Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Scarborough Local – CUPW Monthly Consultation
Held at 280 Progress on July 29, 2010

Randy Carroll M. Duquette
D. Carso L. Charles
Gwen Kenyon Glenn Fillier
S. Edwards George X
Jan Mullett C. Beth
Warren Lee G. Pratt
J. Hartanu
Angelo Collaco

RMO Issues:

Sort for Pickering

It will not going to happen.

An outstanding issue out of Pickering where an employee was claiming he performed 3 or 4 trips a day.

CPC: LC is only doing 2 trips a day. CPC will follow up to confirm whether employee adhere to his work schedule or not.

280 Progress Parking Values

Matter is closed.

Willowdale Depot 3 – Walk #35

CPC: Implementation of payment date is August 9, 2010. It changed by 7.5 minutes higher from 83.91 to 91.41.

Matter is therefore closed.

A62 Payments

CUPW has provided a grievance statement and LR to follow up.

Pre-50 Don Mills

CUPW: an Article 50 request was submitted prior to any issues surround the usage of a cart. These documents are required to resolve a grievance.

The Union will respond to the Corporation


CPC: It is ready but the people involved are on A/L. D. Carso to coordinate.

Depot 11 Single Pull

CPC: Our National process and procedures are being followed.


CPC: will reissue instructions to everyone regarding verification of weights

280 Dock Operation

Status quo

CUPW: Supervisors performing CUPW work.

CPC: We started a new process and initially this was a training issue. The perception may have been that the Superivsor was doing the work, but it was all a part of training. We will commit not to perform work reserved for CUPW bargaining unit employees.

S. Edwards and L. Waine will be contacting you to consult in the future on any movement of staffing. Information will be provided when available.

Restructure Don Mills/O/R/YDC

Issue Closed.

West Hill RPO

S. Edwards to investigate if header board changed.

Union is requesting the consultation minutes from Scarb D and Depot 11 that were held on June 9, 2010.

LR will follow up and provide.

CUPW: There were some issues with the start time. Some employees were disciplined because of the discrepancies of the start time in SAP and the header board. This discrepancy also caused improper over time pay.

CPC will follow up.

C&D Unfinished Business

4 Hour Appendix DD Training

CPC: Training is working on this. LJOSH is going on as we speak. Mgt will provide updates.

Staffing Letters

Matter is closed

LJOSH Committee Training

Union is suggesting to increase training resources and wants a list of names who has been trained or not.


The union has received the Unionville o/t list but it is not updated. For example employee who transferred in was not on the list.

Mike Duquette will work with S. Edwards to resolve this.

Next consultation is on August 3, 2010 at 11 am.

Bar Charts

CUPW: Mgt send employee Hodiwal for training. But employee was not the Union’s choice. The Union’s choice for the training was not being trained. They are Jessica Buddy of Don Mills and Gord Hunsen of Pickering.

The union also has concerns that once the information has been vetted, there was no feedback immediately because there may be questions during data inputting were not answered.

Mgt expects inputting is done on a daily basis.

Union is of the view that there is lack of supervisors doing inputting.

Mgt will follow up.

Mgt agreed that people will be credited to update the system.

Union raised concerns that Willowdale D and Station C have not been vetting.

.5 Day Delivery Span Householders

CPC: will follow up.

Lunch Room Availability

Matter is closed

280 Progress Overtime Lists

CPC: has already sent the list to Ken

Temp Working in Stouffville

CUPW: there is not temp list for Retail. However, temps were used from the C&D list.

Some people were not proper offer work and are sitting at home.

CPC: LR will provide position.

Staffing – Insufficient Relief

CUPW: names of some temps were removed from the temp list and subsequent assignment is offer, some senior temp missed the opportunity.

CPC: will follow up.

6.05 Notice

Matter will be discussed at consultation

Restructure of Don Mills/Toronto O and R

Matter will discuss at consultation

Willowdale D3 RLC’s

Improper assignment of RLC to LCA work

Reduction in Bartchart Relief

CPC will follow up.

Edit Book

CUPW: Some employees have been trained. The Union also stated that according to the trainer, RLC only perform updates if they are on that assignment over a 4 weeks period.

CPC: Mgt will reissue message and/or notice to employee to fill out the forms and that supervisor will do the data entry. Mgt expects everyone to update whenever changes occurred on a weekly basis. Mgt will follow up with union’s concerns.

Depot 11 Resources

Matter is closed

Over-assessments in West Hill

Status quo

Richmond Hill

CPC: J. Wineck will investigate.


CUPW: Carriers are being given overtime opportunities to perform Group 1 work, sorting mail into the cases.

CPC: will review and respond.

Annual Leave

Matter is closed

Fire Alarm Testing

CUPW: When was the last time the fire alarms were tested?

CPC: 280 Progress was done yesterday. Managers will follow up in their respective areas to ensure all testing are done.


CUPW: There was an advertisement on CityTV news the other day and they had pictures of Police Officers in cars with Postal Uniforms being worn. This was also on another news station. This was previewed on Monday or Tuesday.

This perception of Police and Postal workers is very unsafe and came up a couple of years ago. This should be raised and dealt with.

