March 16, 2010
Minutes of Consultation between
Canada Post Corporation
Canadian Union of Postal Workers
RE: YDC Monthly Meeting Held on February 15, 2010

Kimti Aggarwal Mike Duquette
Sherry Molstad Cathy Beth
Learie Charles


The Union’s position is that we don’t have the authority to consult on the EFM and that it needs to be addressed at Regional (Gerry Deveau) and /or Nationally. In the past it was National consultation when you move from one building to another building.

Management’s position is that when the article 6.05 notice is delivered the National CUPW and the local level are notified of this change, and both have been invited to consult at their respective areas.


Status Quo

Ongoing Issues

The Union raised their concern about a Temp covering a long term assignment, which was overlooked for another assignment and as a result lost potential pensionable earnings. There was no grievance submitted on this issue, and the matter is considered resolved by his reinstatement.

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West Hill RPO

Management had a conference call and there are different boundaries, there will be a meeting with all parties, Retail, RMB, and Management to resolve the issues, with the boundaries for the DNC cards. Management will seek to resolve this issue asap. This affects C and D as well.

Round Table.

Brake Pedals and floor mats, there are only 12 vehicles left to check and the matter will be resolved.

Regarding the Bid; it is ongoing and will close in two weeks. Everything is posted, and employees off on leave are notified. Hours were cut, and some employees are not happy about that.

Equal Opportunity Lists - new glass window board is up, and the lists will be posted.

The Union alleges that management is not using equal opportunity lists. They discussed an example of an employee who was junior last week and got an opportunity that he shouldn’t have had. Management will investigate if there are any mistakes made, and resolve them, and will continue to use the Equal opportunity lists as required.

The use of the part time relief – The Union stated that when the Part time staff comes back to the station, there are terms leaving to do other work. That work should be offered to the flex before the terms are being offered the work. That is equal opportunity that is not being honoured.

Management stated that the Part Time staff is being offered the heavy work.

New Issues

There are a number of streets that are not on our tours, Jarden Hill is an example; the Union will provide Management the details, including FSA’s. The Union stated that these are new buildings, are going into the C & D system but not into the PDSL right away. Management will follow up and investigate.

Health and Safety would like to get a glass case for their bulletins.

Hand carts that weigh 5lbs more than others, management will endeavour to supply one standard handcart of the same weight throughout the Parcel Hubs asap.

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The Union expressed concerns about an employee, that Management was fully aware of; with a 30 lb limit for lifting. This employee was able to do a full tour but only with adjustments. The Union claims that additional accommodations are required for this employee, because he has a tour that has 5 RPO’s. on it, which is beyond his restrictions.

Management stated that the transfer was approved because his restrictions are within the needs of the tour that he bid on. Management also stated that he was doing a tour in his prior location without incident.

Management announced that YDC will be working on Easter weekend. A draft of the hours were provided to the Union. A sign up sheet will be put out, and a minimum of 3 hours will be worked.

The next consultation will be on Monday, April 19.