DATE OF MEETING: October 22nd, 2007

P. Liu D. Roosevelt
H. Bigras G. Fillier

Group 3 and Group 4

The Corporation provided the Union copies of the current Group 3 (2 MAM-11s) schedules including the shift cycles and advised them that, as per the consultation notice, they would be deleting the EL-5 position once the incumbent retires in January.

The Union asked who would perform the work currently being performed by the EL-5.

The Corporation responded that there is no need for an EL-5 at the YDC. They further stated that the schedule change proposed for the MAM-11s would allow for one (1) MAM-11 to perform the preventative maintenance required. They further stated this was part of the MAM-11 job description (provide j.d. to Union).

The Union asked when the EL-5 position would be deleted.

The Corporation replied it would be deleted in January, upon the incumbent’s official retirement date.

The Union raised a concern with coverage of the absence until the deletion.

The Corporation responded that they did not think there was a requirement, under the Collective Agreement to cover the assignment, but said they would follow up. It is their current position that if there were work to be performed, at the EL-5 level, they would assign it to an employee in the Technical Services Post Office as outlined in the Collective Agreement. (The Corporation has since reviewed and stand by their original position that there is no need to cover the assignment).

The Union raised the issue of who is responsible for the clearing of jams.

The Corporation responded that this matter had been dealt with, and all grievances had been resolved.

The Union asked when the changes would be posted.

The Corporation responded that the changes would be posted today for fifteen (15) days.

The Union asked if a bid would occur.

The Corporation said there would be a bid.

Proposed new schedule:

1 – 2200 to 0600 hrs: no change in shift hours or shift cycles

1 – 1400 to 2200 hrs: no change to shift cycles

The Union agreed to the schedule changes and asked for an EL5 job description.

The Corporation will provide.