Joint Committee Meeting
YDC Restructure 2007
June 29, 2007
Scarborough, Ontario

Phoebe Liu Doug Hacking
Bill Johnson Mike Duquette
Doug Daniels Learie Charles
Jose Torralba Shaka Thomas
Hélène Bigras Garth Symes
Glen Fillier

Scheduled Start - 0700

Updates in ‘Bold’

Restructure Start Date

For the purposes of bidding, the Parties agreed that the first date of the restructure process will be June 11th, 2007 (the employees who were assignment holders as of Monday, June 11th, 2007 will be entitled to first round bidding).
The Corporation to provide a list of employees to the Union be next Wednesday, June 13th, 2007 (done).


The Corporation reiterated that the YDC restructure would be implemented in November 2007. Would like to implement it sooner therefore they will work with the group who make the SAP inputs to accelerate the process.
Action Items 1- Restructure dedicated resources

2 – Volumes

The Parties agreed to pull volumes from June 1st.


The volumes are from May 26th, 2006 to June 1st, 2007.

The Corporation advised the Union that a fix was made in IRMA to correct the issue with the log file and that the volumes will be run.

The Union asked that the data be run on Tuesday, July 3rd when the Union Observer is available.

The Corporation agreed.

The Union asked if the restructure activities would commence immediately after the data was run.

The Corporation explained that once the volume data was run they would rebalance loops, resequence loops and then restructure (process shared and attached to minutes).

The Union asked how many tours would be restructured at once in order to determine how many observers would be required.

The Corporation responded that they hope to have two (2) teams of two (2) RMOs – they will review the availability of resources.

3 – Offload study

The Parties agreed that the offload study would be conducted in February 2008. The Parties will agree to an interim value to use in the restructure.


The interim value will be determined at a separate meeting. Offload will be done at the same time as the sampling in March-April 2008.
4 – Sampling

Will be done on March-April 2008.

5 – Drive-Times

6- Pick-up Procedures
** Bills of lading have changed. New procedures will be rolled out. The Corporation to confirm implementation date.
7 – Pick-up and Clearance Design and Start Times

The Corporation does not want to create a high number of split shifts therefore will not go forward with creating waves of start times. Will continue to look for solutions for having face-to-face discussions with MSCs.



8 – Loop Q (Move to 1 Yonge)

The Union asked if the Corporation would consider bringing the Malvern (M1X) parcels to the YDC in the restructure exercise.

The Corporation responded that the parcels are currently being structured into Scarborough Depot 4.

Regional Consultation was held on June 22, 2007.



Union indicated that their request was to offset the loss of Loop Q and to avoid a surplus situation.

The Corporation reiterated that there are no plans to bring in the additional work to the YDC.

9 – Freighter Network and Non-loop Delivery

10 – Communication Plan
** Posters are ready and available. Will provide.
** 11 – 0 Codes


Process not yet completed, but all “0” codes will be incorporated.

13– Tour Descriptors
** It is the Parties understanding that an agreement was reached at the Steering Committee to make one (1) change to the sheets: remove the number of stops on tour sheets.
14 – Weekend Operations

WPDH weekend tours: study. Will review results of the study (volumes) and share the findings.


17 - Quality Checks

Union: Said they were interested in the keying information at the YDC in order to work towards Pilot 1.

CPC: Will provide.

Union: WPDH has significantly reduced their keying errors. Very positive. Need to quantify in order to assess the error level.

CPC: Will provide update at the next meeting.
19 – RPO Pick-Up Times

Union: Asked if there was resolution to the logged problem ticket.

CPC: Problem can’t be corrected however, will review with person who logged ticket and reply.
20 - RPO Clearance Time

CPC: Issues were raised by the drivers and the Union observers. Provided a RPO Clearance time overview.

Union: Issue is that MSCs cube their trucks and have no more room for the mail from the other RPOs on his tour or the SLB mail. Need to determine who does the pre-clearance and who does the clearance.

CPC: Tour sheets say to clear all mail and equipment from the RPO.

Union: It is not the MSC’s responsibility to clear all the mail at the RPO. It is their responsibility to clear the PC and Xpresspost only.

CPC: 1430 hrs is a clearance, to clear all available mail at the RPO. It is not to support one clearance or another, it is to support the processing in the plant. If an MSC is cubed, you must bring it to the RMO’s attention and verify. Issues will be addressed.

Union: Asked that the procedure when an MSC is cubed should be posted in the Information Books.

CPC: It is in the MSC handbook, but will post in the Information Book.

** Please see WPDH minutes (June 25th, 2007)

Next meeting: TBD