DATE OF MEETING: June 22, 2007

C. Ciallella G. Vandeelan
S. Dinshaw S. White
P. Liu J. Leader
D. Daniels J. Marsh
T.C. Chung D. Hacking
R. Vanderzwaag M. Duquette
H. Bigras L. Charles
I. Nanda
G. Deveau
B. Loreti
D. Loreti
M. Ciddio
D. Duckworth

The Union indicated that it was premature, in their opinion, to meet to discuss the movement of work from the YDC to the 1 Yonge Hub. They indicated that once the restructure package is provided to them they will be able to determine what clause of the C/A would apply (47.19, 47.20, 47.21).

They further stated that they do not generally discuss moves from one unit to another until after the restructure process. Once the package is prepared, they asked the Corporation to advise both Locals to discuss. They said that the Scarborough Local employees at the YDC would have preference to bid into the assignments in the 1 Yonge Hub, but that this process would be determined later depending on the number of assignments being lost at the YDC and being created at the 1 Yonge Hub directly related to the movement of Loop Q.

The Corporation appreciated the Union’s position, however, said they invited the Union to consult in order to ensure they were aware of the intent to move the work from one unit to another. They said they hoped to provide information and discuss possible solutions as the work is also moving from one union local to another.

The Union reiterated that the Scarborough Local employees would have rights to decide where they want to work and that these rights may be in invoking Article 53.

The Union asked what the Corporation’s plans were with respect to the PO4 assignments that would be affected by moving the delivery work to the 1 Yonge Hub.

The Corporation responded that in they would allow for natural attrition of the PO4s and delete the assignments as they became vacant.

The Union asked if there was opportunity to bring in parcel delivery work from other areas into the YDC.

The Corporation responded that they were aware of the Union’s previous request, specifically pertaining to Unionville and Scarborough Depot 4. However, they indicated that bringing this parcel delivery work was not feasible or cost efficient at this time (delivery and conveyance).

The Union asked if the delivery work would be parachuted into the 1 Yonge Hub.

The Corporation responded that they would be updating the volumes by adding the Loop Q volumes.

The Union asked when the Corporation intends to close the 1 Yonge Street operation.

The Corporation indicated that the closure of the location would occur in approximately two (2) years and that the new location would encompass both the Parcel Hub and the Delivery operation.

The Union asked for details pertaining to the impact on the Group 1 workload at the 1 Yonge Hub.

The Corporation replied that the plan would be finalised next week. They indicated that the entire night shift work (processing of parcels) would be conducted at the WPDH (approximately five (5) PO4s) in order to address inefficiencies at the WPDH and increase the productivity.

They further stated that the function of loading would continue to be done at the 1 Yonge Hub in the a.m.

The Union asked what the Corporation’s plan was with respect to the affected P04s.

The Corporation said they were finalising a plan with their counterparts in Delivery.

The Union asked for a list of Group1 vacancies in the West Delivery/Retail Post Office.

The Corporation to provide.

The Union asked what the boundaries of Loop Q are.

The Corporation responded that the FSAs involved are M4W, M5S and M5R.

The Parties discussed the breakdown of other functions performed by the Clerks at the 1 Yonge Hub:

- 2 PTs loading (will increase depending on volumes and number of vehicles required for Loop Q).

- Finance (no change)

- Afternoon SLB culling (no change)

The Union’s position was to combine PT work to create FT assignments.

The Corporation proceeded to discuss the financial situation of parcel delivery and explained that they would endeavour to create FT assignments where it is feasible. They advised the Union that had to consider all factors including that there is no work after 1100 hrs.

The Union stated that they would require additional resources to rack parcels as well which is considered as prep. work prior to loading.

The Corporation agreed they would not forget to factor this work into their plans.

The Union indicated that the PT PO4s are currently being extended to six (6) hours a day every day and state that this should justify maximising FT work.

The Corporation reiterated that they will review the potential for FT assignments but advise that if they were to create FT assignments, they would not be on desirable shifts.

The Union said they understood this as it would depend on arrival patterns and availability of work.

The Corporation stated they wanted to displace as little employees as possible.