CUPW and Canada Post Corporation
RE: Relocation of Don Mills and Station R July 9, 2010

Paul Zimmerman Irwin Nanda
Claudette Licorish Mike Duquette
Sherry Molstad Learie Charles
Kelly Vanderploeg Glen Fillion
Sharil Edwards

Updates on the Relocation of Don Mills, Station R and the Closure of Retail R

Management: Gerry Deveau was invited, is he not attending?

Union: Mike Duquette is acting on behalf of Gerry.

Management: Jane Marsh asked Steve White to attend today on her behalf and he is absent.

There are a lot of stakeholders in this project for the Movement of Don Mills and Station R. Working with the Service Charter is new to us, and we want to ensure that the communications that have been shared with you are clear. One of the Information Book Notices will be pulled from the Information Books. The one dated July 2, will be pulled and replaced with a copy of the posters. This notice was not shared with the proper channels prior to posting. Management apologizes for the mistake.

Union: We’re fine with that.

Management: We want to address a concern that was raised by Jane Marsh at the Local Delivery West Consultation on June 7, 2010. She specifically requested this consultation to discuss Article 53, because she felt that it should be invoked for the Station R move.

Union: We agree that there will be an article 53.

Management: There is no need to invoke article 53, because we are only moving Letter carriers. It was not invoked when Station O was moved into Don Mills from Toronto and this is exactly the same type of move.

Union: What about the final sort clerks and the Retail Clerks for Station R?

Management: We will get a list of positions from PC&R, and confirm with you at the next consultation the number of clerks that will be affected by the move and what will be done with their positions.