DATE OF MEETING: August 22, 2007

P. Liu L. Charles
H. Bigras

Financial Clerk Assignments:

The Corporation indicated that in the current staffing profile the 2 Financial Clerk Assignments have schedules of 1600 to 2400 hrs. They stated that the reality is that the MSCs start returning to the facility at approximately 1400 hrs, therefore there is a requirement for the Clerks to be on site at 1400 hrs. They proposed to change the schedules of the two assignments to 1400 to 2200 hrs.

The Union asked when the Corporation intended on changing the schedules.

The Corporation responded that they would want to implement the change as soon as the bidding is completed.

The Union confirmed that the two positions would have to be bid as per Article 13.04 of the C/A. They asked that the one employee who owns one of the assignments because of self-accommodation be allowed to remain in their position (that the assignment not be open for bid to the other FT clerks).

The Parties agreed to this on a without prejudice or precedent basis.

The Union raised a concern with the Corporation not having a designated relief for the financial function. They indicated that the Corporation had previously agreed and created a relief assignment in the FT compliment as part of the ROD schedule. They further indicated that it was their position that the financial clerk assignments were preferred assignments and needed to be covered by a FT clerk or the Corporation had to come up with another way to cover absences.

The Parties discussed a variety of solutions including using the same solution as previously agreed to. It was the Union’s position that the use of PT employees to cover the assignment was a violation of the C/A. It was the Corporation’s position that they could use PT extensions to cover the assignments.

The Union then reiterated their former position that the failure to consult on the original schedule change (which lead to this consultation) would result in a financial penalty to the Corporation.

The Corporation responded that although they had mistakenly changed the ees’ schedules of work without consultation, that there was no financial penalty.

The Union advised the Corporation that there was an agreement that although the financial clerk assignments did not meet the preferred assignment criteria under Article 12 of the C/A, that the Parties had agreed that they were preferred.

The Corporation asked that this agreement be located in order for them to review it.

The Parties agreed to reconvene the discussion on Wednesday, August 29th at 1300 hrs at the YDC.

The Parties did agree to the schedule changes. The Corporation will proceed with posting one assignment for bid as per the earlier discussion.