Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal (CUPW)
Held at 280 Progress on August 25, 2010
Scarborough Local Monthly East Delivery Consultation

For the CorporationCPC For the Union
R. Carroll M. Duquette
S. Edwards L. Charles
J. Wineck K. Davidson
J. Parent E. Deschene
L. Aitchison G. Fillier
C. Beth
G. Tomaszewski
J. Hartanu

RMO Business

A62 Payments – B3

CPC: Grievance #602-07-02660 was sent to AccessHR this morning to be processed. Allow 2-4 weeks for payment.

Pre-50 Don Mills

CUPW: Will respond to CPC. CUPW did receive documents. The issue is that the pre-50 was put in before the employee received a card.

A meeting will be scheduled to discuss this issue outside of the monthly consultation process.


CUPW: Will wait for D. Carso to return from annual leave and then set up consultation.


CUPW: CPC was to reissue verification to employees regarding weights. This is the validation process for the LCA in weighing the UADs.

CPC: J. Parent will follow up to ensure this was reissued to employees.

Will have RMOs respond to this issue to ensure validation is happening.

Restructure of Don Mills/Toronto ‘O’/Toronto ‘R’

CUPW: Received a letter stating that the move has been put off until January. The Corporation has not completed a restructure in less than 6 months in the past.

CPC: LR will review and respond to M. Duquette’s letter of August 4, 2010, in which issues were raised to the Corporation.

West Hill RPO – Header Boards - Closed

CPC: The header boards are updated.

Start Times – Scarborough D

CPC: The start times have been corrected at Scarborough D.

CPC will provide the information regarding start times to CUPW to ensure CUPW agrees that the start times are now correct.

Ajax Header Boards

CUPW: We have lost an RPO in Ajax and the header boards need to be updated in Ajax to reflect this.

C. Beth will discuss this with the Superintendent.

Scarborough Depot 11 Restructure

CUPW: We hear that the employees off on long term leave will be backfilled by temporary employees, who will be covering these routes?

CPC: These routes will be posted for bid and RLCs can bid on these assignments.

We are looking for opportunities for the unassigned LCs to act. When the bid is complete, we will review the staffing and determine if employees need to be placed. The bid is close to being completed. Information must be in by Monday, August 30, 2010 except for the RLCs.

C&D Unfinished Business

4 Hour Health and Safety Module (DD)

CPC: The LDI is looking at using the YDC facility for the training and will schedule in those who still require training.

LJOSH Committee Training

CUPW: There are still more employees required to take this training.

CPC: There is only 1 or 2 more training sessions left for this year. Those who are scheduled must attend the training.

CUPW: Will provide list of names to S. Edwards by August 31, 2010.

Unionville OT Lists

CPC: R. Bell will be contacting M. Duquette to review OT lists.

Bar Charts

CUPW: Some employees were being chosen by the employer for training and CUPW’s selections were not all provided with the training.

CPC: Willowdale D. Rosario will be vetting until someone else is trained in the next couple of months.

J. Gonzalves is overseeing Scarborough C for the Bar Charts.

There is currently no one for Don Mills.

CUPW: This information is required to be provided to M. Duqeutte by September 15, 2010.

We have recommended J. Buttee for Don Mills.

CPC: All Mangers to review. A. Azzopardi will ensure all involved are trained.

We have sent the message to all involved advising we want this vetted daily. There may be a 1 day lag, but this should be done daily. It is expected that CUPW will raise any issues to CPC and address any issues as required.

5 Day Delivery Span for HH

CPC: We have not received a response, but in the mean time will continue with current state. Effective October, we are planning on dedicating an APOC resource to this to review.

Temps Working/Not Working – Stouffville

CPC: PCR had a temp list for Stouffville. Have been advised by LR to leave the resources in Stouffville.

CUPW: M. Duquette just received a retail list. The employee in question was moved from the C&D list to the Retail List. There was no transfer in the system.

CPC: This employee requested a transfer approximately 3 years ago.

CUPW: 3 Years ago, there was no one on the retail list. At that time M. Duquette was approached to agree to place this employee in Retail.

M. Duquette to review with LR.

Time Limits

CUPW: There have been two grievances argued recently where CPC has alleged that CUPW is aware of issues when they have been discussed at consultation. We are arguing that if the issue is on the minutes or if the minutes are out of time, then we will grieve all agenda items.

Staffing – Insufficient Relief

CUPW: In May 2010 M. Duquette received letters of positions being deleted. Consultation has not been held and the rotation of duties will also have to be reviewed.

CPC: We require specific information.

CUPW: G. Deveau must be copied on all of these staffing letters.

These letters pertain to 2 Positions in Willowdale and 1 position in Thornhill. One of these positions has been vacant since August 2009. Why is this position not posted to be filled?

M. Duquette will send these letters to J. Parent.

CPC: We will set up dates in the future to discuss. We will verify if the vacant positions have been approved for staffing.

CUPW: We have the current Group 1 Staffing bid sheets and there are no positions currently available. There are currently some employees who have not been placed into the bid. Will you be putting these employees back through Article 54 or declaring an Article 53?

This should be a 13.06 bid in the fall.

