DATE OF MEETING: July 5, 2007

C.Ciallella L. Charles
P. Liu
K. Aggarwal
H. Bigras

1) Harry Potter:

The Corporation provided a breakdown of the staffing requirements for the Harry Potter Saturday, July 21st, 2007 delivery for both Group2 and Group 1. They explained that the forecasted volumes are a little higher than for the last Harry Potter delivery, but do not have exact volumes yet.

Group 2

The Union asked if they would be delivering to bookstores.

The Corporation responded that the MSCs out of the YDC would be delivering to the bookstores.

The Union stated that this was different than the prior H.P. delivery as the bookstore volumes were delivered by the 5-ton drivers.

The Corporation replied they would confirm.

The Union also raised concerns with the proposed staggered start times as they indicated they would be difficult to manage and cold lead to unnecessary confusion.

The Corporation responded that the intent of the proposed staggered start times was to start delivery to the loops covering the furthest geographical areas first. They explained that they would ask for expressions of interest for each start time and would, based on each sign-up sheet offer the tours by seniority.

The Parties continued to discuss the process whereby the MSCs will be canvassed for their expressions of interest for RDO on Saturday, July 21st this week and the results will be posted well in advance to ensure all are aware of their assignments on delivery day.

The Union suggested that in order for all MSCs to complete their deliveries by the scheduled 1800 hrs end time, the Corporation should ask MSCs who complete their deliveries early to assist those who require help.

The Corporation agreed.


The Union expressed their concern with the number of hours required to process and load the books this year as they are fewer than the last delivery of H.P.

The Corporation responded that the staffing profile is different than it was at the time of the last H.P. delivery. However, they will canvass the PO4s in advance to ensure sufficient staffing at the required times. If changes to the plan are required, they will amend the schedules.

The Union asked that the Corporation communicate the number of OT hours being offered clearly, in order to avoid confusion.

The Corporation agreed.

2) FasTrack

The Corporation advised the Union that a new initiative would be piloted at the YDC to protect service within the Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto triangle. They indicated that four (4) additional breakdowns of the mail would be done on the afternoon shift. The pilot would not affect Group 2.

They proceeded to advise that due to the timing of the work they would be using four (4) temporary PO4s to perform the additional duties from 1600 hrs to 2100 hrs.

The Union asked how long this pilot would be in effect for.

The Corporation responded that it would be for approximately six (6) weeks – time to assess the benefits. They advised the Union that should the work be permanently performed at the YDC they would review the staffing profile, however, do not foresee making any changes to the number of assignments.

The Union raised a concern that the volumes would not be available at 1600 hrs.

The Corporation said that if there was a need to change the schedule, they would advise the Union in advance of doing so.