NOVEMBER 22, 2007

J. Coe M. Duquette
P. Scott
S. Schofield
S. Hardy
M. Tong
L. Waine


This meeting was convened to discuss changes to the final sort operation in East Delivery. Management had provided a schedule outlining proposed changes. Zone 6 and 7 after discussion advised that a separate consultation would be arranged as there were alterations and amendments required. Changes would be forwarded to the union and an alternate date arranged.

Zone 5 changes were discussed, including;

-Deletion of vacant position 81991809, Don Mills

-Remaining full time assignments @ Don Mills changed from 23:15 hours start to 0001 hours start.

-Full time relief assignment @ Don Mills changed from 23:15 hours start to 0001 hours start.

-Position # 80582794, full time LCA changed from 23:15 hours start to 23:45 hours start. It was agreed by the Parties that the changes can coincide with the proposed group 1 changes, only a shift change notice required.

-Two (2) of the fourteen (14) part time assignments will be moved from Don Mills to Willowdale Depot 3 under article 13:04 (b). Article 13:18 will then be applied. It was agreed that if in the interim any part time vacancies occur, that they be utilized to minimize employee impact.

-Five (5) part time assignments in Don Mills that start @ 3:15 hours will be moved to a 04:00 hours start.

-Two part time relief whose hours are reflected as varied will be changed from 3:15 hours start to 04:00 hours start.

-One part time LCA assignment, # 80582344 that presently starts @ 23:00 hours on the Monday shift will be changed to 23:45 to 07:45 hours. The Tuesday to Friday shift will be from 03:45 to 07:45 hours.

-In Unionville the part time assignments that start @ 14:00 hours will be changed to start @ 15:00 hours.

-The part time assignment in Unionville, hours of duty from 06:00 to 10:00 hours will be changed to 07:00 to 11:00 hours.

-Further to discussion it was decided not to alter the existing establishment @ Willowdale B.

-In Willowdale Depot 3 there will be the two (2) part time assignments moved from Don Mills which will be from 04:00 hours to 08:00 hours. Article 13:08 will be applicable.

-In addition there will be two (2) new part time assignments created, both from 04:00 to 08:00 hours. Article 13:18 will apply both to these new assignments and the assignments moved from Don Mills. It was agreed to commence staffing immediately for the two new assignments.


It was agreed;

-Only changed positions in the section are posted for bidding

-All employees in the section are eligible to bid on those assignments reflected above

-Resultant/remaining are posted for bid under article 13:18

-C. Samonite removed three (3) positions from the November bid with reporting date of January 18, 2008 due to changed schedule.

-Implementation date is scheduled for January 7, 2008

-Bidding to commence in approximately one week

-There was discussion involving seniority dates, it was agreed that the revised seniority dates would be applicable.