075 and the new 075 should be posted together.

CPC: Will review with D. Carso to determine if there is a link between Edit Book and the 075s. Will review to ensure old and new 075s are posted. S. Edwards to hold meeting to ensure LCs are paid appropriately, and will schedule with K. Davidson.

Richmond Hill – Issue Closed

CPC: No one is being held past 9am. Most LCs are on the street by 8:30. Parcels are carried over on a regular basis as the truck continues to be late on a daily basis. R. Carroll and J. Mullet are working on this problem with S. Plastina. The two clerks hours have been corrected. The truck arriving late comes from Gateway.

Ajax – Cross Functioning for OT

CPC: There is nothing posted now. A meeting was held to discuss this and any problems should be resolved. Another meeting will be held in two weeks.

Fire Alarm Testing

CPC: This is to be conducted annually. Will advise how fire drills are communicated.

Ajax - Does not require pull stations as the occupancy load does not exceed 300 people.

Unionville - Does not require pull stations as occupancy load is not to exceed 300 people.

They do have the required sprinkler system in place to meet code due to the size of the facility and the fact that it is a single level facility.

CUPW: This is happening every 14 months, not annually. A meeting should be held with employees prior to the drill to ensure they understand the procedures.


CUPW: M. Duquette has not received a response from D. Herron-Thompson.

CPC: This was a one time incident. CPC asked for this not to happen again, and there have been no additional incidents.

LCA Working in AJAX

CPC: LCAs are performing LCA work. There is no cross-functioning. If this took place in the past, it has been corrected.

MMHE Training

CPC: Some training has been scheduled for next week. J. Parent to send list to K. Davidson. This will be administered by top 3 and bottom 3, as suggested by CUPW.

Unionville OT

CUPW: For a particular rover tour, the LC requires 15 minutes training. We ask that you take some LCs off of the floor and train them so that more people have opportunities for OT. The same 3 LCs are receiving OT.

CPC: R. Carroll to review.

Signing “Sign-In” Sheets

CUPW: There is a 7 week campaign for H&S and meetings will be held. LR has been involved stating that you can refuse to sign.

CPC: There is no requirement to sign the sign-in sheet. CPC can add the name of the employee who attended to the list, indicating that they refused to sign.

17.04 Bulletin

CPC: J. Wineck to review with J. Mullet to ensure 17.04 is adhered to as per local discussions.

Security in Markham

CPC: S. Edwards to advise if any changes have been made.


CPC: Cannot find any current information about a P04 assigning staff.

There is another issue with an employee not having sufficient pre-retirement credits for leave when it was booked. LR will respond via email.

Normal Departure Time – Scarborough D & Scarborough 11 – 48.02

CUPW: Has CPC started to survey the LC under 48.02 for start times? Is normal departure time after you assign OT?

CPC: S. Edwards to advise. This is determined through the 1 month survey under 48.02.

Clause 33.31 and Labour Code Changes

CPC: Will respond with CPCs position.

Group 1 A/L Posting, Don Mills Absences

CPC: This issue was addressed. Should no longer be a concern.

Carriers Removing Mail from Clerk Cases

CPC: The Decision sent by M. Duquette is not precedent setting.

CUPW: M. Duquette will grieve this.

Green Envelopes

CPC: The issue seems to be coming from Gateway, not SCLPP. S. Edwards and J. Parent monitoring to see if issue arises in future.


CUPW: When there is a bid result there is also an unassigned sheet which is not getting posted. When the unassigned sheet is not getting posted, employees don’t know where and when they should be reporting.

CPC: The unassigned reporting instructions are posted as one document. P. Zimmerman will review and ensure unassigned reporting instructions are posted.


CPC: Employee’s were canvassed, but none raised an issue with having their picture taken.

Willowdale Depot 2 OT

CPC: Emergency OT is now being called at noon.

Backfilling Long Term Absences

CUPW: An email was sent to management by K. Davidson. Who is backfilling the RLCs or PT acting in FT positions, employees? Was advised that CPC will follow 17.06.

CPC: S. Edwards to review.

RPO at Eglinton and Brimley

CPC: Have not been advised of any robbery.

Customer Complaints

CPC: Employee and Superintendent discussed this incident. The APC was called on this.

CUPW: Would like to see report on this Violence in the Workplace from the CIRT. This is different under the code from employee vs. employee violence.

Regional Safety Counsel

CPC: R. Carroll requested that H&S involve Scarborough Local in the Regional Safety Committee.

Building Security

CPC: Managers will review whether or not to provide shuttle drivers with keys to all of the buildings, if not already provided.

Emergency Notification Procedures

CPC: R. Carroll has requested that the policies (Violence in the Workplace/No Harassment/Emergency protocols) be posted in all depots. Will ensure this is complied with.

