DATE OF MEETING: November 29, 2007

C. Ciallella M. Duquette
P. Liu L. Charles
S. Samonte G. Fillier
H. Bigras T. Lewis
G. Symes

Christmas Operation

The Corporation apologised for consulting later in the year than they have in the past. They explained that it was due to the restructure. They then provided the Union with a package detailing the Christmas plan for the Hubs (see attached).

- Christmas period from November 15th, 2007 to January 15th, 2008 (the Corporation will verify Christmas Temporary employees’ contracts re: their employment dates).

- Christmas cut-off times: Monday 0545 hrs, Tuesday to Friday 0345 hrs.

- All mail keyed after cut-off will be delivered by the additional tours (second waive).

- PO4 PTs regular shift is 1600-2100 hrs – they will be offered extended hours from 1400-2200 hrs daily.

- 15 temporary Group 1 employees will be scheduled in to work from 1600-2100 hrs in order to perform culling and dock duties (the Corporation will adhere to Clause 39.05).

- From December 4th, 2007 the A/Os will be delivered by LCs – same process as last year.

- Training on the use of the PDTs and the manual IDBs has been provided to all.

- Equipment, such as clip boards, will be supplied to all MSCs.

- The 70 cargo vans will be used for deliveries only.

- Weekend deliveries are already in effect.

- Extensions and OT will be offered as per the following:

Shift #1 – 4 hours will be offered if the temps on Shift 2 are called in at 0600.

Shift #2 – 15 temps. ees will work on Shift 2.

Shift #2 – PTs will be extended from 0600-1100 hrs to 1400 hrs

- Shift #2 PO4s will be offered RDO on Sundays to load vehicles (The Union asked why the Corporation would not also offer the Shift 3 PTs the RDO, acknowledging that there is no requirement to equalise opportunities. The Corporation responded that the Shift 2 PTs & FTs are the employees responsible for loading. They proceeded to say that Shift 3 PTs may be offered RDO if there is a need to perform keying duties on Saturdays to support the weekend deliveries).

- Each loop will have additional tours built into PDSL in order to be load-levelled (The Corporation advised the Union that PDSL has an enhanced capability to create tours in the middle of loops as opposed to only at the end of the loops. This will help in keeping MSCs in their geographic areas. The Union suggested keeping the regular tours in their drive areas and creating the additional tours in increments and increase drive times in order to keep the regular tours in their areas. The Corporation responded that they were not ready to use greater values at this time or build inefficient tours. They will continue, however, to try to keep the regular tours in their areas as best they can.)

- Monday, December 24th and Monday, December 31st – the requirement is to start clearances (SLB/RPO) in the morning and have raw mail coming back starting at 1200 hrs (The Corporation advised the Union that they will be scheduling employees to start early. The Union suggested giving clearance duties to the additional tours or giving the additional tours the deliveries only and giving the regular tours clearances only. The Union also suggested reversing the tour to perform pick-ups/clearances in the morning and delivery in the afternoon. The Corporation will analyse and get back to the Union with the procedure they will follow. The Parties also discussed Clause 18.02 and Appendix Y).

- The Corporation will issue Group 1 schedules for week of December 23rd and December 30th to employees early next week.

The Union asked why out of 40 volunteers for Sunday delivery last weekend the Corporation only used 30. They suggested the Corporation could have created 5 teams of 2 for the additional 10 volunteers to deliver the overweight/oversized items.

The Corporation responded that they only had a need for 30 drivers on Sunday. They also advised the Union that they are following to the CMS procedures with respect to the delivery of overweight items (copy of CMS procedures provided to the Union).


The Corporation advised the Union that it had come to their attention that they had inadvertently bypassed a FT MSC in the restructure bid. They further advised that, in order to immediately address the issue, they temporarily assigned the MSC to a relief assignment and that the employee is currently covering a long-term absence. They asked that as per the previous consultation discussions, that in order to correct all issues, pertaining to bypasses, a rebid be conducted in the new year.

The Union responded that they did not want to make a decision about the correction at this time as they foresee several potential issues. They advised they would take some time to review the fall out of using the current seniority rules and of using the new seniority rules.

The Corporation responded that they believed, that since the current seniority rules were used in the original bid, they would proceed by correcting the mistake with the dame rules.

The Parties discussed holding a restructure post-mortem meeting in order to prepare for the 2008 restructure exercise.

The Union said they were concerned with the RMOs continued activities in changing tours. They asked that the Corporation for a complete list of all changes.

The Corporation said they would see if they could obtain a complete list.

The Corporation then advised the Union that the Non-flex PT tours will be posted in the monthly bid tomorrow. Slight changes were made to the schedules.

The Union then advised the Corporation that, as far as they recall, the agreement for FT relief was made in a consultation forum. They said they would locate a copy of the minutes and provide. They further stated that their recollection was that the Corporation had agreed to create 11 FT relief instead of 22 PT relief. They further advised that the Corporation can proceed with creating PT relief, as per the C/A, but cautioned the Corporation that the barcharts would have to be reviewed for the year in order to determine how many PT and FT relief were actually required.

The Corporation will await the minutes or the MOA and make a determination on how they will proceed.

The Union then raised a concern with the YDC forcing employees on OT.

The Corporation responded that as per Clause 15.08, the letter of understanding from Mary Traversy re: 15.08 and the established agreed to procedures, 2 of approximately 30 employees were sent back out, at approximately 1700 hrs, to effect deliveries of Xpresspost items they had brought back at the end of their tour.

The Union said they disagreed as they believed that it is not safe, after dark, to send MSCs back out at the end of their tour to affect deliveries.

The Corporation responded they would continue to monitor the recycled items and will continue to expect MSCs to adhere to the established procedures. They further stated that failing to adhere to the process and recycling parcels is deemed as delay of mail.

The Parties agreed to disagree.

The Union said that MSCs are complaining that when they try to call the YDC, their calls are not answered.

The Corporation will address this issue immediately.

The Corporation advised the Union, as per previous consultation discussions, that the services of the Union Observers would no longer be needed. They further stated they would be requesting their services as Union Observers again in the new year, in preparation for the restructure.

The Union suggested the Corporation still required some assistance in addressing outstanding issues.

The Corporation said they would be willing to offer 4 hours a week for 1 observer, but wanted them back to their regular duties on Monday.

The Union said they would review and respond as they may require them to conduct work on their behalf as opposed to returning them to their regular duties. (Since the consultation was held, it was agreed that the Corporation would keep 1 Union Observer on sight until the new year).