DATE OF MEETING: April 5, 2007

S. Plastina I. Nanda
S. Walcott G. Deveau
M. Dale L. Charles
H. Bigras


The Union said it was their position that the language of 13.12 and 40.22 is clear, therefore the Scarborough Local MSCs should be included, as part of the MAPP for promotion to the TTU by seniority.

C- Agreed. Asked that some of the ground rules be established in order to avoid issues.

The Parties agreed to the following:

- when an MSCs name is on the list as interested in training and decide they are not interested when we offer the training, their name is removed from the list

- when an MSC fails the licensing training, their name is removed from the list (they can reapply when they are eligible for re-training)

- the Union will be advised when MSCs fail the training (who and why)

- the list will be established when there is a need to staff assignments in the TTU and will indicate how many assignments are to be filled

- the posting for MSCs’ expressions of interest for TTU positions will be posted for 10 working days

- the list expires when the number of successful candidates (and acceptances) is equal to the number of positions that needed to be staffed, as indicated on the posting

- new MSCs to the MAPP, who express an interest for TTU positions, can be placed, by seniority, on an established list (however they will not bypass MSCs who are on list and have already been offered the opportunity to train and are awaiting training)

- MSCs in the MAPP who were given the opportunity to place their name on the list and did not, at the time of the posting, cannot be placed on the list after the posting closes

- MSCs who successfully complete the training, must accept an assignment in the TTU prior to being given the AZ licensing (failure to accept an assignment in the TTU will result in not receiving the licensing from the Corporation)

C – Asked for direction from the Union on an outstanding MOA for an MSC who is on the Regional CUPW executive.

U – Will review situation with the individual MSC and reply.

C – A posting for expressions of interest from MSCs will be posted as soon as this individual’s matter is resolved.