Dave Beardmore Mike Duquette
Derek Stever Tom Parks
Leroy Comrie Steve Chapman
Val Phillips

Route measurement indicated that the result of the restructure exercise is 51 Ft routes a gain of 1 Full Time and a loss of 1 Part Time.

The CMVI was not at issue as agreement was previously reached.

The Relief Letter Carrier compliment remains unchanged.

The DRS is unchanged. The DRS position is not subject to bid.

There were 2 meal on route structured.

There was no PV structured.

The number of vehicles remains unchanged, however 2 vans will be exchanged for Right hand Drive vehicles. Derek Stever to manage this change.

There were no issues presented by the local with regard to the restructure report.

There were no objections or irregularities noted. One RFI was received and answered within 24 hrs.

There was agreement that walks 49, 50, 51 required an adjustment which would be completed by 452 update post implementation.

The current departure time is 09:00. The parties agreed to conduct an evaluation post implementation and establish a new departure time.

Start times may need to be adjusted if mail-processing requirements are not met.

The rehab grid was reviewed as it applies to S. Jones and R. Lui. The parties agreed to identify all MM and MLC routes as potential accommodation. It was further agreed to allow a seniority bid reserving only the final 2 suitable positions if required.

Priority assignments were identified as per the collective agreement.

The depot was volume counted September 18, 2006. First round bidding rights are determined accordingly. The depot Superintendent Leroy Comrie will confirm this information with the local prior to commencing the bidding process. Bidding should be completed by March 29, 2007.

Relief Letter Carrier and LCA’s bid first round.

RLC start times are 06:00 and 06:30.

The union has not completed it’s review of the package, however no difficulties are anticipated and the local advised that they will likely waive the 15 days review period later today.

The union requested that an article 54 .01 (e) position be identified. Management agrees.

Meeting adjourned

c.c All Participants