May 18, 2010
Minutes of Consultation between
Canada Post Corporation
Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Re: YDC Monthly Meeting Held on May 17, 2010

Kimti Aggarwal Mike Duquette
Warren Lee Cathy Beth
Learie Charlies


Most of the employees have been trained and there will be more training session next week to trained rest of the employees.

The union stated that some clerks are clearing jam which is a function of GL&T.

The Corporation responded it will do a follow up and discuss it further at LJOSH meeting.


Status quo

Equal Opp. List/ PT E/O list

Status quo

Temp coverage/pension issue

LR to follow up

New Streets/POC

Jardin Hill Ct, Gideon Crt, Green Meadow Circle and Angus Dr.

The union stated mail from the above point of calls routed to the stations instead of YDC.

The Corporation will follow up with it.

H&S Glass Case

It is determined by the LJOSH that glass cases are required and it is reflected on the LJOSH minutes.

June 2010 Full Restructure.

The Union stated they have not received notice of restructure for the upcoming June 14, 2010 restructure.

Jude Pires RMO will notify the Union as soon as possible.

It will be a full restructure on all routes at YDC. There will not be sampling exercise.

The union suggested there should be a sampling exercise here at YDC.

The Corporation will contact RMO and respond.

Bar charts

It is done and will be sending it to the union on a monthly basis.


The Corporation will resend it to the union.

LJOSH member

Matter is closed.

New issues

The union stated it received an Article 29.03 b notice on March 11, 2010 regarding (National Routing Card System) for YDC with an implementation date September 27,, 2010.

The Corporation will follow up with Dave Beardmore about this.

The Corporation told the union that it is adding 2 new Tag and Tally System and agreed training will be provided.

The Corporation to investigate why a temporary MSC worker has been discharged without notice and when the union asked for the notice, Rezalde Cuochon couldn’t find such notice.

The union’s position is that without a notice, he is considered at work.

The union learned that 3 employees on WSIB modified duties are being sent home for lack of work.

The Corporation stated these 3 modified duties employees were doing PC runs and these runs are now being done by flex drivers. The search for further modified duties for these employees has already begun.

The union advised the Corporation that one of these employees can be used as union observer during sampling of SLB boxes and the Corporation agreed to contact him.

Next meeting June 24, 20010