Health and Safety Training

CUPW: At 280 Progress CPC is providing ergo-training to CUPW. LJOSH should be involved in this training.

A-12 – Don Mills

CUPW: We had been asked to encourage employees to use the A-62 and not the A-12.

CPC: S. Edwards to review and remove A-12 cases.

Air Quality Testing – Richmond Hill

CPC: The H&S Officer conducted an inspection, air quality results were fine. Dust was found on the sortation cases and damage was found to a concrete wall. The floor in the dock area was dirty. There were exhaust vents not cleaned; this has been addressed through BLJC and will go through LJOSH. The station was tested for asbestos a couple of years ago.

C&D New Business

13.26 Group 1 Annual Bid

CUPW: There should be a September monthly bid. A 13.26 bid will have to be conducted after that and consultation will have to be set up to discuss this. This does include retail, but it is the Part-Time employees, not the Full-time wicket clerks. Last year, if someone was unassigned, we let them bid on positions within the facility.

CPC: The next bid will be implemented October 18, 2010. After that, we would have 1 month to look at positions and incumbents. The posting will be up this week for the September bid.

17.06 Staffing

CUPW: Advised by S. Edwards that CPC will be staffing as per 17.06. A letter was submitted to R. Carroll. Will CPC be changing this practice?

CPC: R. Carroll and S. Edwards to review and respond.


CUPW: An investigation was conducted by outside Counsel, and action must be taken.

CPC: We have followed up on this. An issue was also raised with regard to start times and we will look at adjusting these in the future. J. Parent will send information to M. Duquette.

Bypass to Oshawa

CUPW: An employee was bypassed for a transfer to Oshawa because he was inactive at the time in SAP.

CPC: LR to R&R.

Other Issues – Round Table

Scarborough D – Extra Hours

CUPW: Extra hours were offered to two employees on September 7 at Scarborough Station D. How did this happen? K. Grey & B. Edwards – 331Walk and why were there only 3 people on 310 Walk?

On September 14 A. Eastman went to Scarborough D to obtain call back. She made her selection, someone came walking in at 8:20 and was given opportunity to sign list and obtained call back for the assignment that Eastman took.

CPC: R. Carroll to review and respond.

Manulife – Scarborough D

CUPW: How long is an employee off before Manulife becomes involved? An employee was off for 3 days and was contacted on day 4 by Manulife. This was a employee C. Calder out of Scarborough D.

CPC: A case is open with Manulife after 3 days, and employees are not approached by Manulife until after 5 days.

Force Back OT – Scarborough D

CUPW: An employee has daily medical requirements and is being harassed daily because he is refusing overtime.

CPC: S. Edwards will review and respond.

Scarborough Depot 11 – Registration

CUPW: There is a clerk going on annual leave for 4 weeks. Who will be covering this absence?

CPC: J. Parent will review.

Scarborough Depot 11 - Early Starts/Departures

CUPW: Employees are still starting early and departing early.

CPC: Progressive discipline will be applied.

Scarborough 11 - Blanket OT

CPC: Blanket OT may be offered on Friday to set up cases. There is no approval for this yet.

Scarborough 11 - Driving Tours

CUPW: Not all employees are being trained for driving tours.

CPC: J. Parent to review and respond.

Scarborough 11 - Key Pad

CUPW: Is the key pad supposed to be turned off at night and on weekends? There are a couple of employees who went into the station on Sunday to use the washroom.

CPC: There is a separate code that can only be used when the depot is locked.

Pay Issues

CUPW: A number of employees have not received pay from the last pay period. We have been attempting to get answers on a daily basis.

CPC: Will review with R. Carroll.


CUPW: Employee gave full authority to ML to speak with doctor and ML case worker has refused to call the doctor and have a discussion with the doctor. This employee has been designated as non-compliant. This employee is C. Johnston.

CPC: LR to review.

Scarborough D – Mail not Delivered

CUPW: A phone call was made to Customer Service which came back to the Supervisors at Station D. The LC was spoken to because the Supervisor was advised that the LC told the customer the mail was at the station and not going out. Our concern is that the Supervisor asked the LC to lie to the customer or walk away from the customer. We suggest that customer contact cards are made available so that the customer can call the supervisor directly to discuss their concerns.

Health and Safety Committees

CUPW: We have frustration with the way the Health and Safety committees are operating. A number of complaints are being made to Labour Canada. 127.1(1) on the way the internal complaints are being handled.

An HRSDC Officer will be coming to Willowdale 2 on Thursday. We are not finding satisfaction on the processes that we should be working together on.

Identifying 3rds on Walks

CUPW: Situations of employees on rehabilitation, and OT splits (2 different 4 way splits and no 3 way splits). This has to be solved.

Union Business

CPC: Please remember and adhere to Article 3 when conducting union business and advise the Supervisor/Superintendent/Manager when you will be in the facility and what union business you will be conducting.