Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on June 2, 2010 at Gateway
29.03b) Consultation regarding NRCS at YDC

D. Beardmore G. Deveau
L. Aitchison M. Duquette
L. Charles

29.03b) Notification for NRCS

CPC: This is the national replacement program for the Tag and Tally system. At YDC there are currently 2 units and this is a straight hardware swap. We intend to go live with the new NRCS on September 27, 2010.

This new system is Live and Connected to LAN and will be an improved data collection method for PCR. PCR will be creating new destination grids.

This system will still require operator input for dispatch on the floor.

The improvements are the hardware (monitor and touch screen) replacing mouse usage. All will be networked and the actual computer will be upgraded to an industrial computer. The printer will be replaced if/when it is no longer functional.

CUPW: Currently there are 2 Tag and Tally’s at YDC, but the 29.03b) notice says there will be 3.

CPC: The additional unit is required because of the EFM.

Other areas, such as Gateway are increasing in quantity.

This NRCS initiative is to provide one standard card across the country.

Currently at YDC they have created and built the two new units which will be used in the same way as the Tag and Tally. The grid can be updated as a stand alone operation. It is not associated with any sort plan manager.

Presentation provided to CUPW.

There are training requirements to be fulfilled. PCR staff will be providing this training to Team Leaders and Team Leaders will provide the training to their staff. The training plan has not yet been finalized but will likely be about 45 minutes in duration. All employees who will be using the system will be trained.

CUPW: Will this be tested prior to going live?

CPC: Operations are performing tests for hardware and software. It will be plugged in and set up to download the grid for its go-live on September 27, 2010.

The old tag and tally will be decommissioned.

CUPW: In reference to the presentation, on Pg 7 point #7, the purpose of the code is unclear.

CPC: The date issue that was raised was the result of an earlier version of the routing card and the information in question is no longer printed on the card.

Consultation Adjourned.