DATE OF MEETING: June 22, 2007

P. Liu M. Duquette
H. Bigras L. Charles

1) Flex Tours:

The Corporation stated they had considered, due to low volumes, changing Flex PT tour hours. However, since there exists an imbalance in the loops at the YDC (some loops have more volumes than others), they chose not to.

The Union responded that the Corporation could only undertake this initiative during the restructure exercise and that it would take a significant amount of planning.

The Corporation reiterated that they would not be considering the option at this time.

The Parties discussed the use of PT extensions by Equal Opportunity.

2) Temporary Accommodations (MSCs):

The Corporation said they could temporarily accommodate MSCs at the YDC to do Group1 work (one assignment) on the day shift and four (4) fueling assignments on the night shift but have no other work available for MSCs with temporary restrictions.

They further indicated that they have prepared criteria to review in deciding who can get accommodated or not within the facility:

1- productive work/restrictions

2- seniority

3- need to call in terms – call in employees with restrictions first if work is within their restrictions

The Union asked what the Corporation would do with any other MSCs requiring temporary accommodations.

The Corporation responded they would be sent home on sick leave.

The Union was concerned with the lack of consideration for the greater need. They further stated that the Corporation should be looking at Post Officer wide accommodations, not only within the facility.

The Parties discussed a new regional process that would be rolled out in July through notification and meetings with the Union.

The Corporation proceeded by saying they recognized that the process would be controversial, but hope that the parties can work together.

The Union reiterated their position that the Corporation had to look for accommodations at the Post Office wide level, not just the facility, and within the group first.

The Corporation further stated that they would be looking at the cases on their individual merits and wouldn’t be drawing a definite line, specifically to the use of sick leave.

The Union continued to raise concerns with the Corporation’s violation of the Human Rights legislation where the Human Rights Commission has already ruled that the greater need can be defined as the availability of sick leave credits (pay vs no pay).

They further indicated that they were willing to consult with the Corporation prior to sending anyone home on sick leave.

The Union then raised concerns that they were not being notified when MSCs were being sent home, the Corporation having failed to find them suitable accommodations.

The Corporation will advise and consult

The Union indicated that the Corporation was being inconsistent in their application of the process to rescind transfer requests for employees with permanent/partial disabilities.

The Parties discussed one (1) specific individual. The Corporation explained the individual in question has not yet been identified as PPD, therefore the practice was different. The Union was concerned, as it was their understanding that the person’s restrictions were permanent. The Parties will review.

The Corporation will provide criteria and YDC job functions (general guidelines) for the Union’s information.

The Union then indicated it would be their position that prior to sending any MSC home on sick leave, the Corporation would have to apply clause 11.03 of the C/A and accommodate in APOC or Management positions.

The Corporation will address any concerns when the process is rolled out regionally.

3) OPI Officer:

The Corporation introduced the new A/Officer for the YDC: Kimti Aggarwal.

The Union said they had some outstanding pay issues they would like addressed and corrected. They will provide details and assistance if required.

4) Rotation of Duties (night shift):

The Corporation advised the Union that the Supervisors on the night shift have made changes to the ROD schedule they wish to implement on a trial basis commencing next week. They had a meeting with the shift Union Steward.

The Union asked if the schedule had been discussed at the JOSH.

The Corporation will review and respond and will provide copy via e-mail.