DATE OF MEETING: August 29, 2007

P. Liu L. Charles
H. Bigras

Financial Clerk Assignments:

The Corporation advised the Union that the bid for the Financial Clerk position, as discussed in the last consultation was posted last Monday and will run through to this Friday. Results will be posted on September 5th. They provided the poster to the Union for their information.

The Union had no issue with the fact that it was posted for less than seven (7) days.

The Corporation provided the Union with the Parcel Support Clerk job description which is also used for the Financial Clerk assignments. The Corporation will also provide a soft copy.

The Union still contends that the assignments are preferred based on the fact that they deal with money and financial transactions.

The Corporation said they reviewed minutes of previous consultations, held prior to the implementation of the Parcel Delivery Model and found no discussions or agreements with respect to the Financial Clerk assignments being preferred, as suggested by the Union in the last meeting.

The Union still contends that the understanding was that they were preferred and that the Corporation cannot apply 39.07 to the preferred assignments for the coverage of long-term absences.

The Corporation proposed the following: Current compliment – designate 1 FT clerk as relief for annual leave coverage. If relief clerk is not available, will extend PT. This is the current practice.

The Union proposed having a relief designated for the relief. The raised a concern with employees not being trained to serve as relief).

The Corporation further explained that the relief would be a regular Parcel Support Clerk in regular R.O.Ds until needed for annual leave coverage. Their assignment would then be designated as relief, and the three Clerks would bid together for annual leave to ensure coverage at all times.

They further explained that for temporary absences that do not fall under 39.07 they would extend a PT that works from 1600hrs to 2100 hrs as the schedules allow.

The Union responded they needed time to review the proposals and will respond later. They did agree to FT relief for known annual leave absences.

The Union reiterated that the Corporation had a financial penalty for having changed the Financial Clerk hours without consultation at double time for hours worked prior to their official shift start time.

The Corporation reiterated that they had notified the clerks that their hours would change and gave them their required 48 hours notice. Although they failed to consult, they continue to say there is no financial penalty for the failure to consult. They agreed to consult for future schedule changes. The offered a settlement, without prejudice and precedent that the Union rejected.

The Union reiterated that the Corporation could not make private agreements with employees; that individual employees have no say in the issue of changing their schedules.

The Parties did not reach agreement on financial penalty.

The Union is to get back to Corporation on the proposal in next few days.


The Union later advised the Corporation they did not agree with the use of Part-Time PO 4s to cover day to day absences of the Full Time financial positions. It is their position that if such short term absences arise they should be covered as Overtime by a Full Time PO 4 as a call back with a three (3) hour guarantee. Otherwise the absence will go uncovered. As such there can be no reliance on 39.07 for absences of less than 10 days and/or annual leave.

They further disagreed with the other proposal to the extent where the Corporation would designate a Full Time relief to cover the Financial Clerks, but this assignment would have to go up for bid but not included in the rotation of duties for the shift from which it comes.