Minutes of Consultation
Canada Post Corporation
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Date: April 20, 2010

M. DeAbreu M. Duquette
K. Aggarwal L. Charles
C. Beth

Unfinished Business

1) E.F.M. – Layout shown of floor plan. Installation will take one week. The transition plan is to move SR2 racks and other equipment to make room. Guards will be installed. Monos will be put on flatbed carts. May 1st is the installation start date and expected to be completed on May 7th . Health & Safety committee will be involved. Training sessions to be conducted starting May 7th. The extra machine will be stored on site.

2) Building Security: Status quo

3) Equal Opportunity List: New equal opportunity board is up and lists are posted. There are grievances on the past issues. Grievances will be pulled and separate meeting set up to resolve the past issues.

4) Flex drivers – discussed in grievances already. Union claims that the flex drivers are not getting the hours they should.

Mgt: If you have specifics I will go through them.

Union: Last 60 days it has been happening. Terms are doing the work instead of extending the flex PT.

Mgt: In the grievance process, will address it there

5) Temp Coverage: Temp covering long term absence – pension issues.

Mgt: Will follow up S. Molstad for resolution as per previous month’s minutes

6) West Hill RPO: West Hill RPO issue resolved. Conference call was held with all parties to identify the boundaries for the DNC cards.

Union: Will raise with the delivery union/management mtg tomorrow to ensure resolved.

7) PT Equal Opp. Lists - You don’t have a list for group 2 that is active to see who is getting the opportunities. The glass case is now in use.

Mgt: Will check for the equal opp. Lists, it should be posted.

8) New streets POC – Mgt: Checked with RMO, new streets are input into the system and if it is MSC delivery area then it goes into the PDSL.

Union: There are lots of problems in the M2J area with parcels going to the station.

Mgt: Send me a list of streets/addresses and I will follow up with them

Union: Will provide

9) H & S glass case – Mgt: Not a requirement. We will raise at the LJOSH tomorrow and if there is consensus that one is needed then we will provide.

10) Hand carts – provided as needed. CLOSED

New issues

1) Restructure of June – Volume count is scheduled to start on June 14, 2010

2) Barcharts – Have not been done since November.

Mgt: We are hoping to resolve by the end of the month. We need more supervisors trained.

Union: We suggest you have the union present for the training.

3) Backfills – 2 were removed.

Union: Can we get a list of the backfills. We want to ensure it was done properly

Mgt: Will provide

4) LJOSH member for group 1. The last member left and there is no one.

Union: Will have to get 1 elected.

NEXT MEETING: Monday May 17th, 2010