Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on June 9, 2010 at 280 Progress
Re: Restructure – Scarborough Depot D

S. Edwards M. Duquette
K. VanderPloeg L. Charles
D. Carso C. Coolahan
L. Aitchison G. Fillier

Scarborough Station D Restructure

CUPW: Problem with the station bid. An article 54 employee was missed in the bidding process. We may have to redo part of the bid to correct this error.

CPC: S. Edwards will follow up.

CUPW: Reviewed the list of 54.01 e) routes. There are 2 routes at Scarborough D currently and you will have to revisit appropriate routes for new 54.01e) routes.

The information that CPC provided to CUPW does not include the additional relay boxes.

Problems with Routes for Restructure:

1. Walk #18 – some points of call have no value on the new 038. Wheeling has been conducted and we believe it was updated in AIM in October, 2009. You will need to review time values as this route is currently assessed at 475 minutes. If it goes over 480 minutes you cannot implement a restructure.

a. CPC: Route Measurement will follow up and review old packages. This should have come up in the audit. GeoRoute does not take out street distance. We can look at the discrepancy report.

2. Walk #37 – There are businesses with missing time values around the Scarborough Town Centre.

3. Walk #3 – Issue with relay box (Delfield/Babson) and missing “deadwalk”. May be 1.03 minute missing from route because of this.

4. Walk #30 – A walkthrough apartment building has a relay box which is situated a great distance from the building (1875 Midland). CUPW will check for weight.

a. CPC: Weight may not warrant additional walk through. Will check.

5. Walk #323 – PM carryout is heavy (101 points of call) and no relay box has been put in.

a. CPC: There is a process in place to add additional relay boxes as required.

CPC: We will check over all of the routes and issues you have identified, as well as any new issues you see prior to implementation. We will proceed with the restructure, despite the assessed time values of the routes. We do audit the 038s and ask the depots to review discrepancies.

Any carrier can at any time request copies of the 038s. This is requested at the depot level.

Edit Book should eliminate some of these issues.

We will commit to dedicating a resource to these issues to resolve them prior to the restructure implementation on June 21, 2010.

The restructure will proceed on June 21, 2010.

Consultation Adjourned.