Transportation & Parcel Operations
1860 Midland Ave.,
Scarborough, Ont.,
M1P 5A1
November 27, 2006

To All Employees

Annual Leave

Bidding of Annual leave will commence December 05, 2006. All Employees here on December 04, 2006 are entitled to bid.

For PO # 4 there are two rounds, first round must be consecutive within a block or in the case of an employee wanting 4, 5, 6 or 7 weeks they must be consecutive starting at the beginning of a block or finishing at the end of a block. No Annual Leave from Dec. 09 2007 to Jan. 05, 2008, this is the black out period.

Second round you can pick the rest of your entitlement, if you do not pick your entitlement by the second round, you will assigned by management.

For MSC, the same rules apply except that you have Superimposed during the summer months.

All leave must be selected by the second round.

The following rules apply:

1.There will be no trading of annual leave allowed for all groups of employees

2. There will be no changes to annual leave picks until all rounds are finished, then all open blocks will be bid on the monthly annual leave bids.

The following is the entitlement:

Part Time                                              Full Time

PO#4 1 shift 0                                       156 wks 4 BLOCKS

2 shift 104 Wks 3 BLOCKS                    36 wks 1 BLOCK

3 shift 67 Wks 2 BLOCKS                      14 wks 1 BLOCK

M.S.C. 2 shift 125 WKS 3 BLOCKS        834 WKS 17 BLOCKS



Bids will be done in person for the MSC, all bids for annual leave for PO4’s will be done by your respective supervisors, W. Johnston Full Time PO4 #1 shift, G Brown #3 shift Full & Part Time, M. Ramdass #2 shift Full & Part Time. T Luces will conduct Part Time Bids for M.S.C. and Full Time will be Dan Jones.

Thank You

Daniel Jones