Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal (CUPW)
Held at 280 Progress on August 25, 2010
Scarborough Local Monthly RSMC Consultation

For the CorporationCPC For the Union
R. Carroll M. Duquette
S. Edwards L. Charles
J. Wineck K. Davidson
J. Parent E. Deschene
L. Aitchison G. Fillier
C. Beth
G. Tomaszewski
J. Hartanu

Stouffville, Richmond Hill – RPO Clearances

National Issue

Maple SS4 Staffing

CPC: Review and Respond

Work Hardening Plan

CPC: J. Wineck will follow up regarding compensation for this employee.

Each time the employee is sent a letter offering modified duties, she is sent home. This happened again in June. This was reviewed in grievance hearings.

Annual Inspections

CPC: This is still continuing.

Unionville Optimization

CPC: No updates since last UMM. Industrial Engineering is working with management on this. When options are narrowed down an update will be provided to employees. Training has not been finalized.

Insufficient Relief

CPC: One on-call employee was hired at West Beaver Creek. There is a new Staffing Officer in this area.

CUPW: This employee quit this morning.

Tech Change Notice – Mail Sequencing for RSMCs

CPC: No updates

Ergo Helpers

CUPW: There was an issue with Ergo Helpers wages.

CPC: Their wages have been adjusted. K. Vanderploeg was coordinating this. J. Parent to provide document showing that pay has been adjusted.

New Business


CUPW: Mini-meetings were held?

CPC: Yes.

Staffing – Ajax, Stouffville, Pickering

CPC: J. Parent will follow up for Ajax and Pickering. Stouffville staffing is ad hoc.

Pay – West Beaver Creek

CUPW: Issue Resolved.

Returning Scanner

CUPW: Will there be a drop box for scanners? Willowdale D had a drop box at the back.

CPC: S. Edwards to review with Corporate Security to understand security standards.

RSMC Edit Book

CPC: No introduction date has been decided.

Vehicle Changes

CUPW: Would employee’s who currently have vehicles be forced to purchase a new vehicle when optimized?

CPC: We have not received a response on this issue.

Other Issues

Grievance Hearings

CUPW: S. Ing has not attended grievance hearings, nor has anyone from the retail areas.

Outstanding Health and Safety Minutes

CUPW: S. Ing has not sent outstanding health and safety minutes.

Next meeting scheduled for September 14, 2010 at 10am.