Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Scarborough Local – CUPW Monthly Consultation
Held at 280 Progress on June 10, 2010

J. Wineck M. Duquette
D. Carso L. Charles
R. Saunders K. Davidson
C. Samonte E. Deschene
L. Aitchison C. Beth
G. Pratt
J. Har

Review of May 13, 2010 Minutes:

RMO Issues:

Sort for Pickering

Meeting scheduled for June 22, 2010.

280 Progress Parking Values

CPC: Update sent out on May 17, 2010 for implementation on the 31st. The 075 was sent to the station.

Willowdale Depot 3 – Walk #35

Meeting scheduled for June 24, 2010.

A62 Payments

CUPW: L. Charles will provide a grievance number to R. Saunders to check status of payment.

Pre-50 Don Mills

CPC: Will provide original copy to M. Duquette and L. Waine as well as the response from Route Measurement.

CUPW: Article 50 request was submitted prior to any issues surround the usage of a cart. These documents are required to resolve a grievance.


A date and time to consult will be set up with D. Daniels. D. Carso to coordinate.

Depot 11 Single Pull

CPC: Our National process and procedures are being followed.


CPC: R. Carroll to address this issue at next monthly consultation.

280 Dock Operation

CUPW: Supervisors performing CUPW work.

CPC: We started a new process and initially this was a training issue. The perception may have been that the Superivsor was doing the work, but it was all a part of training. We will commit not to perform work reserved for CUPW bargaining unit employees.

S. Edwards and L. Waine will be contacting you to consult in the future on any movement of staffing. Information will be provided when available.

Restructure Don Mills/O/R/YDC

Issue Closed.

West Hill RPO

S. Edwards to investigate if header board changed.

4 Hour Appendix DD Training

CPC: Training is working on this, but no update has been provided. LJOSH is going on as we speak.

Staffing Letters

CUPW: Information sent to C. Licorish a month ago. No response received locally or nationally. If no response continues, grievances will be filed.

Unionville Overtime Lists

CUPW: Was supposed to be sent copies for the past 2 months. We still have not received them.

We agreed to hand out the list at the complaint stage. This agreement was made with S. Edwards.

The issues with the old lists are in the grievance procedure. The issue now is that I have received no copy of a new updated list to ensure this issue has been corrected.

CPC: S. Edwards to review and provide current lists. Old lists were provided at a past consultation.


CUPW: MOAs were signed on Tuesday (June 8, 2010) and sent back to CPC.

CPC: MOAs must now be sent to AccessHR. J. Wineck will contact S. Petronis to ensure MOAs are being processed in a timely manner.

CUPW: There was supposed to be review of deletion of relief positions. We require an answer, if positions are being deleted grievance need to be filed.

CPC: S. Edwards spoke with R. Carroll and positions will not be deleted, but we will be consulting on this separately with all staffing issues. Any proposals will be sent in advance.

Bar Charts

CPC: M. Duquette is now on distribution list for Willowdale B and Markham. Training has been set up.

WSIB Mastery List

Issue Closed.

HRSDC Report

Issue Closed

5 Day Delivery Span Householders

CPC: Corporate Communications working with S. Edwards, ongoing.


Issue Closed.

Abloy Keys

CPC: Header boards have been updated.

CUPW: We will provide a detailed book regarding this issue from WBC to S. Edwards.

Footwear – Ajax

CUPW: It was told to employees in a meeting that specific footwear was mandatory.

CPC: It is not mandatory; it is only recommended footwear for the reasons stated in the document. The letter does not state that it is mandatory. This was shared with employees to raise awareness of health and safety when choosing footwear.

LJOSH – Ajax

Issue Closed.

Meals/Rest Periods – Don Mills

CPC: A number of concerns have been brought to CPCs attention recently. All issues will be addressed and the collective agreement will be followed.

Late Starts versus Early Starts

Issue Closed.

Lunch Room Availability

CPC: This issue was resolved on the same day it was raised.

280 Progress Overtime Lists

CPC: S. Edwards to provide to M. Duquette.

Temp Working in Stouffville

CUPW: All temps have been benched. This is a retail position, but they are using a temp off of the C&D list. A new temp list has allegedly been created for “Stouffville”. She is being used in the back to sort mail.

CPC: S. Edwards to follow up with R. Carroll and J. Parent.

Agenda Items

Issue Closed.

Staffing – Insufficient Relief

CUPW: Where you have more leave and not enough relief, are you staffing? Will need to see current and proposed package before consultation takes place.

CPC: We will be looking at re-tying/re-classifying relief positions.

Richmond Hill Monthly Bid not Posted - Closed

6.05 Updates

CUPW: Status quo for now.

Union Officers not Available – June 14-18, 2010

CUPW are still out of the office next week. Extensions may apply.

RLC Downward Adjustments

CPC: There are still 6 employees in RLC S&O to be deleted from Willowdale Depot 3 (2), Ajax (1), Richmond Hill (1), West Hill (2). Will send out today the updated list of vacancies in Metro East to the Local, the managers and Directors as part of the preparation to place employees who will lose their walks in Scarborough “D” for June and Depot 11 in September. Included in the vacancies are future retirements at the end of June and in July.

CUPW: We are running 8 above establishment.

CPC: Will send email with possible vacancies that we can delete. There are potentially 7 future vacancies coming up.

