January 20, 2010,
Minutes of Consultation between
Canada Post Corporation
Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Re: YDC Monthly Meeting Held on January 18, 2010

For the CorporationCPC For the Union
Kimti Aggarwal Mike Duquette
Warren Lee Cathy Beth
Learie Charlies


Emergency Management and Training plan will be provided once is available.

Equal Opp. List

Not all equal opportunity lists are posted. The list within the Loop is posted today.
The union is to gather all over time grievances and the Parties may consultation in the near future.

Flex Drivers

Background information;

The Union’s position is that when a flex driver is required to perform deliveries outside the sequence, a separate value should be allocated or assigned.
For example, Loops “A and G” service RSMC areas. When a driver is required to service the RSMC area, PDSL does not assign a value because the RSMC areas are not sequenced.
The Corporation told the Union that if a flex driver incurs extra time, then the driver will be paid that extra time.

The Corporation stated to the Union that this matter should be dealt at a different level.

The Union position is that the matter should be dealt at a local level.

Safety Shoes

Signs will be posted.

# 1 Shift atmosphere

Matter is closed.

PCI and Priority items removed from tours

Driver for tour EP417 was getting extra priority items and forced to perform extra duties to extra RPO.

Management stated that if the PC items are assigned before load levelling PDSL will assign extra time value to visit extra RPO location. If the PC item is assigned manually then management has to adjust that tour, as RPO location time value is not assigned. But drivers can request for over time if they are running in to extra time to make that delivery commitment.

PDSL can not differentiate time value adjustments either manually or automatically in the past. Therefore, the system can not identify whether driver received adjustments or not when he was required to take extra PCI to RPOs.

Management agrees to monitor his tour to determine adjustments in the future.

Round Table

Background information;

Term driver was on a backfill assignment on tour F217 from February 2, 2009 to July 2009. He was not allowed to return this assignment after his annual leave/leave without pay. Instead, management assigned a junior employee to backfill tour F217.

This term employee should be entitled to pension services for he works more than 6 months. This period should also include the time he was not allowed to return to tour F217.

The Union’s position was that after he returned from his leaves he should had been allowed to return to his backfill assignment. Should the Corporation decides to terminate a long term coverage when a relief is available, it should be done by reverse seniority among temporary workers covering backfill assignments and such as assignment should be posted for bidding.

Management will follow up.


Next monthly is February 15, 2010 at 9:00 a.m.

Meeting is adjourned