Joint Committee Meeting
YDC Restructure 2007
February 12, 2007
Scarborough, Ontario

Carla Ciallella M. Duquette
Phoebe Liu  Doug Hacking
Doug Daniels  Joe Kotska
Mike Duquette
Leary Charles
Glen Fillier

Scheduled Start - 08:00

Updates in ‘Bold’

YDC Restructure 2007

Action Items

1- Restructure dedicated resources

Doug Daniels


The Corporation advised that they would dedicate Supervisors in each hub to the restructure exercise as well as a route measurement Officer for each Hub and advised the Union of the teams by February 16th, 2007.

The Union asked if February 16th corresponded to the start date for the restructure for bidding purposes.

The Corporation replied they did not know yet.


CPC: Supervisor dedicated will be Bill Johnson. He will be doing ride-along for a week prior to restructure. RMO will notify resources by Feb 16th.

2 – What to do prior to restructure

Carla Ciallella

Phoebe Liu

Doug Daniels


The Corporation said they needed to identify PDSL issues, identify average MSCs for sampling, prepare training for MSCs and Supervisors (Best Practices, SOLID), identify sequencing and delivery issues, multiple suite buildings with one point of delivery (mailroom) and off-load process as well as start and end of shift procedures. They will provide the Engineer study results re: offloading.

The Union asked if sort plan issues needed to be changed by Innovapost.

The Corporation said that the RMOs made the changes here remotely.

The Union was concerned that there could be ongoing issues with respect to system changes.

The Corporation replied that there was no reason for Innovapost to override changes made by the Corporation to PDSL.


CPC: Engineering study results available not detailed enough.

Union: New Collective Agreement has language to allow PO4’s to offload trucks.

The Parties agreed to defer offload time study discussion.

Union: Once PDSL assigns work Flex tours schedule should be set. They should not be forced to work for 8 hours.

CPC: Flex workload needs clarification at National level.

Union: raised concern that tour sheet updates need to be distributed to the drivers in a timely manner.

CPC: Tours sheet updates on CPU are up to 48 hours behind actual effective date based on new driver pick-up process. YDC will ensure process reinforced for updated tour sheet from RMO to be distributed to impacted tours timely.

Union: Delivery community need to raise system issues to RMO and follow the process to get these issues resolved.

CPC: Carla to raise this issue to Delivery directors.

CPC: RMO to provide delivery area back up (latest 038) by Feb 22nd.

CPC/Union: agreed that union observers, RMO and supervisor to meet on Feb 22nd at 09:00 at 280 Progress to decide tours to be sampled.

3 – Volumes


The Parties agreed that fifty-two (52) weeks of data would be used for the purposes of volume data.


The Parties agreed that data has to include the last date of sampling.

4 – Drive-Times


The Corporation said that all drive-times were adjusted except for the downtown core areas.

The Union responded that a core needed to be established.

The Corporation replied that they would identify a core through the sampling exercise in that area.

5- Pick-up Procedures


The Corporation said that if new time values were required they would be identified during the sampling exercise. They also mentioned that training is being offered at the YDC on the pick-up activities for the new PDTs.

6 – Pick-up and Clearance Design and Start Times


The Corporation said the RMOs need to be advised of specific issues identified by the Hubs. They also advised the Union that they asked that as many MSCs as possible be scheduled to start at the same time.

The Union said there was no reason for the variation in times to be a the back end of the tours.

The Corporation said it would be much easier to communicate face-to-face with the MSCs if there was less variation in start times.

7 – Ajax/Pickering Restructure


The issue is resolved. The parcel delivery remains status quo.

8 – Loop Q (Move to 1 Yonge)

Carla Ciallella

Phoebe Liu


The Corporation advised the Union that they are considering making the move. The costs to adjusting the drive time by leaving Loop Q at the YDC is approximately $63,000.00 in addition to a person and a vehicle which equates to approximately $140,000.00. Moving Loop Q to the 1 Yonge Hub would mean a savings of $50,000.00 in addition to a person and a vehicle, which equates to savings of $127,000.00.

The Union asked if there was room at the 1 Yonge Hub.

The Corporation responded that they are contemplating shutting down the processing at the 1 Yonge Hub. They would have the parcels keyed at the first point of contact (YDC or WPDH).

The Union said this could be an issue since the turnover of part-time staff at the YDC is very high.

The Corporation responded that they are putting a training program in place for the clerks that will help resolve some of the staffing issues. They said they would not make a decision in this matter until a thorough analysis was conducted and meaningful discussions with the Union were held.


CPC: will provide decision on Loop Q movement by Feb 22nd.

CPC: Keyer training package will be ready in March.

