Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held at 280 Progress on August 3, 2010
Re: Staffing

S. Edwards M. Duquette
K. Nicholson L. Charles
J. Dimeo C. Beth
D. Gayle K. Davidson
L. Aitchison

CUPW: Did not receive Rotation of Duties schedule. We will need to know how this staffing proposal impacts the rotation. This will trigger a lot of bidding.


CPC: No impact to Unionville’s rotation of duties as it is LCA staffing that is changing.

CUPW: There is a discrepancy in our records on the hours of the position.

CPC: Will review the hours of the position with PCR for the official start time and will ensure those are the hours worked.

The 3 FT positions on #1 shift remain the same. We will be moving the #2 shift LCA position 83089639 to #1 shift. This most junior LCA will be moved.

We will be deleting PT LCA 83132356 that is currently vacant and PT LCA 83132357 that is owned by K. Dimoulas and creating 1 FT position. PT LCA 83089639 that is currently owned by R. Dhillon will be moved to #1 shift the hours will be 00:00-08:00 Monday and 00:00-04:00 Tues-Friday.

FT position will be placed into the monthly bid.

K. Nicholson to provide position numbers to M. Duquette.

280 Progress – Group 1

CPC: Will be deleting Station C PT Position 81982400 which is currently vacant.

The FT position at Scarborough F 82046946 will be deleted. There is a FT position in Scarborough C that no one is currently assigned to. This will be left for Article 54.

We will review staffing bids to ensure data matches with CUPW.

FT Depot 4 position 81982303 will be retied to Malvern. This is to provide relief for annual leave blocks. Malvern is its own section and it does not have a position to cover FT annual leave relief for Malvern. This retie was determined based on a previous consultation on this issue.

This will result in a bid for FT within the section. The relief position for Malvern will go up in the monthly bid.

Will be deleting FT Clerk position 83143242 on the window and creating a PT position on the window. This will go up on the next monthly bid.

Scarborough C – Group 2

CPC: Reducing hour of FT LCA, position 80578150 to be deleted. Create a PT LCA position. This will be placed up for bid when approved.

S. McLaughlin – Will remain in her position 81480030 with the understanding that when she retires/exits CPC, the position will be deleted.

PT LCA dock position 83056852 to be deleted. This position is now Vacant as per the recent bid. FT LCA dock position to be created and placed up for bid when approved.

Consultation Adjourned.