Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on December 30, 2009 at Unionville
Edit Book Deployment – East Delivery

K. VanderPloeg M. Duquette
H. Camilleri L. Charles
M. Lee C. O’Connor
B. Mastinsek
K. Nicholson
L. Aitchison

CPC: Our National position is that Edit Book will be deployed in all stations by summer 2010, and that it is not based on stations that are/will be undergoing restructures.

CUPW: The concern with consultation today is that it was very short notice and that we were not able to have representatives from all stations present.

Will this meeting today be a global overview of Edit Book? Prior to implementation of other locations, will there be consultation at all individual locations?

CPC: The practice is that we provide a general global overview at the initial consultation and then the Delivery Optimisation group takes over for each individual deployment as it is rolled out to each depot. The Corporation will then hold meetings with all shop stewards, employees and front line supervisory staff of the respective stations. The CUPW executive is welcome to attend all of these sessions as Edit Book is implemented.

Today we will provide an overview and answer any questions that you may have. We will hold an additional consultation if necessary to address any further questions.

CUPW: We are agreeable to proceed and we understand that in some cases there will be restructures taking place in these stations at the same time that edit book is deployed.

CPC: We are willing and open to coordinate the restructure and Edit Book together, if such situations arise.

CUPW: We see edit book as a useful tool.

CPC: Video shown to all present.

Questions Resulting from the Video

CUPW: Will the route detail data sheet will replace 040 system? Would the 3rd step for editing be a cover sheet?

CPC: It would either be a cover sheet or detailed printing sheet, depending on the change required. Letter Carriers will be handing in the entire Edit Book each week. The cover sheet is a quick summary on a weekly basis. When the update occurs, the Supervisor would make the change. The entire Edit Book replaces the 040, and there will be one Edit Book per case.

CUPW: Can you enter more than one change on a line on the cover sheet?

CPC: More than one change can be made on a line as long as it is legible. If there are multiple changes, ensure pages are dog eared. It is possible that all 038’s on a route may require a change. It will be the Supervisor who will have to make these updates and re-print. All pages should be fixed and new pages given when the Edit Book is returned to Letter Carriers. The normal turnaround time is 2-3 days. Should there be a delay from the Supervisor, this would be communicated.

CUPW: Does the information cross for more than one page?

CPC: The sequence number is for the code for the points of call. You may have more than one page for a code. There would be a page break between codes.

CUPW: The national sample didn’t have the column for the dog warning. It would be preferable if CUPW was given a copy for a couple of routes to familiarize us with the Edit Book, which can also be used as a teaching aid, prior to its implementation.

CPC: The new version includes a separate column for a dog warning. We will provide a couple of copies, please let us know which routes you would like to receive.

CUPW: What training will be provided?

CPC: The Letter Carriers are given a Draft copy of their own route’s Edit Book to be used as a reference during the training session. The Draft copy of the Edit Book is the Letter Carrier’s personal copy. The official copy of the Edit Book, which is hung on the Letter Carrier’s case on the deployment date, is kept within the facility. Attendance to the training is mandatory and each Letter Carrier signs an attendance roster to confirm receipt of the Draft copy of the Edit Book. The attendance roster is also used to update the Letter Carrier’s training in SAP. The Letter Carriers will then be shown two videos: the Edit Book Training video, and the Letter Carrier testimonial video. We will then go through the Edit Book one more time to ensure thorough understanding. The Supervisor will sign the “Supervisor Signature & Date (AIM updated)”column when all updates have been completed. Updates include the ones made in AIM, the case strips and re-printed pages of the Edit Book. A green highlight will be made if changes were required, and a pink highlight is used if no changes were required, for the entire week. Even if there are no changes, the Letter Carrier and the Supervisor must sign the cover sheet. Generally, the Edit Book will be picked up by the Supervisor every Wednesday and will be returned to the Letter Carrier by the following Monday.

CUPW: Is there a restriction on who can make entries?

CPC: If it is a relief LC, they do not have to sign their name unless they are on the route for 4 weeks. However, if they’re not on the route for 4 weeks they can still make changes.

CUPW: If a PT or Temp employee is acting, would they be considered like a relief?

CPC: Yes. Despite your classification, if you are replacing a LC on a route, the employee should be making changes.

Only when the page is highlighted does it show that all changes have been made. As long as the information has been sent in for update, then a highlight will be made. Management will have to make a decision at what point to order new case strips.

CUPW: When this is broken down, is it outside duties.

CPC: Points of call on delivery portion, not on the sort portion.

CUPW: How does the LC know where to deliver?

CPC: LC would see “No Admail” sticker on mail box or red dot. This is consumers choice.

There is a responsibility for carriers to communicate to ensure relief is aware of dogs etc.

CUPW: There should be a summary page for delivery mode on the Edit Book specific to route for consumer choice and dogs or all route anomalies. This could also be on header sheets of walks.

CPC: That is a good idea. CPC will review this.

CUPW: In Unionville, we have PM LC, will they have an Edit book as they do not have points of call?

CPC: If they have points of call that they have to deliver to, we would have to supply an edit book for their delivery. Edit Book is an inventory for points of delivery for LC. Edit book will probably not apply to PM LC, just like it does not for MSC.

B. Mastinsek to provide copy of video and presentation.

CUPW: What are the time values for filling out the Edit Book?

CPC: The LC already have time values for an 040 and the Corporation has deemed these time values as sufficient for the Edit Book process. We will be patient at the beginning of the implementation and will assist where possible.

CUPW: When a new address is added, someone will be going out?

CPC: The Supervisor is responsible for wheeling. If the LC challenges the values then they will need to note it again on the cover sheet. Then the discrepancy will need to be escalated if there is a disagreement and Route Measurement will need to be involved. APOC members are being sent for training with the LDI for Edit Book and outside inventory.

Implementation date for Edit Book in Unionville is January 25, 2009, which is two weeks after the scheduled restructure. The intent is to schedule edit book prior to any restructure, if applicable.

CUPW: How will COAN fit into the Edit Book process?

CPC: COAN is still through the DRS. This would need to be addressed by D. Daniels.

CUPW: When you deploy Edit Book in Unionville, how will you meet with employees?

CPC: We will be meeting with groups of 20 and with Supervisors and Superintendents who will be leading the training session. If the Supervisor is not receiving any feedback from the LC, then the Supervisor will need to address and provide any additional training or assistance if applicable.

CUPW: What happens if Edit Book results in routes becoming overassessed?

CPC: Depending on the amount overassessment we may do an update. This is why Edit Book is so important prior to restructures.

Going forward, the training prior to implementation in East Delivery will be:


Edit Book Deployment Date

LC Edit Book Training Date(s)



Jan 5, 8



Jan 7



Jan 6



Jan 20, 21



Jan 26 to 29



Feb 3

Consultation adjourned.