September 14 2006
Richmond Hill Facility

J. Paulin T. Parkes
V. Phillips S. Chapman
D. Carso
B. Mastinsek
H. Von Sallwurk
L. Comrie
D. Beardmore


The last volume count was in April 2000

This count will commence September 18 - 29 for 10 days using 100% MVI

The depot currently has 995 minutes over-assessment

The RMO team will be V. Phillips lead and H. Ng as backup

CMVI Averages over last 4 years – 99.9%

Motorized vehicle profile was provided to the union observers.

Currently 4 MLC doing 70 relays will structure between 40-50 per

Currently only 2 routes have day router. Will attempt to structure without assistance.

Most likely CMB sites will be meal before departure.

CMB routes with vehicles will delivery own parcel.

Parcel pollution will be counted. PM parcels will not be put in R.H. (except for CMB area as above).

Relays will be set up priority 1 + 2 in south end of FSA – drops are always late. We can adjust with a CMB route.

Step vans – 17 vehicles – 3 routes should be using step vans for relay drivers. Management will request vehicle requirements.

Management will be structuring to remove unnecessary dead walls.

“K” anomalies will be addressed to clean up 038s.

The local union will not be waiving Art. 32.06 (k)

There are two buildings on Red Maple mostly fill-ins which will be captured as growth.

RFI sheets will be provided to the L/C. They will be turned around in 24 hours.

We need to investigate meal on routes. Page. 24 – 25 of Log Book. The union will be invited to participate.

Beverage only given if establishment requires the drink purchase.

Local restaurants will be identified for screening. Locations with clean washrooms are desirable. Union requests we ensure female washrooms are suitable. Agreed. Speaking notes reviewed.

York region has a health code. Prohibiting the bringing of food into eating establishments.

PV. – Canvassing after count. L/C must sign against their name that they have been canvassed (each by seniority + relief) sign in column 5 against the walk that want structure PV.

Once everyone canvassed, no seniority issues. List is current.

The team is requesting priority staffing on unmanned routes – Overtime must be sorted before departure.

A62/RM2000 cases will be A33 values.

There are no A12 issues

A32 + wing = A33 values

The first portion of the log book is to be completed by the Superintendent and Lead RMO and copied to Ottawa.

Meeting adjourned

c.c. All Participants