Consultation minutes and EEW guidelines
Consultation between Canada Post Corporation and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Held in Maple Sept 20, 2007

Dave Baldock George Pratt
Frank Bertucci

The purpose for the consultation was to discuss the pending use of On Call relief Employees in the Maple delivery facility

The union was notified that two on call relief employees had been hired to provide annual leave coverage for RSMC’s in the Maple office, as per the memorandum of agreement.

Maple is scheduled for three on call relief positions; however the third position has not been successfully staffed. It is local management’s belief that a third position is beyond requirement and would only create un-necessary availability of resources with no productive work to keep them gainfully employed

The first and senior on call relief employee will start Monday September 24, 2007. The name of the employee is Robert Bursey

The second on call relief employee is scheduled to start on Monday October 1, 2007. The name of this employee is Paul Caravell

Both employees will receive 5 days of on the job training by job shadowing Frank Bertucci. It is expected that current RSMC Frank Bertucci will provide basic general knowledge requirements applicable to all routes in the office. He is not expected to attempt to provide and information specific to certain route anomalies that may exist on any routes in the facility. Training Material will be available to present to the new Employees

It has been proposed that a schedule will be drawn up allowing for two columns. Management has proposed blacking out the first three weeks of December on the schedule. On behalf of the employees the union was going to see if there was any reason why this can’t be done. It was recognized by both parties the rational behind doing so was to ensure proper service is provided as well as ensuring the replacement employees were not unfairly expected to provide coverage on a route they may be unfamiliar with during the peak delivery window

The following document outlines the agreed upon rules for Bidding, and coverage of vacation by the on call relief employees and will be posted in the office

It was agreed that Management would make an announcement to the RSMC’s regarding the upcoming changes and the impact on them

Management also proposed changes to two existing routes that are currently assessed at over 8 hours. SS 16 and SS 18 would be split. The existing employee on the route would retain the SS 16 portion, which will have additional points of call added to it for the two new condo units in close proximity.

SS 7 and SS 13 would be split, with as many points of call be added to SS 13 in order to retain maximum value for SS 13. The remaining points of call on SS 7 may be added to SS 11 to make the combine route a higher value route. In both cases the actual sortation cases would remain as separate entities for the route components, This allows for easier sortation by all involved

The proposal would be put forth to the transition committee for approval. Upon receipt written notice will be provided to all persons affected by the change

The official consultation was concluded


Under a memorandum of agreement, between Canada Post Corporation and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, two additional employees have been hired solely for the purpose of providing replacement coverage for annual leave (vacation) in this facility.

All employees will be required to select all of your annual leave entitlement for the following calendar year on a schedule that will be posted in the Maple Delivery depots

Bidding on the schedule will commence the first day of November, and will take place by seniority according to the seniority list in effect on the first day of bidding. There will be multiple rounds of bidding

There will be two columns available for you to choose which full week of annual leave you wish to take. During the first round of bidding, every employee will have the opportunity to choose up to two consecutive weeks of annual leave in a single column.

After each employee has had the opportunity to make their first selection, the process will start over and each employee will have the opportunity to pick there remaining weeks of entitlement in any available weeks in either column. Once it is your turn to bid on the schedule, you will have up to 48 hours to make your choice. If you do not make a choice you will be bypassed and the next person will choose. If you are bypassed on the first round you will be able to make your choice on the second round. If you are bypassed on the second round you will be assigned vacant weeks on the schedule.

If a week is chosen that includes a statutory holiday, you are still entitled to that day of annual leave. That day of annual leave may only be taken during weeks where one of the on call relief employees is available to provide coverage. If you are not able to schedule the extra day, you will be paid the missed day the following March

All RSMC’s must use the On Call relief to cover your vacation. If it is necessary for you to be off for any reason other than vacation, you are still required to arrange for and provide your own qualified replacement person.

For the remainder of the 2007 Calendar year, you will still be allowed to use your own replacement person to cover your annual leave. Additionally you will be able to take any remaining annual leave when ever you choose, as long as you can provide a qualified replacement.

The senior on call relief employment in the office will have the right to choose which routes he or she wishes to cover from the schedule. When choosing which annual leave they will cover, the relief employee is required to cover the route for the duration of that persons leave

When not required to cover annual leave in an office, the on call relief may be available at his or her discretion to provide coverage for other types of leave. The on call relief may also be required to cover vacant routes when not needed to cover annual leave.

On a related matter, it is understood and agreed upon that all routes within the Maple facility must be assessed at less than eight hours.