NOVEMBER 17, 2006

J. Coe M. Duquette
D. Daniels L.Charles
J. Paulin T. Parkes
L. Waine S. Chapman
G. Gobin


There remain several outstanding issues with adjustment to this recent restructure; issues compounded by three separate RMO assigned this task. Issues include relays, stairs, and values. There are improper code retirements, issues with values for MM stops, 14 routes are structured over 480 minutes.

Management staed that updates remain ongoing, an upload of information from one RPO is to occur, there had been a disconnect in relaying information. We are attempting to address and resolve concerns. It is the position of the employer that the routes can be built to 485 minutes.

The union raised the issue of routes data being altered from January to June, the number of steps arbitrarily reduced significantly. Request that several routes be reviewed to determine whether isolated case or not.

There are issues of relay boxes being removed, adjustments occurring, placed back, yet in some instances removed again.

Management stated that A Plan c may be required, if a Plan B all routes impacted. Management will review relay grid to address union concerns. A re-bid in the station may be required after adjustments completed.

We are targeting consultation near end of November to discuss results of adjustments.

Management raised the issue of an alarming increase in absenteeism, relief is required. Service is being impacted, 16 routes to be covered today, employees will have to be assigned overtime to meet standards. Bar chart review will reduce relief shortly, issues to be compounded.

The parties are agreeable to temporary assistance being allotted to Don Mills by utilizing temporary employees, the union suggesting that all available options be explored before ordering employees to work overtime. This can include clerks who have L/C experience.


After much discussion relating to outstanding concerns the parties agreed to set aside the structure of this location, and perform article 50 evaluations. There are approximately 7 or 8 routes over 500 minutes, article 50s to be conducted to maximum of 10, do 5 at time.


It was agreed that the article 50s would be conducted over 10 days, a 5 day sampling for load/verification. Management will advise by the end of next week when these can be conducted. . Management offered to provide interim values for parcels, will provide volume numbers captured for review by union.


Th union was advised that high-density volume values increased the assessment of routes. Nationally the parties agreed to where the numbers would be reflected, they are by LDU.

The outstanding issue was resolved by agreeing to pay over assessment pay from the period after the Plan A to the Plan C