CPC: We will review with PCR and will ensure PCR is in attendance at future meetings.

CUPW: M. Duquette received letters regarding staffing of LCA clerks. We are concerned with PT to FT clerk at Unionville - will CPC have a position number to pay this employee? We suggest that you leave the PT position in place until FT position has been approved. Then move and delete.

CPC: Will review to ensure employee receives pay.

6.05 Notice – Don Mills/Toronto ‘O’/Toronto ‘R’

CUPW: There has been a new 6.05 notice sent within the last week, changing the effective date. This is ongoing and consultation is taking place.

Restructure Don Mills/Toronto ‘O’/Toronto ‘R’

CUPW: Sent letter outlining concerns. We did receive a new letter from CPC after letter was sent by M. Duquette on August 4, 2010. A major issue is the amount of parking available. You can’t take away parking spots when sequencing comes to the depot.

Willowdale D3 RLCs

CUPW: CPC is assigning an employee who is relief for those on annual leave. This relief is performing the job of your second LCA.

CPC: Has this been brought to the Supervisors within the station?

CUPW: We advised this needs to be balanced, but the station left the employee covering the vacant position. This RLC should be covering annual leave absences, not vacant positions.

This issue has been raised since March. This may also be a concern in the Markham station.

CPC: J. Wineck and S. Edwards to review.

Reduction in Bar Chart Relief

CUPW: How is this coming along? This is supposed to be done through attrition.

CPC: We require an update from PCR. We will have then available next meeting to speak to this.

Edit Book

CUPW: We previously raised some issues with relief and with stations not performing the Edit Books updates weekly.

CPC: If the relief is on the route for 3 weeks, they are supposed to be conducting updates. Updates should be done on a weekly basis.

Random audits may be conducted. R. Carroll will follow up with stations to ensure completion of Edit Book updates.

CUPW: Are you producing an 075 on a more regular basis now, because of Edit Book? CUPW are receiving these quarterly and are unaware if we should be receiving these more often. Only new 075s are kept, the old 075s are not available to compare time values. Some stations, but not all are posting the 075s.

CPC: R. Carroll will follow up on this issue. The problem may be AIM tied in to Edit Book.

West Hill Over-Assessments

CUPW: Edit Book is not capturing the over-assessments.

CPC: S. Edwards to provide dates for meeting to discuss this issue.

Richmond Hill

CPC: We had two employees assigned from 2-10 but were actually working 12-8. When the proper schedule was put in place, it allowed time for the parcels to be processed.

CUPW: This still does not resolve the problem, because the LCs are still being held back. You still need to look at the start times for LCs at this station. We are told this happens 3-4 times per week. If this happens on a regular basis, the start times have to be adjusted.

CPC: We have been advised this happens 1-2 times per week.

CUPW: We propose a 1 month test under 48.02.

CPC: This still will not correct the issue with the parcels.

CUPW: We would like CPC to keep a record of how many times this truck comes in late until the next monthly consultation. We can revisit this, with CPC’s records at the next meeting.

CPC: We will keep records on this and bring back to the next monthly consultation. J. Wineck to review.

Ajax – Cross Functioning for OT

CUPW: This is the issue where they have an E/O list for LCs to perform Group 1 OT.

CPC: We require additional time to review this matter.

Fire Alarm Testing

CPC: This will be conducted. There is a deadline for us to complete this.

CUPW: The extinguishers will be checked in the future. A fire drill was conducted, but not alarm testing.

CPC: Managers will follow up and provide information on extinguishers, fire drills and fire alarm testing.


CPC: D. Herron-Thompson to contact M. Duquette. R. Carroll to follow up.

Canada Post communications followed up with the media to address mis-communications.

LCA Working in AJAX

CPC: Tied to “Ajax – Cross Functioning for OT”. We require additional time to review this matter.

CUPW: Issues were also raised surrounding house keeping and health and safety issues.

MMHE Training

CPC: We can look at training some RLCs from the top and the bottom of the seniority list.

CUPW: We agree with this approach.

CPC: We will follow up with the LDI to review training records. When this list is obtained, CPC will determine where the training needs are and training will be scheduled. We will not commit to training all employees, but will look at station requirements.

CUPW: M. Duquette will send his list of those trained on MMHE.

When training, the most senior employees will be canvassed, but most junior will be forced for training, if required.

CPC: The MOA was to be posted and mini-meetings were to be held. We are aware of some mini-meetings. No issues have been raised to management’s attention.

CUPW: Apartments are not receiving these catalogues, only residential areas. There is a large education process that needs to be done with the Ikea catalogues. Some employees were overwhelmed, but for the most part feedback has been positive.

Don Mills did not have a mini-meeting. We will be passing this information on to National CUPW.

CPC: S. Edwards to follow up about Don Mills.

CUPW: There is a grievance in the system regarding employees being forced to sign the sign-in sheets. We recommend that LR issue guidelines to inform Team Leaders that employees cannot be forced to sign the sheets.

CPC: This information was provided to J. Mullet. We will endeavour to correct any issues in stations where this was an issue.

CUPW: Group 1 employees were not provided with a bid form. This was reviewed for the period of time in question. This was dealt with during grievance hearings this morning.

