DATE OF MEETING: October 31, 2006

C. Ciallella D. Hacking
M. Shearon L. Charles
P. Liu G. Miller
V. Blewitt G. Symes
H. Bigras D. Burke

The Corporation advised that since they have a number of MSCs requiring modified duties, they would be creating three (3) to six (6) PPD positions.

1 – scanning the freighter

2 – additional financial clerk

3 – Drivers on night shift fuelling vehicles

They will continue to accommodate employees on modified duties, but will place PPD employees when required.

U – Asked if would also create positions for Group 1 employees requiring accommodations.

C – Could look at SLB culling. Will continue to look outside of YDC, but will continue to try accommodating within.

U – Will review with the Union representative responsible for this portfolio and respond. Will schedule follow-up meeting in November.

U – Asked how many MSCs on modified duties were doing fuelling of vehicles.

C – Currently there are four (4) and there will soon be six (6).

The Corporation provided the Union with a nineteen (19)-page document, which comprised of an overview of the Christmas operation at all three (3) hubs.

C - December 4th to December 24th – LC deliverable product will be going to LC stations.

PC. Xpresspost and Expedited will be going to the stations.

Still need to finalise the details. Will provide the final information when it is available. Will maximise extension of hours and OT for our regular MSCs. A network will be built to ensure the service commitments are met. OT will be offered.

U – Asked how OT was currently being offered.

C – OT is being offered prior to the shift or after the shift depending on the hours of work.

Delivery will be offering OT to LCs at the end of the day to deliver on their own routes.

U – Concerned with missing commitments.

C – Delivery will have to come up with a strategy.

U – Its pollution that should have gone to their routes therefore it’s 15.08.

C – It would arrive at the Station after the LCs are gone.

U- Will you have two (2) shuttles going to the stations?

C – Haven’t ironed out the details. In some cases will have two (2) shuttles.

U - In the stations there will be OT daily.

C – They will have to plan their OT based on volumes. We will work out the network and logistics and advise.

U – When we consult with Delivery we will put pressure to meet service commitments.

C – We understand that there will be service failures. We expect that it will be better than last year.

Read through the package.

C - YDC will continue to receive the parcels from the freighter – same process as currently.

YDC is receiving two hundred and twenty (220) new PDTs next week; the other one hundred fifty-nine (159) will be going to the other Hubs. Training will be provided the following week.

We will be renting more vehicles than we did last year. Have yet to finalise the details with respect to obtaining additional parking off site.

U – Concerned with overloading of vehicles.

C – The Corporation is also concerned with the Health and Safety employees.

OT will be offered as per the C/A. Will advise employees ahead of time of when OT would be offered in order for them to better plan. Will provide details when the plan is finalised.

U – Will MSCs be offered OT prior to their shift?

C – Yes, some will.

The Christmas period for the Hubs will be from November 12th to January 27th, 2007.

U – There is no official Christmas period. What about the restructure? Will impact on restructure exercise.

C – It is the reality. The period from November to the end of January is reflective of the period when volumes are high. Shouldn’t impact the restructure.

This year we will be creating additional tours in PDSL to increase our capacity. There will be six (6) additional tours per loop at the YDC. This will enable the Corporation to go as late as possible on cut-off, to load level the additional tours and to avoid having several vehicles going to the same address.

This will also increase the capacity that PDSL can load-level. Last year the Corporation had a hard stop and started loading vehicles again. This year, we will load the regular drivers, and continue loading the additional tours. Would like to add the additional tours before the flex. Will help to increase our capacity.

Won’t necessarily set the additional tours at eight (8) hours, when using cargo vans.

May also remove the pick-ups from two (2) FT tours and give them additional delivery time. This would enable the Corporation to increase delivery capacity with our knowledgeable drivers. The pick-up portion will go in a cargo van with a temporary employee. We still need to detail out pre-clearance with temporary employees to ensure we have appropriate sized vehicles.

U – Don’t you have sufficient capacity now, following the restructure?

C – We have more time but not enough. Last year we wasted time manually assigning parcels to tours. This will enable us to increase the capacity when the volumes go up.

U – Will not agree to it.

C – Will be much easier to manage. Will avoid having several drivers going to the same address. Will enable us to cut off later, load level more volumes and load vehicles as we do today. Will not stop prior to loading additional vehicles – will continue.