New Issues:

Edit Book

CUPW: The Edit Book is not being updated in Malvern and Depot 11. Supervisors are not able to make updates and new pages are not being updated in the Edit Book.

CPC: We are currently installing new printers in the facility. Lexmark, the printer company receives information from the printer when toner is required. Signals have been sent but cartridges are on back order. At this time we cannot use old printing equipment, but we will follow up on this.

S. Edwards and R. Saunders to investigate.

Depot 11 Restructure

CUPW: R. Ryan should be downstairs working with the RMOs on changes. He has local knowledge.

CPC: Under the impression this was already happening. Will ensure a local knowledge person is available.

Over-assessments in West Hill

CUPW: Over-assessments have stopped and employees are not being paid.

CUPW will provide specific details.

TN Leave

CUPW: Employee had TN Leave and in the past 2 rounds has asked to change the dates booked.

CPC: There is a rule around booking, but every request is looked at on a case by case basis.

Richmond Hill

CUPW: Clerks leave at 08:00 hours and a truck comes in at 08:50 hours and this mail is given to the LCA to sort. You are giving the carriers overtime to do this work. This truck comes in at this time 4 days a week. This could be a structuring issue.

There is a notice posted stating clerks will be working until 09:00 hours.

CPC: J. Wineck will investigate.


CUPW: Carriers are being given overtime opportunities to perform Group 1 work, sorting mail into the cases.

This hasn’t taken place this week. You will need to review the two previous weeks.

CPC: R. Saunders to review and respond.

Annual Leave

CUPW: There is an agreement of how annual leave is supposed to be posted. It should be included in these minutes.

Employees should be told that process should be followed and employee should also be allowed to bid into vacant annual leave blocks. This will eliminate any carry over issues.

CPC: Sharil to provide rules to include in minutes.

Fire Alarm Testing

CUPW: When was the last time the fire alarms were tested?

CPC: Richmond Hill was done last week, and Willowdale B has had theirs as well.

Managers to follow up in their respective areas.


CUPW: There was an advertisement on CityTV news the other day and they had pictures of Police Officers in cars with Postal Uniforms being worn. This was also on another news station. This was previewed on Monday or Tuesday.

This perception of Police and Postal workers is very unsafe and came up a couple of years ago. This should be raised and dealt with.

CPC: There is a lot of planning going on in the Central Delivery area with regards to protocol.

We will review the issue of security with communications.

Moya Greene Replacement

CUPW: Who will be replacing Moya?

CPC: Undetermined.

Grievance Hearings

CUPW: Hearings were previously set for Thursdays. Now it can be on any given day and it is hard to prepare and organize.

CPC: R. Carroll to review and respond.

Ajax/Pickering Move

CPC: Unaware of any issues.

LCA Work in Ajax

CUPW: Clerks and performing LCA work in Ajax, specifically moving monos. Housekeeping is not being peformed, causing a Health and Safety issue.

CPC: R. Saunders to review and respond.

MMHE Training for Relief

CUPW: We need an increased amount of relief trained to operate MMHE.

We are requesting a copy of your schedule.

Article 52 – At no time will the drop runs be put on overtime. Will you continue with the previously agreed upon statement that we had with J. Coe?

CPC: Managers to follow up with their respective areas on training.

Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Scarborough Local - RSMC Monthly Consultation
Held at 280 Progress on June 10, 2010

Review of May 13, 2010 Minutes:

Maple Annual LJOSH Report


Stouffville/Richmond Hill RPO Clearances

National Issue

SS4 Staffing at Maple

CUPW: This has been on the agenda for a long time. When will the position be staffed?

CPC: J. Wineck to Review and respond.

Salary Adjustment Sheets


Edit Book


Work Hardening Plans

CUPW: An employee who has been off for an extended period of time has been told to return to work and that there are modified duties available. When she returns, in response to the letter sent to her, CPC sends the employee home as there is no work.

CPC: We are working within the National process around RSMCs.


CPC: This is being addressed and an update will be provided shortly to S. Edwards. If you have any issues please forward them to S. Edwards.

There is an industrial engineer at Unionville right now looking at options for space utilization.

The issue of the point of call cost has been resolved. The RMO has addressed this.

Annual Inspection

CUPW: Waiting for Richmond Hill and WBC to confirm.

CPC: This is ongoing. There is nothing outstanding from January.

Maple Base Board Heaters


Unionville Optimization

CPC: At the end of May S. Edwards and S&IS met with all employee to discuss expectations regarding security of the mail.

On-Call Relief

CPC: No additional information at this time. J. Wineck will follow up on this issue.

Pay Issues

CUPW: The majority of these issues have been resolved since Moya’s visit.

Issue Closed.

National Union Visits to Workplace

Issue Closed

New Issues:

Tech Change Notice for RSMCs

CUPW: This was brought up recently and the response to CUPW was that it was only happening in Winnipeg.

CPC: There is only 1 RSMC route in Etobicoke B.

Ergo Helpers

CUPW: Are there any Ergo Helpers in Ajax or Pickering? If there are, have they been provided an increase, as per the increase in minimum wage? There are Ergo Helpers in Gormley and Stouffville.

CPC: Management to review.

Richmond Hill/Maple/Concord Move

CUPW: Is this moving.

CPC: Have not heard anything surrounding this issue.

Consultation Adjourned.