DATE OF MEETING: November 9th, 2007

P. Liu D. Hacking
S. Samonte L. Charles
K. Aggarwal G. Symes
H. Bigras S. Thomas
T. Lewis


The Corporation advised the Union that the YDC bid would be completed today. Due to a bypass issue, the bid was extended in order to correct the bypass and ensure the employees obtained assignments based on their seniority rights.

The Union said that a number of their members have advised them that as many as 47 tours had changed since they had bid on them.

The Corporation replied that they did receive some changes to tours on October 6th, 2007. They summarized the changes as follows:

21 tours: 1-5 minute change

12 tours: 5-10 minute change

7 tours: 10-15 minute change

7 tours: 15+ minute change

They proceeded to say that no one, during the restructure process or the 15-day verification period had noticed the discrepancy with the tours.

The Union said they were unclear as to what had changed, or what was missed, to result in such changes to so many tours.

The Corporation replied that they would get clarification from the Route Measurement Group.

The Union said they wanted details as soon as possible prior to them agreeing to any resolution to the bidding process, if any. They also asked the Corporation about changes to Relief tour end times of which they were made aware by some employees.

The Corporation advised that one (1) relief tour had been posted incorrectly, but that it had been corrected and issue addressed with the employee.

The Parties agreed to the following, until an explanation was provided by Route Measurement for the tour changes:

Most impacted tours:     128




                                       Relief pos. 83054601

                                       Relief pos. 83054602

The Corporation and a Union observer will ask the above tour holders if they want to remain on the tours. If they do not and have personal circumstances that prevent them from performing the duties of the entire tour, the Corporation will make temporary changes to accommodate.

The Union advised the Corporation that once in receipt of explanation, they would consider agreeing to the Corporation re-bidding the tours only after Christmas.

The Union asked that the Corporation conduct due diligence when it comes to employees who are on different types of long-term absences, who did not submit bids

The Corporation agreed, but once due diligence was done, they would assign these employees to remaining assignments.

Loop Q

The Parties agreed that employees who bid on and obtained positions at 1 Yonge, in the Toronto Local, would not be entitled to bid in the second round bid for the Attrition relief and the Non-Flex PT assignments as this was never the intent.

The Parties agreed to conducting the bid for the Attrition Relief and the Non-Flex PT assignments in conjunction with the next monthly bid.

The Parties agreed that the Attrition Relief would be considered as S/O Relief and would be assigned to absence coverages as a second step under Clause 52 of the C/A.

PDSL Changes

The Union said they were quite concerned that they had been advised that a major change to PDSL was being implemented on Monday, November 12th, 2007 and that it was never discussed locally.

The Corporation agreed that there had been an oversight. They told the Union that they had delayed the implementation for the YDC to Wednesday, November 14th in order to communicate the changes and impacts to all employees.

Pilot 1

The Union indicated that they had yet to meet with day shift PO4s to discuss Pilot 1.

The Parties agreed that a Local Union representative would attend the YDC to conduct the information session on Saturday, November 10th at approximately 1040 hrs.

The Union advised the Corporation that during previous information sessions many PO4s had told them they were not aware of the process when it came to keying parcels with missing unit numbers.

The Corporation responded that most had received the training; however, they would provide training packages to all employees again.

The Union requested that daily result of Pilot 1 sampling to be sent to them. The Corporation agreed.