U – Will discuss options and get back to you.

C – Will proceed. May also remove pick-ups from some tours in order to increase their delivery time.

U – Do not agree. Have been against this from the very beginning. Shows that the model is not efficient in high volume situations.

The Parties agreed to disagree.

C – The most senior person in each loop will be canvassed for their interest. If no one is interested, we will go in reverse order.

The Parties agreed that observers would observe the exercise with the RMOs.

C – Will provide specific date for bidding when details are available. It will probably take place early next week. Bid needs to take place prior to RMOs removing the pick-ups.

U – Will affect the capacity for everyone else in the loop.

C – Will provide updated, finalised data when available.

U – Asked if the North Dock would be open for full capacity.

C – Will review and respond (the Corporation wants to maximize offloads).

U – Concerned that RPOs are not being cleared on weekends.

C – Some RPOs only get cleared one day on the weekend. May need to factor in more than one clearance on the weekends. May conduct pre-clearances on Sundays.

Not trying to reinvent the model. Looking at providing service.

U – Truly think the model should be more efficient in high volume situations.

C- We expect cargo vans can be loaded for four (4) to five (5) hours of work. Temporary drivers will not be set at full capacity. We recognise the need to better manage.

U – No one is allowed to be out delivering after 2100 hrs.

C – That is part of the reason we need to increase capacity – to ensure drivers leave earlier.

U – Asked if the relief drivers would be taking out the additional tours.

C – The relief will be offered A/L assignments, sick assignments and the additional tours. They will be assigned daily. They will have to take something. Propose that when additional tours are available daily, could offer to the same relief MSC for the period of time. Haven’t finalised the proposal yet, will discuss at a subsequent meeting.

U – Asked if would associate them with loops?

C – Yes, could. Will meet again.

U – If you know it’s there everyday, do it by seniority.

C – Agree.

U – Asked if the Corporation was anticipating Flex and PTs would be offered eight (8) hours per day.

C – Yes.

U – Asked if they would be maxed out prior to going out.

C – Yes. Will call as much OT as possible.

U – Asked if Corporation was anticipating working on December 24th?

C – Yes.

U – Asked if there would be deliveries on the weekends.

C – Some form of Sunday delivery on November 19th.

U – Some employees said they weren’t aware that OT was offered.

C – The OT notices are posted on the dispatch desk and in the order book, as usual. The practice is to put it on the desk.

The Parties discussed an issue with MSCs accepting to work RDO OT and not showing up for work on the rotation day. The Corporation will be holding employees accountable.

U – Concerned with PTs rotation of duties schedule where they are being kept on one rotation for five (5) weeks.

C – The only two (2) functions the PTs perform are dock and SLBs. Due to employees being on modified duties, can only rotate every 3 weeks, for some.

U – Asked if they could be rotated through the racking function.

C – During the Christmas period, when the volumes are higher they will be required to key and rack parcels. Temporary employees will be culling. However, will follow up with Superintendent about the regular ROD schedule.

U – Will assign a union representative to review the ROD schedule.

C - As much as possible we will ensure a fair RODs schedule.

U – Need to address pay issues and complaints faster.

C – Agree. Have worked on defining responsibilities for Supervisors that should help improve response times for complaints and issues.

Assigned parking is for the benefit of the MSC. It needs to work. We need to be patient. That message needs to be clear. We are allowing for a two (2) week transition period.

Trucks: Vehicles will be washed once a quarter, rather than twice a year. Will also look at supplying MSCs with cleaning supplies (paper towels, window cleaner, etc.) if they wish to do some clean-up of their own.

U – Asked if the Corporation would be using PDSL on weekends.

C – No, PDSL doesn’t have that ability.

U – Asked if the Corporation would you be excluding business parcels on weekend delivery.

C – Yes, we have a listing of weekend hours.

Asked if the Union was aware of a mechanism we could put in place to flag Health and Safety concerns at customer locations for MSCs (like we do for LCs – dogs, unsafe steps….).

U – Will review with national. Refreshing to see that you have that concern. Also issue with change of addresses. MSCs aren’t made aware when there is an address change. There should be some kind of link up between PDSL and DRS.

U – RODs schedule.

C – The only thing that has changed is the shift hours, no the work. Will sit with Kate Munday again, if issues need to reviewed.