AUGUST 25, 2006

S. Hardy M. Duquette
J. Paulin L.Charles
K. Lumbu
J. Walling
A. Lamana
L. Waine

A Plan C was conducted in Scar D; however inadvertently the union was not provided a copy of the results, nor did consultation occur. The parties have now met to discuss an action plan to address this issue. When the issue was identified the union requested and the corporation agreed to freeze the monthly posting of the walks to allow discussion and resolution.

Seven (7) routes were affected, two (2) new routes created. It was agreed that several routes have resulted in an assessment over 480 minutes.

The union stated that they could not agree to allow routes over 480 minutes to remain, management committing to review to determine if this was a Plan C or an update. It was acknowledged that review is required concerning new growth and four (4) routes over 480 minutes, specifically, 112, 38, 53 and 55 walks. Until review is conducted these routes will remain as present.

It was agreed that the bidding process will be as follows;

4 FT incumbents will bid upon the 4 routes and 2 new routes, total of 6

The FT remainder/resultant routes will be offered to FT L/C in the postal unit

The remainder/resultant FT routes will be posted under article 13:18

There is no requirement to bid the part time letter carrier assignment(s).

The union requests consultation once the employer has completed its review/exercise with respect to the above. The Corporation agreed. There may be requirement for additional bidding.