DATE OF MEETING: October 10, 2006

M. Shearon M. Duquette
P. Liu L. Charles
S.Trottier S. Thomas
S. Samonte D. Burke
A. Azzopardi G. Fillier
B. Beamish G. Symes
H. Bigras


The Corporation advised the Union that they were making additional changes to the tours. The changes involved are moving the Sunday volumes to Mondays, which will increase the FT MSC complement by approximately ten (10).

The Union replied that they had been asking for this since the implementation of the Parcel Delivery Model.

The Corporation proceeded by explaining that eleven (11) loops had been completed and the remaining four (4) would be completed by tomorrow.

The Union indicated that they would not object to the changes and would not ask for another verification period. The observers confirmed that the fixed duties had not changed.

The Parties agreed to put the tour sheets on disc for any MSC willing to view them electronically. They further agreed that hardcopies of the sheets would also be available.

The Parties discussed implementing the restructure on October 30th with the bid commencing Monday, October 16th and ending on Tuesday, October 24th.

They also agreed to reconvene once the loops are finalized and the number of positions is confirmed, in order to discuss the bidding process. (The Parties later discussed that the regular employees, on strength at the YDC on June 9th, 2006, would be allowed to bid prior to anyone transferring into the facility.)

The Parties discussed the information required on the bid sheets. They also agreed that they needed to communicate with the employees that the restructure was a temporary fix and that a new exercise is to begin on January 31st, 2007.

The Union asked if the 1 in 12 and 1 in 18 ratios were met.

The Corporation responded that they would have to review once the final numbers were confirmed.


The Union advised the Corporation that they had concerns with the data provided. They said that the entries for LWOP fluctuates daily and the vacancy data varies mid-week.

The Corporation agreed to review and correct the data. For the purposes of vacancy information, the Corporation will enter data from previous day and from next day if data is required for a Monday.

The Union indicated that the Relief absences exceeded the number of fixed annual leave.

The Corporation will verify and correct.

The Union said there were thirty-five (35) lost time IODs but there are sixty-one (61) IODs in total. Asked if data was entered as sick leave.

The Corporation will verify and correct where required.

The Union said they did not believe all the training data was captured.

The Corporation said they would look into it and would capture the data if they had been obligated to reduce an employee’s work on the day training was provided.

The Parties agreed that any training under two (2) hours would not be recorded for the purposes of the barcharts.

The Union noticed that no entries were made for modified duties in January.

The Corporation will verify.

The Union asked why no data was entered in the “other” column from February 1st to date.

The Corporation responded that would verify what was previously recorded as other and make any necessary adjustments.

The Union advised that they would ask the Union Secretary to verify the data entered as Union leave.

The Union said the tombstone data didn’t appear to be correct.

The Corporation will correct and run report again.

The Parties agreed to review the data once it has been corrected and to reconvene only if necessary.