Issue surrounding distribution of consultation minutes to LJOSH has been resolved. The minutes are posted where applicable.

CPC: We have had discussions with employees. S&I has also conducted an audit and a number of changes will be made.

CUPW: There was an issue with early starts and another issue with human rights. The early start issue should be resolved.

We have been advised that a P04 is assigning staffing. Employees have an objection with being staffed by a P04 and feel this should be a Supervisor assigning the staffing. This is causing confrontations between employees and was raised to the supervisor.

CPC: J. Wineck will review.

Issue regarding AWOL and Record of Employment has been resolved through grievance hearings.

There is another issue with an employee not having sufficient pre-retirement credits for leave when it was booked. LR will review and respond.

C&D New Business

CUPW: Under 48.02 CPC is supposed to conduct a 1 month survey. The survey will have to be started in September, due to restructure.

CUPW: Under 48.02 CPC is supposed to conduct a 1 month survey. This should be started near the end of October.

CUPW: A grievance was filed under the 2003 collective agreement regarding the distribution of violence in the workplace statistics to CPC. Based on the arbitration decision, this allows CUPW to file a new grievance. The code has now been amended and states that violence in the workplace statistics must be provided to the health and safety committee. CPC’s policies should also be updated to reflect this. Any changes to legislation become part of the collective agreement. This has also been raised for the last two months at the LJOSH.

This information is being distributed to the regional office and not the local.

CPC: Will R&R. This was a privacy issue.

CUPW: We have been advised that long term absences will not be posted for bidding. This is not in compliance with our agreements from the annual leave consultation.

CPC: If there is a possibility that an employee is returning, we would not necessarily post the blocks. If it is known that the employee will not be returning, the block will be posted.

If medical is provided with a return to work date, this must be supported by Manulife, in order for CPC to make the determination if annual leave blocks should be posted. All cases will be treated on an individual basis.

CUPW: Will forward a copy of the regular arbitration decision regarding this issue. Carriers are not allowed to remove mail from the clerk’s cases under any circumstances. The only place a LC can take the mail is from the tub. A LC does not have a time value to take mail from the clerk’s case. The award stated information to this effect must be posted.

Please consider this as notice that this award must be adhered to; otherwise, we will argue this locally.

CUPW: Would like to show video of modern post to all clerks at all stations.

CUPW: At YDC there has been a change in process for culling mail out of bags/envelopes. Now, everything has been shipped to SCLPP. As a result, the green envelopes are returning 3 or 4 days late.

CUPW: An employee was instructed when he came to work at 00:00 Sunday night and that he should have reported at 06:00 on Monday. He was unassigned in the last bid. When PCR puts out the bid results, it shows the position that is bid on and the movement. The second page with the unassigned employees does not always capture the bid results. This may cause confusion as employees may not understand their reporting expectations.

CUPW: Why did employees at 280 Progress have their pictures taken?

CPC: We put out an offer. Anyone who wanted to object to their picture being taken, could have. We can canvass for objections and take another picture.

CUPW: Clerks on #1 shift at Scarborough 11 complain that there are not enough clerks and only have a couple able bodied employees to do the heavy work.

CUPW: What will happen with flyers at Scarborough 11 before September 20, 2010 new walks come into place.

CPC: There is usually a system put into place for this. Usually, flyers are compressed. J. Parent will review this with the depot.

CUPW: Can we obtain a floor plan for Scarborough 11?

CPC: Raise this to T.C. This should have been discussed at the last health and safety meeting.

CUPW: There is a LC who is being held accountable for not securing a CMB, but the CMB had been vandalized. What is the procedure for something that has been vandalized?

CPC: We receive a report. If we are made aware during the off hours, there are on-call people who will address these issues.

CUPW: There is an agreement with the Scarborough Local that emergency OT starts at noon.

CPC: At Willodale 2, the past practice has been for OT to be called at 09:30 hours. There may be situations where we need to call OT earlier.

LR to review and respond regarding previous agreement for calling OT.

CUPW: An email was sent to management. Who is backfilling the RLCs or PT acting in FT positions, employees?

CPC: Will have to review this.

CUPW: There was an RPO that was robbed. Is there any update?

CPC: Unaware of this.

CUPW: Employee being verbally abused by customer and the customer called the APC and threatened to kill the employee. This employee’s supervisor contacted her on her personal cell phone to advise her. What is CPC’s process for dealing with this?

CPC: This would be dealt with through the internal critical incident response process. J. Parent will review this specific incident.

CPC: G. Sharma will contact LR and will advise CUPW of this Counsel. A meeting will be set up.

CUPW: Drivers are having difficulty accessing buildings. Drivers should have keys to get in and out of all buildings.

CUPW: CPC must post all emergency notification procedures in the workplace, including the violence in the workplace and harassment policy.

CUPW: CUPW was not involved in the recent Health and Safety training.

CPC: Will follow up with health and safety.

CUPW: People need to be advised to stop using A12.

CPC: S. Edwards to review.

Air Quality Testing – Richmond Hill

CPC: J. Wineck will follow up to determine when air quality testing will take place.