9 – Clearances in the a.m./Delivery in the p.m.


The Corporation said they would determine if it is feasible to schedule clearances first. They want to determine if there would be effects on noon committed service standards.

The Union asked if the Corporation would be bringing 0900 hrs clearances back to the Hub.

The Corporation said they would look at scheduling 0900 hrs clearances if they allow flexibility, however, they would not be bringing additional work back into the Hub.

The Union replied that nothing prevents the Corporation from scheduling the clearances before the deliveries.

10 – Late L/C Product


The Corporation advised they would conduct an analysis to determine if it would be feasible to have a similar network in place for the delivery of late L/C products as they did in December.


CPC: it’s not feasible to change network for late LC products. The process will remain status quo.

11 – Freighter Network and Non-loop Delivery


The Corporation said they would like to structure non-loop delivery the same as unscheduled deliveries and would leave Operations to determine the freighter network for a.m. or p.m. delivery.

They further said that there is a great deal of problems with perception when it comes to determining drive-times for non-loop deliveries. They realize that they are not always making the right decisions in respect to this issue.

The Union said they had concerns with the Corporation representatives not considering actual drive-times when sending MSCs to deliver in non-loop areas.

The Corporation reiterated that they want to structure the non-loop areas in order to make the process more accurate.

The Union mentioned they wanted to see the parcels sequenced.

The Corporation said they would need a criteria.

The Parties discussed possible solutions and decided to review and discuss at another meeting.


The parties agreed to wait till steering committee meeting to decide whether/how to structure non-loop deliveries in the unscheduled delivery in PM tours.

12 – Communication Plan


The Parties agreed that a better communication should be implemented during the restructure in order to keep all employees informed of the changes.

13 – Split Shifts


Mail Operations Support will determine if the Corporation can limit the number of split-shifts.

14 – 0 Codes


The Parties discussed and agreed to the benefit of delivering the 0 (RPO) codes from the Hubs as opposed to delivering from the Stations.

15 – Other Restructures


The Corporation said they were looking at possibilities of moving parcels out of the Hubs when restructuring L/C stations.

The Union asked if parcels would be moved to Malvern.

The Corporation replied that they would not add parcels to Malvern.

The Union further stated they were concerned with some stations not having enough space or vehicles for additional parcels and asked that they be involved through consultations prior to making any changes in this respect.

The Corporation agreed.

16 – Tour Descriptors

Carla Ciallella


The Corporation said they were experiencing problems with “old world” scripture in the “new world” of parcel delivery. The asked that new language be used to describe the tours that will remove some of the confusion re: duties, schedules and geographical areas.

The Union agreed that could use new language and would bring the issue up at the National Working Committee.


CPC: This is a national initiative and Carla will take it to the national level.

17 – Weekend Operations


The Corporation advised that they would conduct an analysis on the work being conducted on the weekends and the work required on the weekend.

The Union agreed that there is less work required on weekends than originally agreed to and mentioned that weekend deliveries were stopped in Winnipeg.

The Corporation will determine absolute needs and advise.


The Parties to address this issue before restructure starts.

18 – The Parties reviewed the Route Measurement PDM 2007 Restructures presentation.

19 – Restructure Start Date


The Union asked if the Corporation expected the restructure to be implemented in 2007.

The Corporation responded they expected the restructure would take place in the summer. They said they need it to be done this year in order to ensure they are making sound decisions.


The Parties agreed that the start date of transition (cut-off) is the first date of sampling.

20 – Sampling

Doug Daniels


The Parties discussed blending the three (3) periods (high, low and regular) required and conducting one quality sampling in order to expedite the process.

The Union agreed that they could get a range of density in regular periods.

The Parties agreed to bring this issue to the National Working Committee.

The Parties also discussed starting the sampling exercise on February 26th or March 5 as well as the methodology to be used.

The Corporation will advise the Union of the methodology and the required MSC training at the next meeting.


CPC: will coordinate with Joe De Silva to decide a date to train union observers, RMO and local management on restructure methodology. The date will be after Feb 22nd and before Mar 5th.

21 - Quality Checks


The Union asked for copies of the check lists being used by the Corporation for quality checks (racking, loading and vehicles).

The Corporation agreed.


The Corporation provided quality check sheets that are being used for keying, racking and loading.

Union: asked to remove names from quality check sheets.

CPC: agreed.

22 - Article 54


The Union asked when the Corporation would be creating the positions at the YDC as discussed in previous consultations.

The Corporation apologized but responded that they would continue to accommodate employees with restrictions but would not be creating the positions.

Next Meeting: Thursday March 1st, 2007 at 13:00 hrs 280 Progress Green Room.