CPC: There is a lot of planning going on in the Central Delivery area with regards to protocol.

We will follow up

Grievance Hearings

Matter is closed.

LCA Work in Ajax

CUPW: Clerks and performing LCA work in Ajax, specifically moving monos. LCA was not housekeeping causing a Health and Safety issue.

CPC: will follow up

MMHE Training

LCA was trained a week ago.

Union will submit names to be trained.

C & D New Business

WSIB Form 7 completions

Union raised concerns that members were not allowed to file IOD reports. Some members received threats of discipline if it is reported. Some supervisors indicated at the outset of filing of the report that the claim will be challenged. It is not the supervisor or superintendent to determine benefits for the claim. It is the Board that will determine the claim.

In some cases there were no SAIR during Health and Safety meeting. There was no SAIR for an emergency situation where an ambulance was used at 55 Tempo.

Management fill incorrect information on Form 7.

Some Station supervisor challenges members’ claim.

Some members don’t even get Form 7.

Management will provide shop steward for investigations. Management will first check in house to see steward availabilities. If no steward is available, management will contact Local Union. CPC will also consider to call H&S committee member off his/her tour for accident investigations.

Management advised that there is a significant increase of accident reports and reduction of lost times.

Other Issues-round table

Complaints from Ajax include TN bid was not properly done. Group 1 employees were not given the bid form.

LJOSH members were not allowed to have copies of the consultation minutes.

The back door of the Retail outlet in Markham poses security issue. The back door is always left opened. There is no lock on.

CPC will follow up.

Union wants clarification of Article 17.04 and 15.14 process.

Management will issue the agreed process from November 2009.

Issue from Stouffville was that management denied an employee’s request of A/L to cover an absence.

Scarborough Local Union would like to know whether Scarborough should be involved; receive reports of incidents from Toronto GTA when Geeta sends a report to Toronto GTA Local Union for an incident from Scarborough.

Union is seeking clarification for delivery of “Do Not Safe Drop/Safe Drop” items when the item fits the mail slot box at CMB site.

Some supervisors have been instructing employee that even the mail slot fits the item and the item indicates “Do Not Safe Drop” the item is not be put in the mail slot. The employee must attempt at the door step and if no reply, then carded it.

CPC: As for ID required service products, it is automatically carded.

Willowdale, Tempo and Depot 11 still experience early start.

Some supervisor at Willowdale was not doing supervisory duties. An employee (po4 f/t) was doing the supervisor’s job which caused some Human Rights issues when names and inappropriate language was used.

Willowdale Depot 2, an employee was off work the last 6 months on sick without pay. Record of Employment was released. However, it was not sent to the employee. This employee received AWOL letters from CPC.

Union: Issue with Willowdale D where an employee was scheduled on A/L. Employee showed up at work and should have been sent home.

CPC: will follow up.

CPC: Employee was scheduled for Pre-retirement but did not have sufficient credits to take the leave.

Union: Employees currently placed under Article 54 are having pay issues.

CPC: to follow up.


See National MOA for details.

Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Scarborough Local - RSMC Monthly Consultation
Held at 280 Progress on July 29, 2010

Unfinished Business

Stouffville/Richmond Hill RPO Clearances

National Issue

SS4 Staffing at Maple

CPC: Review and respond.

Work Hardening Plans

CUPW: An employee who has been off for an extended period of time has been told to return to work and that there are modified duties available. When she returns, in response to the letter sent to her, CPC sends the employee home as there is no work.

CPC: She is off the job. CPC will follow up and respond.


CPC: implementation date is November 15, 2010.

CUPW: where are all those addition RSMC routes going to be and who will provide training to some 65 employees if routes are 50% changed.

Annual Inspection

CPC: This is ongoing. Almost up to date.

Maple Base Board Heaters


Unionville Optimization

CPC: At the end of May S. Edwards and S&IS met with all employee to discuss expectations regarding security of the mail.

Insufficient Relief

CPC: No additional information at this time. Management will follow up on this issue.

Tech Change Notice for RSMCs-Mail Sequencing for RSMCs

CPC: more news will be coming

Ergo Helpers

CUPW: Are there any Ergo Helpers in Ajax or Pickering? If there are, have they been provided an increase, as per the increase in minimum wage? What will the employees get their increases?

CPC: Management to review.

New Business


See National MOA for details

Staffing, Ajax, stouffville, Pickering

The on call hires in these areas were doing 3 routes.

CPC will follow up.

Pay-West Beaver Creek

Union: the same people have not getting pay for 3 consecutive pay periods. Union is asking that these employees be paid within 48 hrs. Barbara White 7044344 will require an audit to go back to November 2009.

Other Issues-round table

Union: what is the process in place when an RSMC returning scanner to the station after it is closed? Employee should be compensated for the time driving around

CPC: if the PDT battery dies, the information is still saved. CPC will follow up.

Union: employee did not receive sufficient time for route changes.

When is Edit Book going to RSMC and will they are paid for training

CPC: to follow up.

CUPW: What’s going on with the new requirements on equipment for newly hired RSMC and also how will these new requirements apply to current employees when their contract is up for renewal?

Next meeting: August 12, 2010.

Consultation Adjourned.