CUPW and Canada Post Corporation
RE: Relocation of Don Mills and Station R July 30, 2010

Paul Zimmerman Mike Duquette
Claudette Licorish Learie Charles
Sherry Molstad Cathy Best
Sharil Edwards
Bruce Stephens
Mike Walker(conference)

Updates on the Relocation of Don Mills, Station R and Staffing of the New Don Mills

Union: Mike Duquette is covering for Gerry Deveau and Irwin Nanda


Management: We want to clarify the staffing of the new Don Mills and how we are going to move Station R into the new Don Mills location. We intend to move all the letter carriers into the new station in the same routes, along with the same route holder.

Union: We agree that there will be no bid, however the move will not happen if the station is not prepared.

Are there vacancies in R? If so, when they are bid between now and the move, please ensure that there will be something on the bid form to indicate that the position is moving into East Delivery in October, so the employees know.

Management: We agree.

Union: We strongly disagree with any suggestion that the clerks can be moved. The clerks are not covered under Article 6.05. You will have to absorb the employees in the West area, you can only move the positions, not the bodies.

Management: We took this matter as a Review and Respond. To clarify, it was not the intent to move the employees. The clerk employees in Station R will not be moved out of West Delivery Post Office. They will be absorbed into other clerk positions, or relief positions in West Delivery, unassigned so that they can bid on what is available in the West Delivery Post Office at the time of the move. New positions will be created in the East Delivery Post office for Station R, and they will be bid in the East Area, and staffed in the East area.

Union: Regarding the clerk staffing in Station R, are any of the current Station R clerks relief?

We may have to look at the relief pool to take into account the extra bodies in the new Don Mills. We may need to add a relief position.

Floor Plan

Union: We have concerns about where the registration is located.

Management: We made sure that all the registration areas, are bordered by ailes so they are open to the Letter Carrier traffic. We are also going to have the new counters that open up, so theyclerks can get in and out easily. This is an existing building, so we tried to make use of the existing structure. There is a low dock here in the inside corner, and we kept that to reduce costs as well.

Along the one side, we will have 20 loading docks.

Union: That will be a problem that these docks will be in the open, and the mail will get wet. Who is going to shovel the snow?

Management: We know that is an issue, and we have already spoken to BLJC.

Union: Are the carriers going to use tops to the lettertainers and tubs? They might as well be loading in the parking lot with binnies. Are you taking into account the sequencing changes that are pending?

We understand that the sequencing will result in 100% motorization, so if you don’t take that into account right now, then you will have to revamp the entire layout of the facility to accommodate those changes when they happen. There won’t be enough parking.

Management: We bought a site with an existing building. So this is not necessarily the most ideal building but we have tried to adjust to the current state, and our needs. We know that the parking is going to be tight, but we think it will work.

Union: We are saying that you should be planning ahead. There is an agreement that you have to provide parking for the employees as well.

Management: I understand your concern, and I share that concern. Some of the landscaping was the city that forced us to change our original plan and include these trees and landscaping areas which was parking space on our original layout.

Union: Incoming mail from the RPO’s, where is that going to come in? When the parcel hub loops come over, where is that mail going to be staged?

Management: There will be some staging available on the dock, and there is a parcel area reserved for that reason. Leave that issue with us, and we will review your concerns. That is definitely a consideration for us.

Union: That volume will be coming into this facility, and that is a lot of routes, and mail. You will have an issue with them unloading, trying to get those vehicles unloaded, without damaging the mail, without the canapy, in that area. You will have a line up to unload.

The other concern that we had, we have retail here and there is a canopy there. There will be a lot of vehicles backing in and out of here at the same time as the customers are trying to access the Retail outlet. When I met with the Retail yesterday, they were still unclear. You will have a problem with the employees parking in retail because there isn’t enough parking for them.

Management: We will review the issues that you’ve raised. Thank you.