March 2, 2010
Minutes of Consultation between
Canada Post Corporation
Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Re: YDC Monthly Meeting Held on February 15, 2010

Sal Plastina Mike Duquette
Kimti Aggarwal Cathy Beth
Geoff Van Vlack


W/out Precedent or prejudice

CPC position is that it is not a tech change and CUPW is waiting national’s position. CPC provided the layout drawings to CUPW. CUPW had question on the volumes after Don Mills move and CPC answered there is no discussion on the move of clearances to Don Mills yet. Once more details become available CPC will share that with CUPW. It was also mentioned that we have 6 employees working on culling operation at this time and we are going to use 5 employees on EFM and 3 employees on one P1 culling belt. There is no change in number of position on shift 3 in result of EFM relocation. CPC agree to send soft copy of the drawing to CUPW after the meeting. Union asked another question that who would be responsible to do the maintenance on this machine. CPC clarify the local tech staff will be doing regular maintenance on this machine except small jams in certain parts of the machine will be done by group 1 (same as SCLPP). All group 1 employees will receive proper training before we go live on this machine. Union suggested that we should include Melisa Mitchell in our training as she worked on this machine in SCLPP and CPC agree to this.


Emergency Management and Training plan will be provided once is available.

Equal Opp. List

Still to be discussed when certain members of the excu are back.

Flex Drivers

Background information;

The Corporation stated to the Union that this matter should be dealt at a different level.

The Union position is that the matter should be dealt at a local level.

PCI & Priority items removed from tours

Mentioned driver was monitored for one week and did not find any issues. All the PC items were assigned be PDSL at the load levelling. If this occurs in future union will bring this back for discussion.

Temp covering long term assignment

Union’s position is to place the temp employee back on the assignment that he was covering before his LWOP. CPC agreed to look into this matter further and advise union for any decision in the near future.

West Hill RPO issues

Some customers in area of 255 Morningside PO are getting different DNC cards from YDC and delivery. CPC will follow up with RMO and RBM.

Round Table

* Employees have right to chose their own shop steward and stop the clock must be done by full time part time executive members. CPC asked for specifics to follow up further.

* CPC shared the policy of steel toes in YDC. YDC has designated walkways to come in to the locker room and office. Signage is posted on all man doors for safety shoes. We have clip ons available for all visitors in YDC.

* Formal interviews are being conducted regarding the recycle. CPC stated that employees need to follow the process and deliver all the items on their tours. Recycle is getting out of hands. Supervisor on afternoon shift is asking drivers about the reasons of recycle and address is accordingly. Union asked how many stops per hour is expected. CPC replied that each loop and each day is different and it is assigned by PDSL. If any employee has nay tour issue, they need to fill out a tour issue sheet and hand it to Bill Johnson to have if corrected.

* New hand carts are 5 lbs heavier than the old ones. CPC confirmed that this is the standard equipment for CPC and was also discussed in details in LJHSC meetings before the switch.

* CPC to follow up on unions request for break pedals and floor mats in the vehicle.

* CPC will introduce a new staffing profile and require separate discussion on this topic. Meeting has been set for February 23, 2010 to discuss all the details of change.

Next monthly is March 16, 2010 at 9:00 a.m.

Meeting is adjourned